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August 31, 2008

We Stay With Our City

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Curfew is in effect,

we are in the Fortress, and the storm is weakening. We guard the fort.

Sinn Fein!

August 29, 2008

Waiting For Gustav

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Well Gentle Readers, I think my thoughts on this hurricane’s path is right- we are now seeing more of a westward trend for landfall. Here’s the current NHC track on the storm-

Now let’s see the National Guard or the NOLA Gestapo drag me out of thie Fortress.

Sinn Fein Darlin’s… it’s up to us to keep the faith and protect our city.

Katrina Timeline, Or How They Fucked Us

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Let’s see if they can do it again to the Coast and New Orleans.


Curtsey to Loki over at Humid City.

Third Anniversary

There is nothing else to say.

‘Twas Three Years Ago…

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we fled Katrina seeking safety in Houston. I remember listening to the radio blaring about total disaster for New Orleans when the storm would hit. (I was sure it would turn to the East) Betts and I were both crying as we sped down I-10. Our beloved city, filled with so many wonderful friends, was being depopulated and threatened by a Catagory 5 hurricane.

Now, three years later, many folks I knew have not returned. We have many new friends here, but the losses still casts a deep shadow on my heart. My life has changed over these last three years. For better or worse I will never be free of this pain.

Tonight I will sleep peacefully. What comes next week is what it shall be, and I will continue.

May the Goddess always Bless New Orleans and Her Faithful.

August 25, 2008

No Fucking Shit

I am not going here right now, but this guy does hit the mark on many levels. (and I thought Nagin was paying special attention to Bush’s penis with his tongue. Guess one can’t please every dickless wonder.)  Go here for more.

BTW- DR. Blakely is not worth a bullet or the soil to cover his sorry ass.

C. Ray? Following the Bushite’s lead, believing in the Shock Doctrine and pleasuring the only 50 supporters you actually have is what you is deserve coming to bite you on the  fucking ass.

August 22, 2008

Damn Storm

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Here comes TS Fay, and she is going to pay a visit to the Northshore. Would be fine by me me except we are moving home this weekend. I’m greatly pissed.

Once we are home the Storm Queen is going to be doing work to deflect this kind of crap.

August 21, 2008

Just Say “NO” to Entergy

Gentle Readers, many of you know my complete disregard and mistrust I have for electric/gas Utility companies. They hold a monopoly over our lives and our pocket books.  Under Entergy New Orleans we are as rats on a cage and the utility does what it wishes to us for the sake of their shareholders. This shit must stop or the rebuilding effort here is going to die on the vine.

For the latest threat to our ability to live here, I must direct you to the American Zombie’s take on the topic.  (Yes… go read it! I can wait)

There are two main reasons I champion Alternative forms of energy- one is the lessening of harm to the planet and it’s denizens, and the other is the use of what Nature provides as energy that is Goddess-given to each and every one of us (no one can own the tides, or the wind, or the Sun or the temperature variations  of the Earth’s crust. ) These are the gifts given freely and are not subject to the whims of a corporate Board or the demands of shareholders in said corporation.

Betts and I have already taken the first steps to independance on this issue by rebuilding Green and getting the Geo-thermal system in. The next step is the final one needed to cut the umbilical cord, and that is adding the Solar system to complete the changeover. I’ll be meeting with a company in the next week in order to facilitate our possibly being a model home (using a 70 year old house) to prove the workability of the concept of home energy freedom.  It won’t eliminate our need for Natural Gas for the stove and our back-up generator, but our excess power production will provide more than enough roll-over credits to cover that expense.

Soon our carbon-footprint, just like our utility bill, will only be the size of a baby’s shoe.

More details on the Entergy poop, the further Greening of the house and a water purication system to recycle grey water to come as the info arrives.

August 20, 2008

Home For the 3rd Anniversary of the Flood

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It’s been a long three years since the Flood walls collapsed and water filled 80% of New Orleans, but we are finally moving into our repaired home this weekend. There have been good times and many, many roadblocks and poop spilled upon us in getting this far.  I don’t feel like going into the gory details right now… I’m groovin’!

Yesterday we went to City Hall because they can’t find some of our inspection reports, but in the end Permits accepted our Occupancy approval as good enough for all of this stuff. They called the power company and said to release our account and get the place powered. Later Entergy and I set Friday as the turn-on date, ISP/phones for Monday and satellite the next day. We will be moved in by the weekend, and I expect to sleep in our bedroom Saturday or Sunday night, five days shy of the anniversary of the flooding.

May those still out of their real homes find their way back soon.

Gays Liked Bush More Than McCain… Spare me

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So it seems that the LGBTQ community doesn’t like McCain very much. In fact the Bushite had more backing from the community than Sen. Walnuts is getting.

Well, first off, what’s to like about McInsane? He’s delusional, lacks concrete knowledge of History, especiallly the section he has lived through and he’s just a nasty, old, cute butt and money guy on the prowl.  “Baby? Wanna see my scar from when I was a POW?”. The S.O.B. dumped his first wife, devoted as she was because of the effects of a horrible accident, in order to marry an heiress and a “looker”.

Overwhelmingly supporting Senator Obama over Senator McCain in the presidential election according to results of a Harris Interactive poll released this morning, it is also predicted that McCain will garner less of the LGBT vote than President Bush did in 2000 and 2004.”

Now if we sane Queers can just change the minds of of brothers and sisters who still support the “Shit Talk Express”.

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