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December 18, 2009

Opening salvo for the Hostilidays

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Baeur threatens Santa

December 1, 2009

It’s World AIDS Day

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I got pulled into this back in ’83. I was forced to watch friends and co-workers die agonizing deaths. There was no way in Hell I could just idly watch the drama. I was with almost 200 boys as they drew their last breaths. Often I was the only one there. I cleaned their homes and cooked them food. Worked on the original AIDS Quilt so they would not be forgotten.

Some of those folks I didn’t agree with, but the right, the Human Thing, was to help in every way possible.

The World has blood on it’s hands. They stood on the sidelines as this disaster unfolded, mainly due to religious and Racial bias. The U.S. has played a huge part in that crime. This country could have moved faster to help those affected by HIV, but it didn’t because it was about “those people”.

In ’92 I found out that I was one of “those people”. I had been raped in ’84. That day the battle for those with HIV became personal. I’m now at my third trip to AIDSLand, and I will not die from it. I refuse to let the demon win, but that’s me and all that I believe in.

Many do not have my resources or strength. I have been to the Abyss more than a few times… I have no fear of dying. I have my love in Living . That keeps me going.

I have many issues that I feel strongly about, but this one is at the fore. It’s not about me; I have lived far more of Life than many will ever know. I fight because I can for those who can’t.

In ’94 a dear friend, hours before he died, told me that I had to keep going. He had “Seen” that I had to keep going. Later that day I opened the “Doors” because I knew what was happening. He passed and all is well. He is in the Summer Country resting up for his next turn of the Wheel.

We must find a way to defeat this disease. Not for me (I can live with it) but for the ones to come. They should never know the pain and sorrow of this thing.

And to everyone, “Welcome to World AIDS Day”.

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