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January 29, 2007


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146, the number of levees that the Corpse of Engineers has identified as risks for failure.

This fact is disgusting…


January 27, 2007

All Along the Watchtower Vigil

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January 25, 2007

NOPD at it’s “finest”?

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On January 4th, around 5:30 in the morning, Helen Hill was murdered, and her husband Paul Gailiunas was injured. This was one of the New Year’s murders that sparked the March on Violence to City Hall seven days later.

At first the NOPD was saying that maybe it was someone this couple knew that had committed the crimes and they had let him in. A few days later I ran into a source that clued me into certain things going down that night on N. Rampart (like hooded men around that corner hours before), and through a strange series of events, this info was relayed to the NOPD. (I didn’t know what had exactly happened that night, but having lived for several years three doors down from the couple’s place, I instinctively understood what happened.)

A few days later a piece appeared relating the attempted forced entry at the Olde Town Inn, a B&B one block away from the site of the killing and shooting. There seemed to be no connection between the two events (according to the NOPD). I knew better.

Yesterday there was a blurb concerning the fact that Paul seemed to be uncooperative in the investigation of his wife’s murder, even though he had given two statements prior to leaving the city for Helen’s funeral in S.C. (I wanted to follow up on this, but I had shopping chores to do) The article made it seem that he was fouling up NOPD’s “investigation”.

Late this evening I check my news sources and here is this piece on Doctor Recounts Night of Wife’s Slaying.

(read it, please)

Why did Riley and his minions try to portray this man as being uncooperative? They had all of the pieces of the puzzle three weeks ago, but they have to go public erroneously claiming that he was avoiding their queries? That they had NO CLUES? To make Paul feel like an abettor?

Well, that’s the NOPD under Warren Riley (big fat goof who thinks he’s intelligent… compared to what inanimate piece of fluff, I ask?), the same as when Eddie Compass held the Chief’s post. We have the fucking Keystone Kops reborn here. They can’t figure out whether they are investigating their asses or a pothole. (They actually brought a “perp” to my home in order for me to ID him. Fucking assholes! You bring the supposed criminal to my freakin’ god-damned house? A rookie should know better than that.)

Warren Riley should be drummed out of the NOPD in disgrace, especially because of the destruction he has wrought upon the community and the force. The Fed DOJ must take over NOPD and asshole Jordan’s DA office. (We have some very experienced police officers that beat the shit out of our last two NOPD head clowns. We just need some ADAs that “get it”.) We have to take back our policing and justice system from the idiots that set this crap in the first place.

This is OUR city, white and black alike. None of us should keep back what we see and know from our forces of justice. We are part of the policing, and the damn NOPD and DA’s office should keep us safe for being good citizens, and they must fucking act upon info gathered, then indict, and end the revolving door that we have at the Court.

You kill someone in New Orleans? Your fucking ass is grass. We, the people of New Orleans will no longer let you boys play your tribal, drug, war games anymore. I’ll buy you a ticket to anywhere you want to go… drive your putred ass to the state line, or just put a bullet in your freakin’ brain-case. (The latter is your only option if you hurt me and mine BTW, there will be no Heaven or Hell for thee… as a witch I can destroy your soul for all time, and I will do so in a heartbeat. I’ll answer to the Mother later for that action.)

Maybe this is part of Sinn Fein, ‘eh?

January 23, 2007

Oh POOP! The Bears won the game.

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Sadness reigns over our little cottage today due to the Saint’s losing the NFC Championship Game with the Dirty Bears yesterday.

Thanks Boys! All of you made us proud, and Heck, there’s always next season. Maybe I’ll have my cheerleader outfit ready by then. 

January 13, 2007

Who is a New Orleanian?

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Okay, I am a Native of this place. My bloodlines span all of the folks that call this place home, and I am more than proud to say I’m a New Orleanian.

Yes, i was gone for decades from this holy place, but I needed to see the world. Ya’s know what? This is the place and these are the folks I wish to spend my life with.

You see, when you find the place of your heart, you give your life to Her. You cede everything to that place. You live and die with Her. You belong.

I given my heart and soul to this little sliver of marshland along the great river. All of the rest of my life resides here. This is where I will die and freakin’ love. This is the place for my life… can you state the same feeling?

Tonight I go out to cheer our Saints. It’s just a god-damned game, but it’s one that we of New Orleans needs. We need to see a win, because our politicians and the State and Feds are failing us. We need to have support and recognition. We need a damned WIN in life.

Why am I harping on this topic? Well just account it to someone who is proud of their homeland, someone who thinks their neighbors are aces… someone who gives a shit about those around them, and someone who is scared shitless for her home.

January 12, 2007

The Socialist State of the Isle d’Orleans

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Hmmm… wonderful March yesterday, good vibes, and I’m still not pleased.

Wanna know why? Because this is just the start of the rebirth of New Orleans. There is so much to do, and our next step is to change the way political business is done here.

This is why I’m bringing up a Socialist city-state concept.

Right now we have a balanced population mix between the races. It’s time for all of us to hold hands and create a new way of living. To stop the shit of “Oh… two black dudes got shot down on Claiborne due to a drug deal”, into “we just lost two souls to violence”. To where we give a god-damn when any neighbor loses their home, or a child doesn’t get educated like everyone else. To when you see someone hurtin’, and you just want to help.

I’ve spent my life defending the Constitution… I believed in it. Now I proclaim myself a Socialist. I can’t trust people with money and power. Look at the shit we have in City Hall. And this Black Elite crap must fucking end… god-damned ministers and fucking Oreos calling the shots? Just screw me now. When have they ever engendered change? Nope… they just suck Mammon’s teat and forget where they came from. They screw their own people.

It is their children who have been forgotten and left to fend for themselves.

These kids deserve more that that fate. (I know… I spent years being a tutor trying to get these kids into good schools, to give them a chance to find their place in Society… to break the chain.) The future is the children, and we must teach them well.

Okay… the first thing is a Commission-based City gov’mit. Also, we need to take over the power company. The voting rolls must be purged of those who no longer live here. We need to get Public Education back up, and open it to adults. ( We are building and teaching the next generation.) We need to function as a real Society and stop being in shock. Our children depend upon our decisions.

I only “see” the Future. It will take the efforts of many others to flesh this puppy out. It’s our time, our generation’s, time to put our work where our thoughts are.

It’s up to us my friends. There is no one else that can help us.  This is OUR job.

January 10, 2007

Silence Is Violence

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Silence Is Violence is now up and running. There are postings here, and feedback, on the efforts of the folks of New Orleans to bring about a major decrease of the crime level in the city.

Enough is ENOUGH! 

January 8, 2007

A Few Recommendations About Crime

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I will be posting odd bits and pieces concerning crime here in NOLA. Some will be stats, others will be protective measures. I have two for today:

1) NOLA Dishu has some updated crime maps that will help with focusing on what is going down where.

2) Taser International announced a smaller personal Taser to be released  in April. Fits in a purse or a pocket, is less powerful than the cop version, and it will stop an assailant for about 30 seconds. (enough time for me to break out a can of whoop-ass on him.) Price should be $300 plus and activation/registration fee.

BTW- If you are carrying a cell that is not a 504 number, you may not be able to use it to call 911 in the city. Check with your service provider. (Mine’s a Cali number, but that’s in case we have to evacuate and the local towers go down.)

January 6, 2007

Enough is Fucking ENOUGH!

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6 people killed in 24 hours?

One a possible domestic quarrel, 4 the usual gang retaliation crap, and the other seems to be a forced entry.

Curtsey to Loki.

Update- Here’s the link to NOLA Against Crime

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