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July 3, 2010

Independence Day 2010

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Tomorrow marks 234 years of the words of my hero Thomas Jefferson… the day a new concept was unveiled before the World, an idea that created the most Free Society in the history of the World.

Even with it’s problems and inequalities I am still proud of this crazy polyglot Nation. Yes I want to feed the Tea Baggers to my gators and I hate the fact that we are bringing war to places that don’t deserve it. The Corporations that run roughshod over us are not a thrill either.

And the dollar means more than the folk or our land: the Gulf is being killed, mountains being topped and rivers polluted. These are things that still must be corrected.

Still, this country is a place where an Intersexed, Lesbian, Pagan and Socialist Progressive can walk and talk. A place where I feel at home and safe. A place of promise. A place that can experience Change.

This little soul has been half-way around the World twice and lived in many places. This is the only country that I want to be in. Understand that blessing all of you have by living here. It ain’t perfect, but it beats everything else.

So tomorrow I will fly the flag, upside down of course since our Gulf is being harmed and New Orleans is still not fixed after the Federal Flood in 2005. But, I still must believe in the America I gave years to and have always loved. A collection of people, who sometimes aren’t my cup of tea, are the best souls in the World.

It’s our 234th B’Day. Fire up the hot dogs, burgers and steaks (tofu for the Vegans). Party hearty.

May the Goddess protect and cherish America. (and so should you.)

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