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June 30, 2006

Erectile Disfunction and Rush…

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Robin is an old aquaintance of mine… he’s wonderful in this interview with Leno .

Thanks to Crooks and Liars for this snippet about Limpbaugh!

June 28, 2006

Desire… Gone

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Anima Mundi turned me on to this commentary by Chris Rose. Read it and weep.


June 27, 2006

A Plan by the End of the Year?

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Has Chocolate Ray’s emulsifiers spoiled or what? A Master Plan for the city by the end of the year?

What freakin’ fresh Hell is this?

Folks who are already back cannot get the bulk of their monies and Reparations until there’s a damn Plan. Those who wish to return will even have to wait longer because those of us who are already home are booking contractors. And what about the low-income folks, the disabled, the elderly…
Mr. Nagin… get the Hell out of our way. Go back to Jamaica, smoke that skunk weed whilst you polish your head, or go hide in the Hilton. I don’t care for your style, like many of us here in New Orleans. Right now YOU ARE NOT a part of the solution, you are the problem, and there are ways and ways of dealing with problems.

Welcome to the Summer of OUR Discontent…

Sinn Fein!

June 25, 2006

Definition of the Isle d’Orleans

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Someone asked me what I mean by using the term “Isle d’Orleans” in some of my posts. It’s something I learned during my childhood here along the Coast.
My mother used to tell me about the history of the Gulf Coast, and why we are different from the rest of the country. Ashley Morris sums it up quite well;

“I’ve always said that from about Panama City to Lafayette, and about 50 miles inland (not including Tallahassee or Baton Rouge) should be one state. I mean, do the people of New Orleans have diddley in common with the people of Bossier City? Do the people of Mobile have anything in common with the people of Montgomery? Do the people of Port St. Joe have anything in common with the snobs of Boca Raton? Hell no. But the coast, the coast has always been special. We all pretty much get it, although now Pensacola is more a military retiree home, and they’re trying to impose their Ohio values on people that just want to drink beer and fish.”

We are living in what was French-held territory. We were bought or ceded to the U.S. We are an “occupied” nation. Our world was subjected by the acts of Powers that did not consider the inhabitants. The treatment we have received by the U.S. over the years reflects these facts. We have more than enough reasons to stand alone.
We ARE the true melting pot of this country. In most of the Nation, communities are segregated. Here in the Isle d’Orleans, we freakin’ MELD. We become yet another ingrediant in that strange gumbo that makes up our people down here. Why do you think Mid-America likes to visit here?

Our culture is different, and it calls to the Inner Self that screams for the different, the communal, the REAL. That sums us up: the Real. (No wonder we aren’t accepted in the general culture.)

More to come babes…

Sinn Fein

June 23, 2006

Not a Great Day? Welcome to Our Lives.

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I was just looking back on the post I wrote about First Draft’s kind words about us, then I hopped over to some of my favorite bloggers for some inspiration and memory jogging. I have to do this: there’s way too much going on in the city, and then there is nothing whatsoever happening.

Then it hit me: how the freakin’ Hell can this life here continue? What’s the damn point? I started crying. (been doing that alot.) My body began to shake.
It’s just that everything seems impossible, and I know it ain’t true. Just feels like that. I guess there’s a not so small bout of personal self pity hitting. Fear is in the mix too.  And then anger starts to rise. Vox clamantis en Deserto…

Looking out my front door calms most of this down. I see a roofing job finished across the street. The folks next door are sheathing their place. Our landlord got a washing machine yesterday. One of the Faeries gave me a portable closet yesterday that i have to find room for here. Our cats are bouncing off their cat tree. A smile comes.

All of us along the Coast are going through episodes like this, whether they know it or not. Some have been able to start getting their lives back into order… most can’t even begin yet. We feel forgotten, not by this country, but by that which is supposed to help us get the job done down here. It’s the Katrina Slog.  The real Katrina Fatigue. They are slowly breaking so many of us down by bits and pieces. This cannot stand.
For those of you Gentle Readers who peruse my little blog, you know I am battling very serious health concerns, have been for decades. I wonder how long I can stay healthy with the strain of living like this. I worry about others who are in worse health situations, like friends that are already dying slow deaths from HIV and cancer. (Fundraiser for one of them this Sunday.) Like the old man I helped a few weeks back getting onto a bus. Is he still alive? Did he ever find a place to live? What about the little girl who broke her arm?
In my prayers to the Lady I try to remember them, but all I can actually do is ask for help, love, and protection for all along the Coast. There’s too many hurt folks. Great Mother Goddess! Sweet Joan d’Arc! We all need you now. This city needs you.
We all need each other to survive this whole thing.

Now I’m feeling better… just had to state what is our reality, my truth. It’s very painful living on the Coast or in exile these almost ten months. Good things are coming, but we must wait upon fools that have reasons unlike ours. They want power, money… we want our lives back. Fucking carpetbaggers! How dare you stand in the way of New Orleans’ reparations and Her continued existence?

Get the Hell out of our way! Sinn Fein you slimy assholes! Thieves and liars…

It’s starting to look like the Summer of OUR Discontent, and you impediments to our lives and homes will pay the price. So Mote It Be.

First Draft on the NOLA Bloggers

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Bless Scout_Prime over at First Draft . It was a very nice piece concerning the NOLA Bloggers.

Thanx hon… somedays many of us wonder why we even get out of bed, then we look outside and see New Orleans, and just carry on. It’s all that can be done.

The next drink is on me.

Sinn Fein!

A Thought for Our City Government…

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“What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them.” –Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787.

We are entering the long, hot, dog-days of a typical NOLA Summer, and there are a lot of very angry folks here. What kind of spark will light the powderkeg?

June 22, 2006

Sunday is Gay Pride!

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Alright, I freakin’ hate that title, but Sunday is Queer Pride Day. Washington Square from Noon until 5 PM.

I’ll be there, roaming around and being a pest.(Just being myself) Look for the redhead with the rose in her hair.

Come on down and experience a different slice of Life. We don’t bite (much), and most of us have had our shots. LOL

From the Wet Bank Guide

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America Cuts and Runs

Festival of Neighborhoods- June 24th

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Be there, or be square.

Festival of Neighborhoods

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