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October 31, 2008

Ignorance = Bliss?

Spare my panty-clad tush. Ignorance is preferable to knowing or at least attempting to “know”?

This explains the whack-job Repugs who are still trying to rule our country. It explains “Voo-Doo” economics, home schooling and the need for a leader to be anointed by some mythical creature. (Yes, a Phouka guards me at all times, but I’d never let him run an entire Nation.) In this day and age people who ascribe to this “Ignorance is Bliss and Sanctity” shit are utter fucking morons. “I have Faith” does not work in a technological world. (In the nuclear Navy some folks just couldn’t get the physics, so the instructors created the “I Believe” button. Thank the Goddess I didn’t have to serve with those fools.)

Don’t get me wrong- I do have faith in people. I have seen this each and every day in my life the goodness, tenacity and heart of many, many folks. They aren’t stupid like the fools that fawn incessantly upon mooks such as McCain and Palin. The folks I like to be around are the ones who actuate themselves and their lives. We may fuck up once in a while, but we can admit the mistake and move forward. The Repug faithful cannot do this- it’s either Fate or an act of God.

So Gentle Readers, where the Hell am I going with this? Well try this one- “The Triumph of Ignorance”.

Here’s a snippet-

“On one level, this is easy to answer: Ignorant politicians are elected by ignorant people. U.S. education, like the U.S. health system, is notorious for its failures. In the most powerful nation on Earth, 1 adult in 5 believes the sun revolves around the Earth; only 26 percent accept that evolution takes place by means of natural selection; two-thirds of young adults are unable to find Iraq on a map; two-thirds of U.S. voters cannot name the three branches of government; and the math skills of 15-year-olds in the United States are ranked 24th out of the 29 countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.”

1 in every 5 adults believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth? Sweet zombie Jebus! Didn’t ya’s learn anything from Copernicus or the Space Program? I have no idea how many of these congenital idiots still believe the World is flat. (Psst… for you morons, I’ve sailed the World, She ain’t flat. Never did our ship go over the lip of the plate you think is our world.)

“But this merely extends the mystery: How did so many U.S. citizens become so dumb and so suspicious of intelligence? Susan Jacoby’s book The Age of American Unreason provides the fullest explanation I have read so far. She shows that the degradation of U.S. politics results from a series of interlocking tragedies.

One theme is both familiar and clear: Religion — in particular fundamentalist religion — makes you stupid. The United States is the only rich country in which Christian fundamentalism is vast and growing.” (My emphasis)

99% of the World’s population does not live in the Middle East. We haven’t witnessed burning bushes or had a volcano god hand us golden tablets. (Or in the case of Mormonism, Joseph Smith having golden tablets dropped on him. That had to hurt.) Our World is not the world of 3,500 B.C.E.. We have toilet paper and ‘puters.

This article stirred an old memory in me. Kept thinking that this had happened before, and yes, I found it- The “Know Nothing” party from the 1850′s. They started in the early 1840′s and merged with the Republican Party in 1860. Here’s Paul Krugman’s assesment of this in current time-

“Economist Paul Krugman, in a New York Times opinion piece dated August 7, 2008, writes

[K]now-nothingism — the insistence that there are simple, brute-force, instant-gratification answers to every problem, and that there’s something effeminate and weak about anyone who suggests otherwise — has become the core of Republican policy and political strategy. The party’s de facto slogan has become: “Real men don’t think things through.”

Though I take umbrage about the fact Krugman uses the term “men”, he’s freakin’ spot-on with his thoughts. As far as being effeminate goes, the saying “being a girl does not mean you’re a pussy” really has to become a mantra of ALL THINKING PEOPLE. The milk-toast mooks who are trying to run our world and lives from their stupid superstitions and fears are just cowards. They aren’t ready to face the World, that multi-cultural, multi-race Tech-driven World. (and tech is what raised us out of the realm of apes, thank you. Well, except for the Chimp-In-Charge.)

It is time for Reason, thoughtfulness and responsibility to become our virtues. “God” has nothing to do with this. If this belief messes with your mind, so be it. I am after all an intellectual, escargot eating Elitist.

I Knew This Was the Truth…

The moneyed Cross-wearers are now worshiping their true God. It only took time for them to reveal their true object of worship- the Almighty Dollar/Baal. “Lord! Why hath I been forsaken?”

This comes via Wonkette-

Did I ever tell you that these creatures eat their own? It’s true.

October 27, 2008

The Ugly America

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I’ve been watching that bitch Sarah Palin whip her supporters into insanity, usually by blaming those of us on the Left for the wrongs in America. She can kiss my panty-clad tush and head back to Wasilla.

Here’s a great essay from Mike Farrell concerning the “Ugly America”. ( Gentle Readers, he isn’t referring to us… )

And here’s a snippet to wet your appetite for Repug bashing-

“Yet today, unable to rise to the challenge of hope, would-be-president McCain chooses expediency over country, placing the priestess of parochialism, a barb-tongued, inanity-prone neophyte, a heartbeat away from his Oval Office. Schooled in “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” and “American Idol,” she energizes the pitchfork mob, dividing “real America” from the rest, reviving faint echoes of white superiority and “manifest destiny” as her sponsor deafens himself to it all.”

As a member of the World Community, I praise Mr. Farrell’s wonderful words. The winds of Change are coming…

So mote it be.

I Think Validation Has Arrived…

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My Gentle Readers know that I’m a Transgendered person. (actually, I hate that term) In reality I am Intersexed since I was born with, and most of them still are in me, the boy and girl parts.

Over the years when I would lecture or discuss Transexualism, I’d do my “Hormone Imbalance in Utero” song and dance. It explained the possibillities on gender developement for a developing fetus. If the Testosterone pulses did’nt occur or were muted, the fetus stays with the fail-safe option which is female.  These pulses, two in fact, have different purposes- one affects brain structure and the other affects the Gonadal developement. (BTW- I’m only describing the scenario for Male-to-Female Trans folks. I really don’t understand the reverse, but I do have some friends that went that route,)

So imagine my pleasure at seeing research from Australia concerning my sisters and their conditions this weekend. This is a tentative validation for my little tribe, and maybe now the Religeous Reich will stop demonizing us.

Our lives are not a choice. The only real choice we have is to live as we see ourselves or to live a tortured (internally) existance.

I salute my sisters who accepted themselves and made the right choice. You gave me the courage to do what I had to do.


October 26, 2008

Yes I Will Vote

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A new friend has looked into their cystal ball and sees that I don’t vote in November and the world goes to poop.

Don’t worry… the weight of the world rests on me, and I will vote OBAMA/BIDEN.  You could do so too.

October 24, 2008

Holiday Pies For NO AIDS/Food For Friends

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Why Pies?

Food For Friends will be selling pies for the Thanksgiving Holiday to help raise much needed funds for our home delivered meals and food pantry programs. Currently, we deliver 500 meals a week and provide food pantry Items to over 200 people a month.

Unfortunately, due to cuts in federal funding, only half of the cost of the home delivered meals programs is covered. By purchasing pies from Food For Friends this holiday season, you will insure that others will not sit down to an empty table on Thanksgiving or Christmas. The money raised from the sale of just one pie can ensure that three people will not go hungry on these very important holidays. Each pie purchased means you are giving Food For Friends clients a meal to give thanks for.

About the Pies-

Palate New Orleans, a local cateter who currently provides all of the home delivered meals for Food For Friends,  has generously donated their time, talents and recipes to bake pies for our 2nd annual Food For Friends Holiday Pie Sale.

They will be preparing apple, pecan and pumpkin pies for your Thanksgiving feast.

Each 9″ pie is $15.00.

Pie Pick Up

Select Date and Location

(10 am-6 pm)

Palate New Orleans             NO/AIDS

8220 Willow St.                  2601 Tulane Ave.

(Mon) 11/24____                _______

(Tue) 11/25_____              ________

Phone Glenn at 421-0949 for info or directions. 504-821-2040 also works.

If ya’s order 5 pies or more, they will deliver. (Order by 11/21 please)

We always do “Orphans’” Thanksgiving and Christmas here at the Treehouse as a way to help those who are alone or otherwise not able to do it themselves. This year the only pie we will make is the pumpkin, the rest will come from Food For Friends. Our food banks are shattered and people are hurting. This is the time to keep in mind all of those who don’t have the Blessings that many of us enjoy.

October 23, 2008

Opie, Andy and Fonzi For Obama

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Wonderful piece.

I Live In a “Constitution-Free” Zone?

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Imagine my surprise to run across this piece informing me that I haven’t the protections of our beloved Constitution here in New Orleans. (NOT) We’ve been getting royally fucked since the Federal Flood and the “thrusting” still continues to this very day.

Here’s the map of the areas affected-

Notice that most of these areas marked are Liberal/Progressive strongholds? That the Fourth Amendment doesn’t apply in these zones?  That your skirt can be lifted, your panties pulled down and they can run a camera up your tush, and you have no recourse under Law? It don’t matter if you have a legal ID, or a VA ID, and no priors, but you are still treated as if you did something wrong?

This isn’t the country I was brought up to love, respect and defend. This is not the nation I gave almost a decade to in Her defense. That catch phrase “Home of the Free and the Brave” only has meaning in that we have no Freedoms, but we are brave for living in these zones. What a crock of shit.

That’s why the ACLU is fighting against this program. This is why the ACLU exists. (and one of my ancestors helped found the organization, so there)

And now Lou Dobbs thinks that the ACLU is the monster for fighting for our Constitutional Rights, our Rights and Freedoms given to each and every one of us by virtue of being citizens of the U.S.?

Lou, you TV over-made up talking head- SHUT THE FUCK UP. You have no probs with this excess of governmental interference of ordinary peoples’ lives. You are a “newsman”, you fly anywhere you wish without having your body groped and your family history investigated back four generations. You will never know the degradation of being handled like a piece of meat in a packing plant, the embarassment of others seeing you as a “suspect”, the utter humiliation of realizing that you are a subject, not a citizen.

Maybe I’m being too tough on Mr. Dobbs and the mooks from the “Heartland”… I seceded from the U.S. after the Federal Flood of my homeland, and yes, I am no longer a member of your tribe. Maybe folks like me should be examined whenever we leave our homes. Since we believe in our Rights and Freedoms, fuckmooks like you have everything to fear. We, the real people of America are the demons to fear.

And I hope that people like me haunt your dreams Mr. Dobbs. You deserve it.

Sinn Fein

October 22, 2008

McInsane Needs an Assist Dog,

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but it ain’t gonna help the Campaign’s “falling down and not being able to get up”.

Here’s another example of why McInsane needs some form of aid. From our friends over at Onion Network News comes this frightening night for the Repug Candidate.

Now let us pray that he gets that dog.

October 21, 2008

“Buddy, Can You Share Some Bootstraps?”

Toulouse Street has a great piece today that addresses the fears of those in the “we can take care of ourselves unlike ‘THOSE’ people in New Orleans” concerning their Ruling Party’s almost absolute destruction of the economy and the fallout they will have to deal with in their lives and familes.

Ya’s know those kinds- the Can Do’s, the Heartland types and  others who looked down on those decadent NOLANS. Well, we are surviving our disaster. Can you survive yours? Do you know how?

Here’s the opener for the post-

“America is worried. What it will be like to lose your home and all your possessions, to see your job shipped off to another town, to be forced to pay out the mortgage on a house no longer yours while you try to make the rent? Will the government help me, or will all those hundreds of billions in aid they voted just evaporate into people’s pockets before it gets reaches the average person?

How, they worry, will they survive such a catastrophe?

I suggest they have a parade. It worked for New Orleans.”

Read the entire piece Gentle Readers. It’s good advice for these times.

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