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September 27, 2007

House Approves New Application Standards For the NFIP

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And yes, the Monkey in Charge is saying it (notice the “it” thing) will veto it.

And for the first time in my life, I am now telling the environmental community to FREAKIN’ FUCK OFF!!! (see below)
Some environmental groups also opposed the bill because of the wind provision, saying it would make it easier for people to buy homes in environmentally fragile areas. It’s a federal incentive that “puts people in harm’s way and gives people a false sense of security,” said Adam Kolten, congressional affairs director for the National Wildlife Federation.” 

“Patient Capital”

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From TED.

This woman’s concepts need to be applied here.

Virginia Ham?

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It’s time to roast a Virginia pig.

Mind Food

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I have spent most of my life exploring the world and the folks that live there. Many things came into my consciousness during those adventures. My 20 years in San Francisco were very intense, exposing me to different forms of concepts and possible realities. (sadly, I spent 6 years in the Mid-West, and that’s a brain-dead zone… Don’t go there!)

So, I decided to create a new category here called “Mind Food”. It will not feature Neo-Con shit. It will be a survey and an info pot for those who wish to learn from visionary folks: those who “see” a different Reality than the crap we are currently living with.

Enjoy, educate and grow yourself with the first link on the list: TED:Ideas Worth Spreading.


September 26, 2007

If What Kind of Locality Defines Us as a People…

… then head thyself to this great discussion. It is hilarious, insightful and damning of how Modern American building and architecture in their hubris, especially over the last sixty years, have created a living Hell we call Suburbia. Watch the whole video… the last five minutes are very important as the discussion turns to what this truly means to us as a Culture.
Much like the Humid Haney, this is why I live in New Orleans. Spending over three decades away from my hometown, most of the places I lived were soulless, deadening… non-Human. There is no “Sense of Place”… no sense of connection with anything or anyone. Here I’m a citizen. In this place I feel connected with my neighbors and friends. New Orleans is a Real Culture, and I revel in that.

The thing is: all of what is good here will die if we let the demons of the Past that fled towards their Suburbia attempt to recreate the schlock that defines the suburbs in our city. It is a dead end, and our souls are in peril if it happens.

More On the “Shock Doctrine”

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on an excerpt from Guardian concerning Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine”. Didn’t seem like much was happening  very much on this topic, but now it’s picking up steam as Klein is doing her promotion gigs  for her book.

Try this out: John Cusack’s interview with Klein.

Curtsey to Suspect Device. and the Zombie.

I’m happy that this book is getting notice down here in Da Swamp.

September 25, 2007

Dem Looziana Boyz Are Helping the Nawlin’s Brand!

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has just recently released (Yeppers, something about a storm coming clouded my mind and I didn’t post on it then.) their Third Annual report on the Corrupt Members of Congress.

Good old brothers Dollar Bill and Sinnator Davy have stepped up to the plate and proudly represent that Nawlin’s Brand.

Brother Bill, Brother Dave… I would so very much like, from the depths of my Bohemian soul, standing here at the Pulpit, the Holy Pulpit of the Church of the Light That Is New Orleans, to say that the two of you have done so much for the Gret Stet by your actions ably representing us up in the District to embark upon a great mission for all of us parishoners here.

We humbly ask in the name of the Church for you two Wise Men to attempt a journey of thousands of miles and many, many years, in search of the Holy Elixir of Crustal Rebound that shall save the Gret Stet from a watery grave. We also please beg your Holy selves to take our Wise Man C. Ray with you.

We will also daily pray for you whilst you are on this perilous Journey, even though it might lead to the Depths of Hell.

Have a good trip jerks.

September 24, 2007

I Am Like… Despondant

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Titans- 31, Saints-14. Sweet zombie jebus!

Thank goodness the Starlight had hotdogs and Nawlin’s Flava next door had crab cakes and calimari… two drinks, a full tummy, and I left on the interception that gave the Titans 31 points. To say that we in the hovel are depressed might cover it if spread thinly.

It’s not that I’m a football fan: I like the Saints and the good vibes that go around town when they win. Our city is proud of it’s team, but these last three weeks haven’t help much. Maybe on the Bye they can get their shit straight. (One can only hope.)

I’m just happy that tonight wasn’t the one game we can attend at the Dome this year. I would have hated to have wasted the $$$$$ for a game such as tonight’s. (Okay, those of us with counter-insurgency skills in the Irish Channel Republican Army need to create a “cunning plan”. *Black Adder*)
Still, it’s Geaux Saints!

Hurricane Rita Escape Anniversary

Just remembered that Rita smacked into SW LA and TX two years ago today.

Where were we then? San Antonio in a nice little suite with a tiny kitchenette. The A/C died in the car and it was in the shop. We had a stowaway in that Opal the Cat wasn’t supposed to be in the room, but I wasn’t leaving her in the car with all of that heat.

We stayed there for a few days before making the trek to our friend’s home in  San Dimas, SoCal land. It was going to be a long ride, so we rested up. And ate some really good BBQ! A LOT OF IT!

What didn’t help was the news coming in about the destruction Rita brought to our friends on the Coast and in Houston. We were actually supposed to sign a lease on a place in Houston that day. I was looking forward to living in the Montrose for our exile from New Orleans. We just couldn’t take the thought of another big storm while our house was sitting in the Federal Flood disaster.
BTW- It really, really bugs me that we still, at almost 25 months, are still not in our house. Poop

House Raising Mitigation Grants Coming?

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News from the T-P. It looks as if the Hazard Mitigation Grants will be here later this Fall.
Sounds like good news for folks desiring to raise their homes, but there seems to be a catch:

“Deckert said he applied to the state-run Road Home program for federal aid to rebuild and raise his home in New Orleans’ Lakeview neighborhood. But since the mitigation grant he expected to get got tied up in the squabble between the state and feds, he used his rebuilding money to raise his house. He doesn’t think he should be penalized for trying to get on with his life.

“It’s frustrating,” said Deckert, who lives in a government trailer in front of an unfinished house now raised 9 feet off the ground. “If you took care of it because you couldn’t wait any longer, because you can’t fix your house until the foundation is fixed, you’re screwed.”

It looks like Betts and I are screwed too. We were awarded the $30K grant, but then the squabble between the State and FEMA held off the delivery of the money until the Fall. We couldn’t wait that long to get back into the house… it took 10 months to get the thing raised anyway from the day we made the down payment.

My fucking depression is not getting better over this news.

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