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November 30, 2009

It’s almost time for “Doom in the Dome”.

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Who Dat!

"Who Dat!"

November 18, 2009

Third Annual RampART Festival!

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RampART Poster

Here’s great festival for this Saturday in New Orleans: RampArt Festival. Crafts, food, art, music and more. It’s being held in Armstrong Park (Rampart & Dumaine) from 11AM to 5PM. It’s also free.

North Rampart Main Street.Inc

November 16, 2009

And I Am To Vanish Into the Mists?

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back in time there was a child, a freak of nature, though that child never knew the truth. A child who walked to school, studied hard and one that fulfilled the wishes of it’s parents; to be the best that you can be and never forget where you came from. The child who held their Mom as she died very early and a Dad that lost it because his world had ended. The child who became a “Mom”. A child who did everything to please…who had a goal in mind; “Evey chance for everyone”. The child thought, “I leave no one behind”.

That child wound up being the Class Valedictorian as it worked full-time to keep it’s world and the family safe, rated by the Military and many colleges as a prime choice- 200+ IQ and being part of the one hundreth of one percentile of the entire population. “There is nothing you can’t do.” they said. “The World is your oyster”. And that child turned down their Dad’s second mortgage to finance that child’s college fees because the child was worried about their siblings’ chances to be able to further themselves. That child did not want preferential treatment. The child knew what it was directed to do, what the Inner Voice called for.

That child went into Nuclear Engineering in the Navy, loving the calculations and the whole process, but after 9 years left for something different. The child decided to deal with people instead of equations, since people were what the child wanted to be involved with. It’s what the child needed in it’s soul. Connections with others was what that child craved, needed, and desired.

Yes, the child is me.

I’m an Intersexed woman with a healthy dose of Aspergers Syndrome to boot. And all I have ever wanted was to tend my own garden and see folks living happy lives. Sadly, that was never to be my fate. I have seen too much.I must speak from my heart and speak for those like me.
And I must live by the words of the Lady.

And no, She will not lend her mind to their crap; My belief and trust is in people. “Such a waste”, said my in-laws… “You could make so much money”. My answer was about how does money asauge the pain others are going through, the drive for true equality, the knowledge that you have a part in all of this?

My answer was that it didn’t.I don’t agree with the “$$$=Success” model. My sisters and brothers need folks like me. Our city needs those like me.We are the Guardians. Not the Watchers, but those who defend. Not Warriors, but Healers.

Welcome to the new World. “I AM” is the most important statement one can make about their life. That’s the moment you “Become”.

And yes the World is my oyster and I will not vanish into the Mists.

November 10, 2009

What Being “OUT” Really Means-

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9/21/01… that was the day I stared at my shotgun barrel and was thinking of pulling the trigger. Then a voice rang out in my home saying, “You have much more to do”.

I’ve written about this over the years, so I’m not going to repeat it all here

That day I “Outed” myself. Yes I had done many protests over the years for different issues, but that day I had to declare who I am and what I stood for, what I believed in.

When I say “Believe”, I mean you must own it to the very core of your soul. What you are and what you are not. How you see the World and what you think about things going down. You become a participant and no longer can be just a bystander.

That’s the day when you become Real. “Hey there! I’m fuckin’ alive and living here and I don’t like the shit going down”. That is the day you truly join the Dance, the time that you can begin to use the power that you were gifted from the One. It also means you are responsible for that which goes down around you, in your sphere, your neighborhood, your life.

Yes, it sux, but it’s gotta be done.

The truth is that to realize oneself, you must strive to help others to come to that same place in Life. You may not agree with them, but that’s their Journey, not yours. You facilitate their growth even when they oppose your being. You become a helper, and the wierd thing is that they wind up embracing you because you cared. (and who says Life isn’t interesting?)

This message is not about Trans, but about all of us. When WE CARE about each other, the World works pretty good. When there is no care we wind up with the crap-pile of a World we all currently face. Our care, tears, laughter and pains drive this World, not the corporations.

We are Power and it’s far past time to use it.

Become yourself and grab hold of Life. “OUT” yourself.

November 8, 2009

Saints are 8 and Eaux!

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Da Saints!

House Health Care Bill Passes… Joe Cao (R-New Orleans) Only GOPer to vote for It!

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The House’s version passed (not perfect, but it’s a start) and the GOP Rep for Orleans and much of Jefferson was the only one of his party to vote for it. I applaud his courage and desire to find ways to help his constituents to obtain health care.

Now if I can just convince him to become an Independent… I don’t trust Dems very much, and from what I see of the playing feild down here for Demos for the seat, he might very well be my choice next year. (That’s right… I am now no longer a Demo. I will vote independently of both parties for the most Progressive person possible)

November 6, 2009

Life Is Good

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There’s gotta be some quakin’ and shakin’ at City Hall today.

How much longer will Ray Nagin be Mayor?

November 4, 2009

Remember “Maine”

Just fuck me now. Yesterday  the Christa-fux voted to dis-allow Same-Sex Marriage in Maine even though it was approved by the Courts, the Legislature and the Govenor. The recognition of equal rights for all Americans was negated by a bunch of cross-wearing fools that hate lives like the one Betts and I have together. Their “religion” tells them that people like us are evil and do not deserve the Rights of being a couple and living a life together. (Same shit went down in California last year with Prop. 8.)

They have decided that they can have Rights not available to other Americans that they deem unacceptable.  People like me and mine don’t count in America. We are to be discounted as Human Beings. This is wrong.

I’m not a slave to a “burning bush”. I do not believe in a book written by Mid-Easterners from as far back as 3,500 BCE.  I am a well-educated person living in the 21st Century. I’m a scientist, an engineer and a retail manager. I know how to live in the Reality that I’m presented with.

I’m a tax-paying citizen of this country and a Veteran. I don’t over-tax the Social network because I do things on my own. How fucking dare you cross-wearing mooks deny me MY RIGHTS just because you or your holy book don’t agree with my life. (I’m not the one birthing 12 kids when I can’t pay for them)

I gave almost ten years of my life to defend this country and Her ideals. I defended your right to live your life even when I disagreed with your choices. Never, NEVER, would it be in my soul to deny you your desires or beliefs.  “Different strokes for different folks”.  What makes you better than me? What about your life outweighs the life I live? Nothing that I can see.

My life with Betty is one where we work our tushes off to support community and other efforts. We are people that believe that unless you are a criminal, just live your life. Your lives are like ours; choices. How do we differ?

I have a solution to this entire problem- we get rid of all special benefits for married couples. We eliminate all benefits for kids. Hey, we are all just individuals and none of us should get more goodies than another. And let’s get rid of the tax exemption for religious companies?Let’s level the playing field.

Can you see an equitable Future that I see?

So you fucking Christa mooks, take your filthy hands off of our lives. Do not attack us for our ways and we don’t come after you for being Stone-Agers.  Let me and mine live our lives in peace.

Me and mine will eventually have full equality in this land… you may not like it, but FUCK YOU.  We are citizens of the United States.

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