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June 28, 2008

David Vitter : not funny any more

This comes from Suspect Device.

I will weigh-in on this Vitter shit once Pride Weekend is over. The Church of Our Lady of Gentilly is not pleased and the Queer Consortium is pondering a just revenge.

FYYFF It’s Black and Gold Forever

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Shamelessly copied in it’s entirity:

Dirty Coast Press, The Rising Tide and the Big Easy Roller Girls Present:
FYYFF It’s Black and Gold Forever
A Fund-raiser for the Ashley Morris Memorial Foundation Featuring:
The Other Planets Fleur de Tease , and emcee Andrew Ward – The Reverend Pysch Ward.
Location: One-Eyed Jacks Saturday July 26
Doors 8p $10 cover
We are currently seeking donations from local businesses to raffle and auction at this event. Specifically clothing and accessories for our Nude is Nice fund-raiser striptease performed by the girls of Fleur de Tease. Hats, shirts, scarfs, shoes, earrings, bracelets. Each will the auctioned off one by one to raise money, awareness and blood pressure. Works of Art are also being excepted for auction.
Proceeds from the raffle and the auction will be donated by the Morris family to the Ashley Morris Memorial Foundation which will be used to present FYYFF Awards at later dates.
Please contact for inquires and to donate
Curtsey to Hanna Morris for doing the typing.

June 24, 2008

Y’all Know I Love New Orleans…

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and I think I can express that fairly well here on this Blog, but Lord David over at Humid City just blew me away.

Bring back up, a bible, an airplane bag or whatever puts you at ease.
Let me be one of the many who will graciously introduce you to the most Beautiful Drunken Whore of a City that ever Saved Your Soul. Just be prepared.
To fall in love with her, that is.
Your gonna be one of us now.
Welcome home, darlin.
We been waiting…

June 20, 2008

The Third Battle of New Orleans

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is becoming the battle for the soul of America.

I’m watching the Mid-West drown due to the ineffectivness of our Federal government and their ensconced hired hands. One of the greatest gifts this country has is Old Man River. He has done so much for us, but because of the needs of “bid’ness”, He was constrained and walled in and once in a while He must break out of those restraints. Nature sweeties… Nature.

This season is one of those times. (Fuck with Mama Nature and sooner or later you lose.) I’m watching the Mid-West lose right now. My heart goes out for them, especially since being from New Orleans I know what being “fucked” is. Been there and done that one.

There are two things to be done in this country: one is to completely redo our National infrastructure, and the second is that we people must build with some form of intelligence. And no more fucking “Glory” wars draining our Treasury. No more bail-outs for corporations and the damned shareholders. We take care of “home”.

America is our home. We live here.

We, the people, must start demanding accountability from the fucks we put into Office. We MUST, MUST know what is happening, and one of the ways to do that is to stop staring at the TV every night. We must inform ourselves. If you don’t try to take care of yourself, how can you count on others to do so? This quote may be from Emerson (not sure), “Life requires responsibility”.

Folks, it’s up to us to insure our lives, education and safety. Our elected officials are to do what we want and need. They have no other purpose in Life.  It is up to US to take care of the Common Good. This is our job as citizens of our Republic. This is our responsibility to each other.

“All of Life is a chain, and when one link breaks, we all feel the pain.” I have believed in that all of my life, and that is how I’ve fashioned my life.

Now I go to my altar and say prayers for our people in the Mid-West.

June 19, 2008

Chief Riley Is Liar

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So our Negro (and I can state this as a Colored girl) states that nothing bad went down when the 5th District Police Office was unsecured?

So Warren Riley claims nothing was comprimised. Did the fat fuck actually show up there? No he didn’t, being the Negro that can’t lift his ass out of his chair. Sorry babies, I despise porkers.

Warren Riley is a disgusting piece of shit, and I’m calling the fat fuck out.

Come on mister fat fuck, answer my questions. You are a liar, and you ain”t worth the dirt that would cover your fat ass.

Come on sweetie… answer me. This little colored girl wants to take you freakin’ down, and baby, it ain’t going to be hard. You are a freakin’ shithead, and you must go…

You are part of Nagin’s B/S, and we will take your ass down.

June 18, 2008

Oh Poop!

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Sen. Mary Landrieu just backed the Bushite’s coastal drilling plan.

Yes it means $$$ for the state, but remember that it was the works of the oil companies that destroyed our wetlands and our protections from the storms.

It’s an interesting trade-off.

June 17, 2008

I May Be a Colored Girl…

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but I want this fuckmook to go down.

Do you hear me Mr. Shepard? I want your ass on a spit.

Why Are We Seen As Evil?

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Today is the first day that same-sex couples are allowed to be married in California. And yes, the cross-wearing shits are freaking out.

The Constitutions of the Federal Government and the States do not not allow religious biases on Social issues. Our country exists under the rule of law and not some stupid book of Middle Eastern mythology shit. That is the promise to all citizens of our Country. Each and every one of us are to be respected under Law, and not be subjected to the “beliefs” of others.

I’m a veteran, and an Intersexed woman (mutilated by Christian fools), and I am a Lesbian… leave us alone and let us be with our partners. How the fuck does this harm you?

Does my life threaten you so much? Is your God powerless or impotent against me and mine? (That’s a yes to both questions)

Why is it that me and my baby share a bed and love each other and it’s wrong? My Goddess states that “All acts of love are Holy in mine eyes”. She is stronger than any god you can throw at me.

My “union” with Betty is Sacred. The Goddess and the Lord smile upon us. What we have is Sacred and loving. If any of you have a prob with that, fuck you.

Leave our tribes alone you fuckmooks.

Does This Mean They Will Actually Do Their Jobs?

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Nagin wants a pay raise for City employees. Guess they couldn’t have city credit cards.

June 16, 2008

Speak Truth Obama

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Fucking damn straight.

Obama lays the path down. It’s about time for a voice to speak the truth.

Curtsey to Suspect Device.

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