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May 21, 2008

Ah, Houston? We Have A Problem…

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Sometime in the last 9 hours my Blog has suffered a bout of the hiccups. What’s showing were my first pieces on this WP Blog. The rest of the last two years are there, but accessible only through the Category links.

Please bear with us in this strange time.

May 18, 2008


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Take a look at this post from Suspect Device on Obama’s rally in Portland, OR today.

May 17, 2008

Breast Sizes… (Silly Me, I Thought I Must Grow Them)

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Our local TV station, WWL, has this series called “Wrinkle Free Friday”. Read it once long ago and just shrugged… this ain’t my cup of tea Darlin’s. Not going to open that link again.
Today I actually decided to read the feature again, and lo and behold, this is what came up.

I can’t take a side one way or the other on this topic. What is in our heart’s desires are our own… but for me it brought many things to fore that I had to deal with recently. So, with my rather bizarre penchant for telling almost anything to anyone, here goes.
Boys? You may leave the room now… (Okay… you can watch. Damn!)

You my Gentle Readers, know who and what I am, so I’ll pick the tale up from a few years ago. In August of ’04 (after 3 years as living as Morwen), my doctor gave me ‘scripts for hormones. It was time to make the next step in the Transformation of my life. By the time we bought our house and then were victims of the Federal Flood of New Orleans, not much had happened to my bustline (the mental state changes were fantastic!). Stress, no sleep, worry and only eating when I knew my system was tanking was preventing my body from developing along the lines it was made for. I had some growth, but it wasn’t in line with what many of my friends experienced. To say that I was upset would cover it if spread lightly.
I’d never desired augmentation. I see things as what shall be will be, until a year ago. Then I started thinking about doing the procedure in order to be somewhat normal for my age. To end what I saw as being “incomplete”. I wanted to jump from being a girl in early puberty to a state of that of a woman grown in a few hours. Call it taking a short-cut.

A few weeks ago I started to have second thoughts, doubting myself and the decision to utilize the short-cut. Then a very strange thing started: the closer we came to resolving the issue of our home, I started eating more. With that came a clearing in the way I saw my life. The “girls” started growing again. (still can’t sleep, but 3 out of 4 ain’t bad)

That’s when it hit me: if I took the short-cut, I’d be missing out on the wonder of growing up, maturing. The feelings that come as your body is changing in order to prepare for adulthood, the Future. To watch the process of life unfold within you, the wonder and joy that comes from experiencing the growth of a real life. Walking the Path to Becoming is something you cannot cheat upon, lest you lose the magic of it all.

I will no longer attempt to run down the Path to Becoming. This journey will be made step by step, facing things in their own time and place. ‘Tis complete folly to run and then pass the goal… winding up in a Wasteland from which I can never return. Life is too short to screw it up that way. Be patient, believe, trust and accept. That’s walking the Path of Life.
This crazy little tale is really about my breasts, but there is something much deeper to be found: my feet are back on the true Path again. Mind and heart had overwhelmed my Spirit for a time… the lesson has hit home: mind, heart and Spirit must always be in balance. To learn a thing you must grow within it, become it. Embrace the changes and flower as the Changes grow.
Only then does it really mean anything to you.

All of the above may sound like the wanderings of an adolescent, but I’m 51. Right now I’m the Maiden and the Crone at the same time (spent most of my life being the mom). That which I missed is being realized and Cronehood is coming to be. A life is moving towards fruition and wholeness.

Damn I love this trip!

Okay boys, ya’s can stop peeking through the curtains. 

“Greater than scene…is situation. Greater than situation is implication. Greater than all of these is a single, entire human being, who will never be confined in any frame” Eudora Welty

May 16, 2008

Same Genitals Marriage?

On Thursday morning the California State Supreme Court struck down current laws concerning same-sex marriage. Now the fuckmooks who are so very opposed to people not like them having equal rights are pledging to fight against the decisions of the Court. They desire a popular vote instead of the rule of law to determine who has what Rights. Fuck them…

Here is the ONLY proper definition of Individual Rights:

“Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual).” Ayn Rand

Sounds strange for a Progressive Trans-Lesbian Feminist to quote Rand ‘eh? (She got some things right about Democracy) We all come into this incarnation as individuals. It is only later that many of us are assimulated into the Hive Mind of the Borg (and the Borg comes in many types of groupings). This basically amounts to the killing of our most precious gift in this life: our Being.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when all of us must work with others for many of the needs of living and culture. As Spock puts it in Star Trek III, “Sometimes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”, but this does not mean ending the basic natures of the participants.

I’m a Gender-variant person, but that didn’t mean that Society couldn’t use my mind and abilities in working for the General Good. I’ve been an engineer, mechanic, teacher, cook and a decent person. I have sat with the dying in hospices and hospitals in order to salve their pains and fears. I have done what any upstanding member of a culture should do, but my right to my own Being is constantly under attack by the “Borg”. We are not beasts of burden or slaves to the prevailing societal mores. All of us have the right to be ourselves, just as Nature gave us, working together without having our lights being extinguished by bigotry and hypocrisy fueled by “mythologies” that cannot relate to Life in the 21st Century.

It doesn’t matter if one is Hetero or Homo or Trans… same goes for brown, black, white or purple folks. You can be short or tall, or have different eye colors… FUCK! this holds true even if one is a box turtle. All of us are who we are, and what we are not, and no power in the ‘Verse can take that away from even a single one of us. These are our birth-rights for being here at this point in time and space.

There is a meaning in each and everyone of our lives, whether it’s from God, the Goddess, the One or Nature. To DENY these things is tyranny and and a form of soul death. The “Borg” don’t really get this: they are destroying their own Souls by trying to recreate all folks into their “vision”. As always, we shall be judged by our works.

I’m going to close this out with a portion of the Wiccan Rede (my right-less partner and I have things to attend to for our lives):

“And do what you Will be the challenge, so be it Love that harms none.” Doreen Valiente

My name is Morwen, and I’m a Human Being. Are you?
“Greater than scene…is situation. Greater than situation is implication. Greater than all of these is a single, entire human being, who will never be confined in any frame” Eudora Welty

A Pony For Hope

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From the PoliticalCat comes a great story of a pony rescued in the aftermath of Katrina and her struggles.

And I thought I had probs…

May 11, 2008

Need Your Help- Part two

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Some of the links from my website on this topic are gone. It’s called “cleansing”.
The Powers-That-Be are “purify” everything to  make their new appointees “safe”. The APA is hurting my tribe, and this I must fight.

Never doubt the Swamp Witch.  I will fight for us, never fear.

Need Your Help

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Some of the greatest enemies to the Trans community are now on the board to rewrite the DSM manual for 2012. They see us as freaks and perverts.

Here’s some background:

Hi friends, family, and allies:
Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this message, but better too many than your missing this important announcement.
If you have not already heard, a dangerous thing happened this week that poses a very serious threat to the transgender and allied community, and could potentially impact lesbian, gay, bisexual, and allied people as well.
The American Psychological Association (APA) recently appointed Dr. Kenneth Zucker to chair the task force responsible for updating of mental health language and treatment of diagnoses such as Gender Identity Disorder (GID) for the upcoming DSM-V (Diagnostics and Statistics Manual, Fifth Edition).
Don’t let his recent appearance on NPR sounding like a nice guy fool you. At a time when the American Medical Association (AMA) is supporting stopping discriminating against and stigmatizing transgender people, Dr. Zucker is a widely recognized proponent of reparation (“ex-gay”) and aversion therapy for children and youth. These techniques have been proven to be ineffective at best and–more often–severely damaging to the mental health of people who are LGB or T.
Please see the article that follows for more information.
Dr. Zucker holds the fate of our young people in his hands. WE MUST ALL TAKE ACTION to remove Dr. Zucker as well as his cronies from this all-important APA working group, based upon his approach to clinical treatment of transgender and gender non-conforming identity in children & youth.

Please sign this petition to remove the most outrageous members from the DSM-V GID committee, and then the link on to everyone you know:

http://www.thepetit petition/ 412001300

Here’s a good Reference.

Dear readers, I’m a decent Human Being, I don’t hurt folks, but what is getting ready to go down is a sending of my kind back to the Dark Ages. They can’t really hurt me… I’m Intersexed, but they can mess everything up for many of my sisters and brothers. We are not insane and we are not “sick”… we just wish to live our lives as we see them.

Ya’s know I’m Trans, so’ here the opening salvo:

Here’s my take on the jerks:

Darlin’s, I hate having to go here. I thought I was past defending my life and feelings, but that isn’t true: they are going to screw us again.  I am not in danger: I’m too well established for them to shake my tree. I’m worried about the ones to come. (Soon I’ll post about the poisoining of our eco-system that helps create these scenarios.)

I don’t normally ask for help about this topic, but this time it is very important. This is not about me, but about the kids who are like me years ago.

Please sign this petition.

May 8, 2008

Only in Looziana

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My fucking head hurts.

I was reading some news about the bat-shit lunatics and their antics in the old Lege, and then ran across this poop. My brain started screaming, “But they just passed a measure that would allow Higher Education students to carry guns to school”!

How do these fat-assed rednecks get these kinds of burrs up their butts? What kind of twisted childhood must they have experienced? Are their parents congenital idiots? Why am I even asking these questions… these creatures are from the bulk of the State that we here in the south-east swamps must secede from.

Yes, my fucking head hurts.

I think that when we pass the Act Of Succession for the Isle d’Orleans, we should follow in South Carolina’s mold and do a tactical nuclear strike on Baton Rouge, preferably when the Lege is in session. (Our last gift to the rednecks of Looziana before we split away)

My fucking head still hurts.

Sinn Fein!

May 6, 2008

Update- Second Lines Broken Up

Well it seems folks are getting more informed concerning the breaking up of a Second Line 10 days ago.

Jarvis DeBerry weighs in here. The T-P editors put this one together. Some of us on the NOLA Blogger’s e-list are trying find out more concerning this incident. Right now the opinion of most is that it was a rogue cop who just decided to break up the Second Line. As NOPD is slowly collapsing under Chief Warren Riley’s ineptitude, we still can’t get a real answer. No competency in leadership always results in chaos, and that is what Riley has done as the head of our police force.

Riley must be removed and a real leader put in place to turn this poop around. He is a true fuckmook.

Sinn Fein!

If You Miss This, Not My Prob

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Renard Posche blew my neural pathways tonight. Funk, rap and soul babies. I can’t stop dancin’ in my chair I’m fucking groovin’!.

Alright, go here sample and then put down $9.99 for the album download. You won’t regret it.

Damn! My little tush can’t stop… this is going through my soul. Life Darlin’s… great reminders of what it’s about whilst living.Sweet Zombie Jebus, I haven’t grooved like this in decades. Five platinum stars kids!

Go get the album.

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