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March 19, 2007

Unstable Foundations

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I found this wonderful piece posted at Common Dreams.It is a well done presentation by Rebecca Solnit on the state of recovery in New Orleans.

Here’s some snippets:

“Despite its decline, New Orleans remains a port city and a major tourist destination. But it also matters because it’s beautiful, with its houses — from shacks to mansions — adorned with feminine, lacy-black ironwork or white, gingerbread wood trim, with its colossal, spreading oaks and the most poetic street names imaginable; because the city and the surrounding delta are the great font from which so much of our popular music flows; because people there still have a deep sense of connection and memory largely wiped away in so many other places; because it is a capital city for black culture, including traditions that flowed straight from Africa; because, in some strange way, it holds the memory of what life was like before capitalism and may yet be able to teach the rest of us something about what life could be like after capitalism.” 

“We all owe New Orleans and those who suffered most in Katrina a huge debt. Their visible suffering and the visibly stupid, soulless, and selfish response of the federal government brought an end to the unquestionable dominance of the Bush administration in the nearly four years between New York’s great disaster and this catastrophe. In China, great earthquakes were once thought to be signs that the mandate of heaven has been withdrawn from the ruling dynasty. Similarly, the deluges of Katrina washed away the mandate of the administration and made it possible, even necessary, for those who had been blind or fearful before to criticize and oppose afterwards.” 

We need more thinking people such as Rebecca.

March 16, 2007

We Have a Major Pet Food Recall

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Here’s the link. Use this link Saturday to identify all of the brands affected.

Thank the Goddess I DON’T use store brands or that IAMS or Eucabuna crap from the pet emporiums either… all are part of the recalled batches.

We love our babies. There is no way I’m putting them in danger. Cheap chuck roast, home ground and cooked, here I come!

March 12, 2007

Danger: March 31st…

Just when you thought it was safe. A moment to catch your breath from the trials of living in Nolantis… comes the demon from the swamp, rising….

“It’s the Apocalypse! The Apocalypse!”

GEEK DINNER III! ” The Gathering Gabbering” Where the NOLA Bloggers dine, drink and socialize with each other. (and create things like The Rising Tide.)

BTW- Scout from First Draft will be down with some volunteers too!
Check out DangerBlonde on this friends.

March 7, 2007

What Freakin’ Fresh Hell?

Oh sweet zombie jezus! Look at this report on Citizen’s Insurance in our state: LINK.

You know… if I’d run any multi-billion dollar businesses as the State is allowing Citizens to run, my career would have been toast in three damn months. (I did million dollar concerns, but… that was the Reagan Era.)

Do you get the impression that any of us commoners would be light-years choices of these political appointees? Mega light-years beyond the limited evolutionary tendencies of those who are our elected officials?

Am I the only one seeing this? (I don’t think so… others are losing their minds over this shit.)

Maybe it’s past time to toss the entire lot, elected and appointed, and OBTW, screw seniority…. we’ll let you know if you still have a job.  You are freakin’ killing all of us you idiots!

I call for a People’s Revolution here in New Orleans. It’s time to take control of this poop.

Sinn Fein 

February 7, 2007

Who Am I?

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I had a freakin’ jerk attack me via email. (One of many fucks.) The jerk demanded who I thought I was.

Okay… I’m gonna put it back out there for those who missed it earlier.

I am an Intersexed woman who was assigned male by some doctors back in the ’50s. I’m not a Christian since I serve the Goddess. I happen to love folks who are Queer or have a brain and soul. In other words: I am everything your minister, Mommy and Daddy warned you against. And I’m better than any of them.
I’m also a Nuclear Engineer, and whilst many of you were scrambling for grants (avoiding service to Your country) I was doing self-education (I’m also a 9+ year Veteran of the Navy.). I am well versed in many disiciplines, but I can forget things. I’m not perfect, but I am God-Damned good.

For those who attack me, you ain’t lived here, you ain’t experienced the stupidity of many elected folks here, and you ain’t witnessed Nature’s effects. I freakin’ have, as have my people. We have lived through the worst that could ever befall people. (And no “Thank You” from the Corps of Engineers for the fuck job.) You fucking have have no idea what folks have gone through down here. (But then again, do you actually have feelings?)
I do what I do in this Blog for the people of New Orleans. Maybe you don’t like my verbiage, but I call it as it is. I love this city, and I AM a Native. This place is paradise to me. If you disagree, don’t show your pale face here, it ain’t your slice of life. It’s mine, and it’s Holy to me. I Defend, and all people like you can do is attack. You’re screwed if you come against me, our folks, and the children of this city. I’ll drop you.
Shut your traps, or come down and meet the Trans-woman from Hell… I’ll send you to Hell in a heartbeat.

Am I now clear morons?

February 6, 2007

Only White Folks Care?

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Alright… the NYT has an article today about the crime prob in NOLA.

We are being trashed here because a white woman was killed and then a March ocurred two weeks later.

This is not about dead white folks, it’s about a culture of killing. It’s also about a culture that will not defend itself, even when their children are being gunned down. The white folks just spoke out about this trash.
I stand in the fucking middle of all of this: I used to be considered Colored decades ago because of my bloodlines, I’m very white, and I’m queer since I’m an Intersexed Lesbian. Every moment of every day I have to remember that some freakin’ asshole would love to blow me away. I’m something that violates everything they are taught. That’s the price of living.
The damn churches teach a slave religion: look at Rome circa 300 A.D. It was about the oppressed, or at least that was how it was expressed. The Christ wasn’t someone who backed down: he stood for what he believed, but the “Believers” knelt down to an oppressor. That was the Past. I don’t see Christ’s words in the churches today. They are cowards and cannot stand to support what they freakin’ need. They beg, and that is not worthy of a Human Being.
Much of this comes from what Christian religion has taught through the years as for the worth of all Races. Their teachings are shit… period. I live as one that spans many Races, and I’m now stating that these teachings are crap. All people are Sacred and Holy, but the only expression of that comes from the Goddess. (And I will now start my expression of what She is.)
I am a Priestess to the the Lady. I have lived this life as such all through my adult life. All lives are Holy to me, and now I do stand to make that postulate the rule here in New Orleans. We need to understand here that all are Sacred: the drug dealer, the waitress, the executive, the prostitute. That each and everyone of us means something… that we count. That there is a meaning to our lives.

It is time for the Creoles, the Cajuns, the Blacks, the Irish, the Germans, the Italians, to finally hold hands and declare that we are of New Orleans, and we can change our lot in Life. It’s all we have…

Wanna stand where I stand? Can you see a New World? Are you ready?
A curtsey to Da Po’ Blog.

(I’m just getting started, and there will be more to come. My sworn promise.)

February 1, 2007

Molly Ivins is dead

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I’m crushed over this news.

I’ve been ready Molly since the ’80s, always enjoying her viewpoint and wit.

“There shall be a returning for thee…”

January 12, 2007

The Socialist State of the Isle d’Orleans

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Hmmm… wonderful March yesterday, good vibes, and I’m still not pleased.

Wanna know why? Because this is just the start of the rebirth of New Orleans. There is so much to do, and our next step is to change the way political business is done here.

This is why I’m bringing up a Socialist city-state concept.

Right now we have a balanced population mix between the races. It’s time for all of us to hold hands and create a new way of living. To stop the shit of “Oh… two black dudes got shot down on Claiborne due to a drug deal”, into “we just lost two souls to violence”. To where we give a god-damn when any neighbor loses their home, or a child doesn’t get educated like everyone else. To when you see someone hurtin’, and you just want to help.

I’ve spent my life defending the Constitution… I believed in it. Now I proclaim myself a Socialist. I can’t trust people with money and power. Look at the shit we have in City Hall. And this Black Elite crap must fucking end… god-damned ministers and fucking Oreos calling the shots? Just screw me now. When have they ever engendered change? Nope… they just suck Mammon’s teat and forget where they came from. They screw their own people.

It is their children who have been forgotten and left to fend for themselves.

These kids deserve more that that fate. (I know… I spent years being a tutor trying to get these kids into good schools, to give them a chance to find their place in Society… to break the chain.) The future is the children, and we must teach them well.

Okay… the first thing is a Commission-based City gov’mit. Also, we need to take over the power company. The voting rolls must be purged of those who no longer live here. We need to get Public Education back up, and open it to adults. ( We are building and teaching the next generation.) We need to function as a real Society and stop being in shock. Our children depend upon our decisions.

I only “see” the Future. It will take the efforts of many others to flesh this puppy out. It’s our time, our generation’s, time to put our work where our thoughts are.

It’s up to us my friends. There is no one else that can help us.  This is OUR job.

January 10, 2007

Silence Is Violence

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Silence Is Violence is now up and running. There are postings here, and feedback, on the efforts of the folks of New Orleans to bring about a major decrease of the crime level in the city.

Enough is ENOUGH! 

January 8, 2007

A Few Recommendations About Crime

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I will be posting odd bits and pieces concerning crime here in NOLA. Some will be stats, others will be protective measures. I have two for today:

1) NOLA Dishu has some updated crime maps that will help with focusing on what is going down where.

2) Taser International announced a smaller personal Taser to be released  in April. Fits in a purse or a pocket, is less powerful than the cop version, and it will stop an assailant for about 30 seconds. (enough time for me to break out a can of whoop-ass on him.) Price should be $300 plus and activation/registration fee.

BTW- If you are carrying a cell that is not a 504 number, you may not be able to use it to call 911 in the city. Check with your service provider. (Mine’s a Cali number, but that’s in case we have to evacuate and the local towers go down.)

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