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January 12, 2007

The Socialist State of the Isle d’Orleans

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Hmmm… wonderful March yesterday, good vibes, and I’m still not pleased.

Wanna know why? Because this is just the start of the rebirth of New Orleans. There is so much to do, and our next step is to change the way political business is done here.

This is why I’m bringing up a Socialist city-state concept.

Right now we have a balanced population mix between the races. It’s time for all of us to hold hands and create a new way of living. To stop the shit of “Oh… two black dudes got shot down on Claiborne due to a drug deal”, into “we just lost two souls to violence”. To where we give a god-damn when any neighbor loses their home, or a child doesn’t get educated like everyone else. To when you see someone hurtin’, and you just want to help.

I’ve spent my life defending the Constitution… I believed in it. Now I proclaim myself a Socialist. I can’t trust people with money and power. Look at the shit we have in City Hall. And this Black Elite crap must fucking end… god-damned ministers and fucking Oreos calling the shots? Just screw me now. When have they ever engendered change? Nope… they just suck Mammon’s teat and forget where they came from. They screw their own people.

It is their children who have been forgotten and left to fend for themselves.

These kids deserve more that that fate. (I know… I spent years being a tutor trying to get these kids into good schools, to give them a chance to find their place in Society… to break the chain.) The future is the children, and we must teach them well.

Okay… the first thing is a Commission-based City gov’mit. Also, we need to take over the power company. The voting rolls must be purged of those who no longer live here. We need to get Public Education back up, and open it to adults. ( We are building and teaching the next generation.) We need to function as a real Society and stop being in shock. Our children depend upon our decisions.

I only “see” the Future. It will take the efforts of many others to flesh this puppy out. It’s our time, our generation’s, time to put our work where our thoughts are.

It’s up to us my friends. There is no one else that can help us.  This is OUR job.

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