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May 11, 2010

I’m Crying Tears of Oil

I’m watching the projections of the BP oil spill’s reach and I’m seeing visages of times along the Coast. I see my extended families standing on their 40 ft boats happy with their harvest of the Gulf’s bounty. I see me and my Grand Dad catching crabs from the pier. I feel the nets as I pull them in from the boat. I feel the weight of the oyster tongs.

I feel the rod jerking as I hooked another King Mackeral. I feel the slickness of mud between my toes as I harvested mudbugs. I smell the air and remember.

I remember the night fishing when we held gigs and torches wading through the waters. You had to see the seabed and decide if it was a soft-shell crab or a flounder. I see my Grand Dad’s face as I handed him a bag of soft-shells. I was also afraid of sea snakes.

I’m afraid that I will not see those moments again in my lifetime.

My little World, our World, has been sacrificed for the oil greed of Amerika. 20,000 miles of canals dug through our wetlands and a no questions asked drilling policy. We stand naked before the storms that will come, and our greatest gift to the Nation is being poisoned. And it was all for oil.

I have had a minimal carbon footprint for decades. I have preached for many years about the ways of this culture. I have done my best and now the oil that many of you so depend upon is technically at my door.

My World is dying.

January 8, 2009

Save Bayou Saint John!

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From PreserveNewOrleans-

http://fsjna. org

Bayou St. John Conservation Alliance

The Bayou St. John Conservation Alliance

has a new website.  Please visit

http://www.savebayo and learn more

about our organization and our objectives.

This is a critical period in the history of

Bayou St. John.

Decisions will soon be made by the Corps

and various authorities that will affect the

bayou for many years to come.  Get involved

and click on the “Help the Cause” link for EZ

email instructions to help achieve those


The Southeast LA Flood Protection Authority

East will hold a public meeting at

9:30am on Thursday, January 15, 2008

at the Yenni Office Building, 1221 Elmwood

Park Blvd., Harahan. They have requested

Bayou St. John presentations from both the

LSU AgCenter and the Corps of Engineers.

The Alliance is also on the agenda to present

our resolution and provide input.

Your attendance and support is critical.

Bayou St. John Conservation Alliance

P.O. Box 820134

New Orleans, LA 70182

On the web: www.savebayoustjohn .org


Robert Counce

Phone: (504) 606-3214


December 29, 2008

They Want to “Stop & Go” Again on Fuel Sources…

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My first words would come out as “BE VERY FREAKIN’ AWARE of these fuckmooks and what the Future may hold.

Here is a good article from Today’s L.A. Times. It concerns Big Oil & Gas wanting to open our country to the results of their “exploration/development” schemes for oil shale.  From using all of some States allocations of Colorado River water to the poisoning of lesser aquifers to require communities to engage in massive purification processes… the People don’t win, only the Fat Cats (some who have received a portion of the $700B bailout from the Feds) will win.

So for the folks on the West side of the Rockies, my advice would to be to learn about what Big O&G did to the Louisiana Coast in their repacious search for oil and gas  (= $$$)  and what has has been the results of their activities. Our wetlands (i.e. storm protections) are greatly diminished. Our Natural world has been altered. The things that for us were a given are washing away all for greed.

For the West Rockies folks, you’re not going to wash away since you are going to be shattered by dehydration. The oil shale concerns have many plans, but it involves many acre feet of water every minute to operate the procurment and refinery processes.  Your landscapes will be altered by strip mining. Wells may dry up or have a mineral report that has massive amounts of Selenium/Arsenic/heavy metals or Uranium. (I know much of this area well having hiked it and done my reading.) This will happen.

Never trust the Oil & Gas companies when it comes to extraction- they will extract the minerals and all, and they will also extract the joy of the living in your own land.

Just beware.

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