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February 26, 2007

Class Action Lawsuit for Flood Damages

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OK, this is a quickie: On Friday 2/23 a Federal judge moved the filing date for this suit from 8/29/07 to 2/28/07. The necessary forms and instructions are at the Levee Litigation Group. We are going through Lambert and Nelson for this as they are one of the local firms in the group.

The forms, in triplicate, must be delivered no later than Midnight of the 28th if you are sending it in. The Corps will accept all forms delivered by hand until 4 PM on 3/01 at their dropbox:

U.S. Corps of Engineers, New Orleans
District, 7400 Leake Avenue, Middle Building, Room 348, New Orleans,
LA 70118

February 22, 2007

The Demon Inside…

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17 months ago a handful of us spent many hours and lots of money to defend Gentilly post-Flood (GCIA- Gentilly Civic Improvement Association) . We created an umbrella association to aid the various neighborhood associations in their rebuilding… to make sure they were not forgotten. Now, as I’m leaving the Board, a few renegades, whose motives I cannot decipher, are calling themselves D6CC and are attempting to add yet another layer to the rebuilding process.

Their main member, Dr. Marty Rowland, subverted the desires of three small neighborhoods that we initially included in the GCIA family: South Sugar Hill, St. Roch Bend and Indian Village. Dr. Rowland lied to me and others about the fact these areas were to be included in District 6. They are not. Now he represents himself as the leader of a new association for Gentilly.

I have to wonder what Dr. Rowland, Karen Parsons and the others who stand with them hope to gain from these actions. Is it about money and power, or fame?

Personally I don’t freakin’ care. I’m only concerned with Gentilly, and I’ll be damned if folks seek a profit for our citizen’s losses. I didn’t spend money and time to create an avenue for cretins to rape the citizens of Gentilly. I think such actions are of the most base kind, and I will work to stop them in their damn tracks.

What a handful of us did after the Flood was meant to help, and now I’m seeing that monsters have stepped in to wreak their will. This cannot stand.

For those associated with this hideosity, come at me assholes. The shit-storm approaches, and I will win. I stand for Gentilly.

February 20, 2007

The Chain…

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There is an old saying amongst us old radicals “All of Life is a chain, and when of us is harmed, we all feel the pain”. I believe in that one.

You see, governments and “parties” are fucking bullshit. It’s the way the power-mongers try to divide us from each other. Do I have a reason to hurt you and your kids? Hell NO!!! All I look for is a way for all of us to have what we need to live a decent life… It’s a Pagan thing: no “winners” or “losers”, just plain old folks getting along and being ourselves. This is what we have been told, but we have let the “interpreters” get in the way. That was a major fuck up.
I look into the eyes of children, and all I see is innocence and trust, wonder and enjoyment. I wish I could return to that state of being, but I’ve seen way to much for that to happen. Maybe in my next life that can be the case. This life I have to fight for the ones to come and spare them the pains of what we elders have had to fight against.

It’s about becoming a Teacher and withdrawing from the Warrior role. Many of us had to become Warriors due to the state of our culture. Most of us just wanted to be Teachers and Healers… to realize what our souls cried for, but time, situations and Life has forced us into other realities. We have to act out roles that are not indicative of our souls’ mission… we do what we must do, but we can also grow into something more productive and Life enforcing.

I’m technically a Trans Sexual, and I’ve had to change my life. I’m trying to rid myself of the wrong thoughts, hatreds and bull shit that have haunted me for almost 40 years in order to become a real Human being, to become what I believe to be truly Human. It’s hard, but it can be done. It must be done. The pains must end.

I have a family now that accepts me for what I am: it’s the Bloggers, New Orleans and the Queer community. These are the folks and the reason to continue for me. I freakin’ owe them. They gave me acceptance and the will to move forward. Now I must “pay it forward”, and it ain’t just about Trans stuff, but about beingness.

Why am I dwelling on this? The last several years I’ve been focussed on Trans issues, but now I understand it’s about human issues. I cannot focus just upon my needs, but the needs of all. The injustices issued to one group affects all of us. We are all the Chain, and we need to understand that.

We all are custodians of each other, and the proving ground for this thought pattern is New Orleans. Please join me in this endeavor.

What Shall I Give Up For Lent?

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It’s Fat Tuesday in our little country forgotten by our neighboring America. Tomorrow comes the time when good Catholics give up something special for the Lenten Season.

I’m not Catholic (got that one right!), but for the last three decades I have given up “tolerance” as my penance prior to Eostore. This year, it’s going to become much more freakin’ intense: I’m going to war against polyticians and the other fucks that are denying us the rights and the means to rebuild our Federally-damaged city. I want Nagin’s ass, Blanco’s ass, and that god-damned Chimp’s freakin’ ass. It might take a blood curse, but Hell… I can personally afford that.

In nine days I turn 50… I’ve outlived the doctor’s predictions for my demise by 12 years. I see my neighbors and friends suffering by neglect from the Powers-That-Be. Our sacred city is still a damn mess… the Guv’mit is trying to destroy one of the most special places in North America just because they just DON”T GET what we have here. (Actually, they don’t want America to GET our style… too fucking dangerous for their sick sense of “being” and their Racist/Mammonist bullshit.) I’m willing to spend what Life I have to make things right again down here. That’s what being a Warrior means. (I always wanted to be a Teacher/Healer, but I guess one must grow where they are planted. I’m screwed on this one.)
(Listening to Blue Oyster Cult and Creedance… gets me into a mood.)

The Gulf Coast and New Orleans should be in the forefront of Americans’ conscience. We should not be wasting lives and money in Afganistan and Iraq. Our Nation’s views must be directed to our citizens’ needs and future, not the directives of some power-hungry assholes who kneel at the feet of Mammon and greed/revenge. This IS THE SOCIAL CONTRACT we all agreed to!
On this sacred night I will walk the Quarter, visit St. Joan’s statue, throw an offering into our holy river, drink and dance my fucking ass off, show my little tits and dance with Black folks, Creole folks, White folks and all of those that make this city what it is: A FUCKING GEM OF HUMANITY!

If we go down, the rest of America goes down with us, TRUST THAT ONE. We WILL exact our pound of flesh for the dissing that has been given to our lives and our culture. (I hate to state that, but as one sworn to protect our Nation, I’m feeling a little more than angry about what this country’s power structure is doing to the folks down here.) This is for the ones to come and a place that offers/lives in a different and Holy way. I want them to have a better way than what is offered by the ruling paradigm.
We are your only hope for a real and meaningful life. Byde this tryst babies.

Tonight I will bleed and burn for you and our city… (Takes a Tranny to do that ‘eh? That’s what being a sacrificial anode means.)

Sinn Fein!

February 19, 2007

On the Eve of the Climax

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Oh Goddess, where do I start?

For thirty-five years I’ve been away from Mardi Gras. I used to march the parades with my trumpet, used to ride the floats, but when I left the Deep South, the tradition died within me. This year marked my first two parades in all of that time. (I figured that for me it was all over, but this year I realized that my soul has craved the feelings and connections with my fellow New Orleanians of what this all means to us: this IS OURS, our way of dealing with the shit and garbage of Life, and it’s our way way of dealing with it all. The beingness of what we are, and our commonality.
Okay, we made KdV and Muses this year. Tomorrow night will add two more parades. I should have made them all, but my lifestyle excludes the day parades. I do the night as a Night Owl. This is all I know anymore. I live in the darkness, and I revel in that. The nightime is when the Spirits walk, and the time when our ancestors waft through the ether energizing their descendants to dance within the mists that  are the medium for us all to communicate.

It is the time that surpasses Time, when we all commune together, the time we hold hands and all of Time is null.

Those of us here live with the ghosts. During this time of year, they dance with us. They remind us of our mortality and our permanence. There is no true death, only a time away from the fray for rest, and then we are plunged again into the maelstrom. It’s what the Goddess promises: there is no end, but only a learning process.

I know I’m pissing off the single lifers, but heck, I’ve been around for tens of thousands of years,  it took me decades to realize these facts. (Intellectually I knew this, but it takes a subjective realization to understand and acceptance to get this one.)

As a Priestess, I do understand the movement of the ages.

Can you understand the feelings of a culture shrouded and consumed by 300 years of living? Can you understand the ghosts that live on each corner of the city? Can you get a culture that lives with this freakin’ reality?

If you can’t understand what I’m talking about, your time is limited. If the state of our condition isn’t  corrected, the US has condemned itself. New Orleans is the spiritual basis of this country. We are what creates a new world. We here are what creates a Natural and equitable World. You can’t do it without us. We are the continual rememberence.

We are the ones.

We here in New Orleans stand for something, and it’s about the spirits of of our people to increase the Nation’s support of it’s folks’ desires. You know what? We are the proving ground, and fuck the Feds on this shit. Fuck the Feds and the Judeo-Cristian assholes on this one. (Personally I’d Nuke the Vatican and Jeruselem on this freakin’ score. I don’t care for Judeo/Christian/Islamic thought, I’m a witch, and the ruling paradigm sought the deaths of my ancestors, I’m just returning the favor to them.

We here in New Orleans are different creatures, and we are hospitable folks, unless you are dangerous folks, and then we will cleanse the earth of you jerks.

February 14, 2007

Not My Normal “Potty” Post…

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Here’s a subject that is near and dear to all Trans-folks hearts: the Public Potty. My friend Cyndi up in Chicago (She’s a nice Chicagoan, okay?) posted this on my TransNewOrleans group:

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman” sang Tammy Wynette, never imagining how many diverse ways those lyrics would be interpreted a few decades later. Unless you never, ever venture from the “friendly confines” of “home, sweet home”, it’s not exactly a newsflash to hear about one of the biggest hassles trans-women go thru on a regular basis. Of course, I’m referring to the public use of that holiest of holies - the lavatory; otherwise known as the restroom, the washroom, the bathroom, the powder room, the outhouse, the water closet, the commode, the toilet, the head, the loo, the crapper, the pisser, the throne, the john (or jane?), to list but a few common terms for my favorite “undisclosed location”. 

  It seems as though whenever all else fails, the forces of darkness can always inspire the most primal fear known to mainstream society by invoking the spectre of “trannies in the bathroom!” Now clearly, any reasonably intelligent trans-woman recognizes this rubbish as the non-issue it truly is, but it still represents one of our biggest obstacles to cultural acceptance. Trans-people have been rebuked, beaten up and even arrested simply because of where they chose to perform their bodily functions.

  Well folks, help is on the way. There’s a new group out there that’s actually doing something (as opposed to just talking about it) to mitigate this problem. Reading the report below was welcome relief (no pun intended) to a situation we ALL face on a regular (no pun here either) basis. Pull up a seat (okay, maybe this one) and consider what YOU can do to help expand their database. The link to this useful website is in the article below. Read on, true believers.   >>> Cyndi 

I plan to personally fill in this Org to where all the safe potties are in NOLA. This means that I need to go out on drinking adventures that will introduce me to the other areas of the city to round out my Potty Picks. (Hint, hint) I need to bring back the New Owleans By Night site for Trans folks who visit the city. (O.W.L. stands for the Order of Wild Ladies, BTW)

NYT Op-Ed- Unmatched Destruction

Just a nice little breakdown on some of the clean-up costs for some disasters and a plea to the Bushite to give the Gulf Coast waivers for the matching funds crap.

“Yet somehow the Bush administration has not found it necessary to forgive the local match for Gulf Coast states after the double-whammy of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, except for costs associated with debris removal and some emergency services — despite the fact that the two storms wreaked roughly $6,700 worth of damage per capita in Louisiana. This inaction is particularly surprising, given that such a large proportion of the damage can be attributed to the failure of the federal levees that were supposed to protect the New Orleans area.”

(Curtsey to Tim’s Nameless Blog.)

February 12, 2007

Phone Books!

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Yo Baby, Yo Baby, Yo Baby!!!!

For the first time in almost 18 months, we have phone books again. I just about died when I saw them on our steps today. I handed my landlord his set in it’s yellow bag, and was going to throw the things away thinking it was trash. I said, “Baby, those are new phone books”, and he snatched them away from the trash can. (Guess it’s been so long since we had them that some of us forgot what they are!)

Another tiny, but meaningful step in the rebuilding here.

American Experience- New Orleans

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Tonight starts the broadcasting of PBS’s American Experience- New Orleans. I checked over their materials, and I think this program will go a long way in showing people just how important this city is to America.

For those of us down here in the swamps, tune to WYES Channel 12 at 8 PM CST. (For those not as fortunate to be living in our delightful little mess here, the link above will help you find a broadcast.)

Dixie Chicks- 5, Rednecks- 0

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I actually watched the Grammys tonight… shocking since I don’t pay any attention to Pop Culture and it’s self-congradulatory awards B/S. I think they should all just do their crap and put it out there and not EXPECT a freakin’ award. Your just doin’ your jobs kids, and BTW, none of this crap adds up to a Pulitzer or a Nobel. (Same goes for you movie pups… it’s just film… usually putrid film at that.)

But tonight (since the Starlight had the Grammys on, and I wanted some drinks before returning to the shack for the next week I watched), I got to see the Dixie Chicks pull 5 awards. Screw you Bush-ass-kissin’ boys that were so offended by the country girls who opposed the immoral, inane, and insane Bushite war on the Iraqis. You brain-dead and useless F-150 boys scored a lousy zero. (‘Twas to be expected considering your lineages and your teachers.)

Yeppers, you redneck, truck-driving, Confederate flag waving, girl humpin’, and Bush-lovin’ poops… the three ladies made a BIG comeback, and now you must understand you were wrong (since your “boys” lost many elections during the Mid-Terms). Let the women do the thinking and performing, and just get on your J.O.B. That’s all you were trained for, right? (“Son, make that a double-cheese burger with mayo and pickles, and get it right this time, moron! You can go play with yourself and your truck when your shift ends.”)
Irma Thomas won an award for: After the Rain”, and that was so wonderful for her and the traditions down here in post-Flood City. (The T-P, the “Toilet Paper”, doesn’t have a working link for this.) Good on ya lady! And thank you for your wonderful works.
Thus ends my time as a music and film critic. I really don’t care about this stuff. Not my world… (Well, “TransAmerica” should have swept the awards last year, but Huffman did get best actress back then and “Different For Girls” did win the Grand Pris award in Montreal back in ’97.)
Why can’t we have awards for cultural relevance instead of this other crap?

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