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October 8, 2011

Bloomberg misses the point…

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Mayor Bloomberg is angry with the OWS folks claiming that they are trying to hurt people in the banking industry that make only $40k-$50K/year. That is patently untrue. those folk, their managers, district manager and the accountants are not the ones the 99% areĀ  after. We want the top 1%, that portion of American population that pulls all the strings that control the rest of our lives.

Mayor Bloomberg you miss the point. This is not about working people but a machine made up of the mindsets of an insignifigant few.. One in 100. What gives them the right to rig our lives?

Bloomberg you are part of that 1%: What gives you the right to control a shop owner’s future? Do you really need the money?

The question to ask yourself is: “How much is enough?”.

You can’t take it with you when you die so I assume it is about a feeling of Power Over. Power Over is a fallacy. Power from Within is the true strength, and obviously you are severely lacking in that faculty.

Mr. Mayor, you will find that those rabble, that mob you denigrate is operating with Power from Within. They will win, not tomorrow, maybe not next month, but they shall win. And you and yours shall become nothing but footnotes in a History tome and scattered as bits of dust on the trash heap of Time.

Yes, I am part of the 99%, and I DO believe.

I haven’t had much to say

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as of late. The house rebuilding, Bett’s illness/death and many months offline whilst in a Rest Home.

I need a new focus and cause. It has shown up over the last three weeks: the Occupy Movement and the 99%’s. I believe these are the most important set of events in the Progressive mindset. It is far past time that the back of the Money Beast be broken and what is left chained so that it never again rises up and endangers the lives, liberties and the pursuits of happiness of the majority of “We, the People”.

This gal loves a good fight. Blessings!

Morwen NiAnne Madrigal

(No, there will be NOLA and swamp stuffs here too. This place is my home and my heart.)

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