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April 24, 2009

Ban Smoking in Bars? Betty’s Response.

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My Betty is one who loves to write letters to lawmakers who step on our liberties. The other day State Rep Gary Smith introduced House Bill 844 to ban smoking in bars. This is her response to a wingnut Rep. who represents a very polluted place. I like it.


Dear Representative Smith,

Regarding House Bill 844 you state:

“I am just trying to take the next step and bring the ban to bars” as a way to combat second-hand smoke and the illness it causes, Smith said. “Twenty-five other states have done this, some of the more progressive states, and some of the more progressive cities have done this. . . . This takes another step in trying to create a clean-air environment.”

On the surface this “sounds” like a noble pursuit. It is not. The next paragraph of the article states:

“Smith said he is not including casinos or gambling riverboats in the ban because it would put the gambling outlets in the state at “a competitive disadvantage with Mississippi’s” gambling industry.”

So on one hand you are a noble crusader for clean air but on the other you are saying that profits (but only your friends in the gambling industry’s profits) are more important than clean air. What exactly does it take to get on your list of whose profits are more important than clean air? I’m sure that the bar owners of Louisiana , whose rights you want to trample on, would like to know.

I’m sure you have handed out numerous brochures about the dangers of second hand smoke, blah blah. The truth is we live in non-sterile world and to attempt to legislate sterility in our environment is both draconian and unrealistic especially when it is designed to target only Louisiana’s bar owners. This is a large group of small business owners trying to survive in a down economy. Thank goodness we won’t be threatening the profits of your gambling friends.

The truth is that if I and a group of friends would like to meet at a bar and lets say watch a New Orleans Saints game and some of them smoke they have to sit for 3 hours without being able to. But wait a minute, there is a solution , we can go to your gambling friends‘ bars to watch the game and smoke all we want because their profits are more important than the air you say you want to clean up.

You mentioned and I repeat:

“Twenty-five other states have done this, some of the more progressive states, and some of the more progressive cities have done this. . . . This takes another step in trying to create a clean-air environment.”

Here is the reality of that situation.

When we evacuated for Katrina we stayed in California which would qualify as one of your “progressive states” which has passed a no-smoking in bars law. When we went to any of of these bars you could see large groups of people standing outside smoking. I spoke to one bar owner about the law at which time he told told us that since this law was passed he has lost somewhere in the neighborhood of $ 7,000.00 to $ 10,000.00 per week and this was just one bar. Now lets take a guess at lost state revenues from all of the California bars who, in all likelihood, are having the same experience.

This law didn’t clean up anything, didn’t stop people from smoking and sabotaged revenues for both the bar owners and the state of California.

It is bar owner’s right to decide whether he or she has a non-smoking or smoking bar it is not nor should it ever be yours.

But since you mentioned a competitive edge with another state’s businesses, what about all the people who live in areas bordering other states that still allow smoking in bars. What would stop people from just going down the road to the other state where their rights have not been infringed upon and spending their money out of state? Nothing I dare say and how much lost revenue over time will Louisiana suffer. This, of course is anyone’s guess but I’m willing to bet it will be substantial over time.

Representative Smith, your House Bill 844 is shortsighted, ill timed, accomplishes non of your stated goals, will have a detrimental effect on small business owners statewide and cost the state of Louisiana much needed tax revenue.

The only group of businesses  this bill has any benefit for is your friends in the gambling industry.

Here are some other peoples comments from regarding this abomination of a bill:

To every smoker out there, pay attention. If you believe that this will end with the bars you are mistaken. Check out the progression of this legislation in CA and the other 24 states.

In CA specifically there are groups fighting to ban smoking in apartments, condos, multi-family dwellings and any residence that is close enough for a neighbor to smell the smoke. They are also trying to ban smoking in private vehicles.

Those that rant about socialism and marxism should be screaming about this whether they smoke or not.


Next thing you know they are going to tell us adults that we can’t drink alcohol in bars either.

Adults go to bars under their own free will and know that there may or may not be smoke there.

Is this going to be like “Demolition Man” and we will be stuck with Taco Bell?


Please, does Louisiana really have to join the growing ranks of nanny states? Grown adults can decide for themselves whether to smoke or not, and those who don’t want to patronize bars that allow smoking don’t have to. There are already several bars around NOLA that don’t allow smoking, and that’s fine. The state meddles in people’s lives enough… let bar patrons and owners decide for themselves.


Why NOT the casinos? It can’t be about money, can it?!

IF this ban passes, smokers and non-smokers alike should insist that casinos are included. If our government REALLY cares about the health of the people (and not the money) then ALL public places should be included. Let’s see how far this would get..

BTW, this message is from a smoker.


Rep. Gary Smith,

Make Norco smoke free first! And lets see how that works out for you!



There are many more just like these and you can read them for yourself at

Representative Smith we don’t need you as our Big Brother and we don’t want you as our Big Brother.

Do the right thing and rescind this fraudulent, ineffective and disgraceful piece of legislation before it does far more harm than good.

The erosion of our civil rights and rights of business owners has to stop somewhere. Stop it here. Stop it now.

Representative Smith, if you truly want to crusade for a cleaner environment I have some suggestions that will help you accomplish this without trampling on the rights of individuals and business owners state wide.

Lets take a look at your own district of Norco.

Using this legend I count:

3    discharges into the water system
14  Hazardous waste sites
1   Toxic release site
7    Air Release sites (and I know how important clean air is to you)
13  Sites which produce multiple types of discharges

Representative Smith, you have your work cut out for you. Since, as a representative your first duty is to serve the people in YOUR district Id say you should start cleaning up your own back yard before trying to mess up everyone else’s.

Best Regards,

Betty Anne Davis

April 3, 2009

Oldest Bud’s Broiler to Reopen

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On April 20th they shall reopen… go get the classic folks.

From the T-P.

December 30, 2008

Good Bye 2008…

and don’t let the time-vault door hit ya’s on the ass. Now git!

Good old ’08 has been one major struggle after another in the lives of Betts and me. Started the year screaming for our contractors to get the repairs done and screaming at Road Home concerning our Elevation grant. Didn’t help that my body was slowly coming up with more problems that I really didn’t have time nor energy for. These things would wind up coloring my whole year.

In February our beloved Siamese, Opal, passed away peacefully in her sleep lying between us. She actually rolled on her back as Betts rubbed her and then did the same for me. She left five minutes later. I was a mess, but the memory of adopting her when she was 10 and giving her a good life, and some adventures, for the next 11 years did cheer me up a little. (Giving Betty a large heart-shaped box of dark chocolates for Valentines perked her  up a little)

Missed all of Mardi Gras last year. I was starting to get some very strange feelings in the old body but kept pushing on (behind Betts) in order to finally get our grant and get the lousy contractors to do their J.O.B. . This latter poop would color the rest of the year.

In early April NOLA Blogger great and a friend, Ashley Morris died suddenly. To say that we local Bloggers took this hard would suffice if spread very thinly. Some set up a fund for his family and together they helped to have a good funeral and give Ashmo a good Second Line to see him along his way. He would have loved the Wake we held later at Bulldogs.

May was much the same with the contractors and my physical probs. Same goes for June except for showing up for Pride in a driving rain. July was a wash.

In August we worked on getting our final Elevation grant only to keep hearing the program might start up in the Fall. We finally got our Occupancy Cert. Rising Tide III was going down at the end of the month, but between packing the dumpster we lived in, getting the power on and my illness, we missed the entire thing. We moved into our home 3 years and 1 day from the day we evacuated due to Katrina.

The next day Gustav hit. I stayed online all night and then lost power the next morning as Baton Rouge was getting the storm. Our home stood like a rock, but the next five days is was hotter than Hell without power to cool the place down. We took most of our 3 freezers of food and either cooked or brought it raw to the Starlight since they were feeding all and sundry. From then until early November Betts and I crashed and burned as so much of the pain, sorrow and strees of the last 3 years somewhat flowed out of us.

November was eventful in that the damn elections were over and Obama won the Presidency and the Dems took strong control of Congress. Later in the month we cooked up a T-Day dinner for 12 to 14 only to have one person show up. I was really getting ill so I decided to bite the bullet and make an appointment with the only Doc I have left at the V.A.. I planned to not have to be in a hospital for the Holidays, but what would be would be.

December found me fretting over the medical stuffs and doing what I did most of the last year- fall into the bed at any time and just sleep. My ‘puter died for a while there and Betts got me a new one. Then she got the call that the mitigation grant folks wanted our paperwork a month earlier than previously. Betts ran it down and later they said we would be getting it, put probably in January.

My visit with the Doc went well. Tests to do, meds to help with the sinitus/tinnitus/ loss of balance and dizziness and an appointment for next month to set up various scans to find out what is happening inside of me. At least he said a brain tumor was pretty far out of the equation. *rolls eyes*

Christmas Week we had an old friend down We hadn’t seen each other for over 5 years. She had only seen pics of the house from when we bought it. We did things during the week- Eve dinner at La Cote Brasserie, quiet Day dinner at home and visited with our friends. It was nice having her visit. Was just like old times.

So tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and we shall do Rueban PoBoys, drink and then watch the Time-Vault door smack old Mr. 2008 in the tush as the Fleur De Lis falls. (And watch “Things To Come”, H.G. Wells) The next morning starts a new cycle and I have a little one named 2009 to become friends with.

Happy New Year Gentle Readers!

October 24, 2008

Holiday Pies For NO AIDS/Food For Friends

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Why Pies?

Food For Friends will be selling pies for the Thanksgiving Holiday to help raise much needed funds for our home delivered meals and food pantry programs. Currently, we deliver 500 meals a week and provide food pantry Items to over 200 people a month.

Unfortunately, due to cuts in federal funding, only half of the cost of the home delivered meals programs is covered. By purchasing pies from Food For Friends this holiday season, you will insure that others will not sit down to an empty table on Thanksgiving or Christmas. The money raised from the sale of just one pie can ensure that three people will not go hungry on these very important holidays. Each pie purchased means you are giving Food For Friends clients a meal to give thanks for.

About the Pies-

Palate New Orleans, a local cateter who currently provides all of the home delivered meals for Food For Friends,  has generously donated their time, talents and recipes to bake pies for our 2nd annual Food For Friends Holiday Pie Sale.

They will be preparing apple, pecan and pumpkin pies for your Thanksgiving feast.

Each 9″ pie is $15.00.

Pie Pick Up

Select Date and Location

(10 am-6 pm)

Palate New Orleans             NO/AIDS

8220 Willow St.                  2601 Tulane Ave.

(Mon) 11/24____                _______

(Tue) 11/25_____              ________

Phone Glenn at 421-0949 for info or directions. 504-821-2040 also works.

If ya’s order 5 pies or more, they will deliver. (Order by 11/21 please)

We always do “Orphans’” Thanksgiving and Christmas here at the Treehouse as a way to help those who are alone or otherwise not able to do it themselves. This year the only pie we will make is the pumpkin, the rest will come from Food For Friends. Our food banks are shattered and people are hurting. This is the time to keep in mind all of those who don’t have the Blessings that many of us enjoy.

July 14, 2008

Good Eats

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Last night we wanted to go to the Bywater BBQ, but they were having kitchen probs so we went around the corner to the Country Club.

It’s a bit pricey, but damn is the food great! The crabcake appetizer came with with tomatoes, onions and an avacodo-Habanero cream was really fantastic (I still do better, but wonderful from a restaurant. )

Betts had the Redfish and it was very good. Brent had a burger and it was perfect. I had the Wild LA Mushroom  lasagna. Really freakin’ tasty.

We used to do tourneys and Black-Out parties there before the Flood. Had many nekkid water volley-ball games too.

Things have changed there, and I love the ambience and the food.  And there is a separate bar. Give this place a visit… you’ll love it

July 9, 2008

I’m Dining At McDonalds Tonight

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No Gentle Readers, I haven’t lost my sense of taste or my culinary prowess… I just doing my citizen duties in order to piss off the Religious Reich.

“McDonalds Makes Jesus Cry” from the Huffington Post.

In that post is a really bizarre collection of comments from those wonderfull fuckmooks over at the American Family Association- AFA. (I’ve been banned from posting there for years. Wonder why…)

It’s not that I like McD’s that much. Had 1 burger there in the last 7 years, but from now on I’m getting a burger and fries once a week (might not actually eat it all) in order to thank the company for not being Homophobic shits and treating everyone like real people and not demonize them. Hey, maybe the decor will be a little more chic and the uniforms cuter.

Besides, I don’t like being around the kind of cretins that are members of the AFA. <shudders>

March 23, 2008

Al Copeland is Dead.

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Al Copeland has died in Germany.

Having been elsewhere for much of Copeland’s place on the stage we call home, there’s not much I can say about the man other than the fact he founded Popeyes Chicken and some other interesting eateries. He lived a flambouyant life. He did good things with some of his money, and he seemed to create a stir everywhere in his life.

‘Tis a pity… Al Copeland was one of the characters of New Orleans, and he will be missed.

January 13, 2008

Kindly Thoughts (?) From the “New” America

Yesterday some syphilitic ass decided to type a piece that is another slam job against our city and the folks that live here. It is a vile and putrid screed originating from a  “Conservative mind” that relies on USA Today for the information.

Oyster weighed in, and then asked Ashley to take out the garbage. Cousin Pat did his thing, and me… well I just posted some comments. (had crap to do yesterday concerning our house.)  All in all, I think the fuckmook and his little allies got an eyeful of the real truth about New Orleans as they hurridly tried to find the Back key.

BTW- The mook even trashed our cuisine and our coffee. What a piece of work from a “New Amerikkkan”. Many of the comments are also from this herd of brain dead blobs of protoplasm.
Don’t fuck with us swamp people. That’s the lesson for today.

Sinn Fein!

January 5, 2008


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I know New Orleans and Her businesses need the money, but I haven’t been able to go to the Starlight since 12/27. There is NO parking right now, and I’ll be damned if we walk from St. Roch to the Quarter late at night. (I may want to see friends and have a drink, but I’m not into getting blown away going to or from doing it. Where is NOPD around here?)

So during the madness of the Holidays we’ve been eating out (I have a roasted ham, a pork roast, and two corned beefs in the fridge as leftovers. *rolls eyes*) The fav this season is Little Tokyo on N. Claiborne… the sushi melts in your mouth. Such a wonderful collection of rolls… Y’all have no idea how much damage we did sitting at the Sushi bar. $$$
Christmas Eve saw us at Le Cote Brasserie on Tchoup.. Roasted potato soup, escargot that was green, spinach and romaine salad with an herb vinigrette along with walnuts and Maytag Blue (yes, I now like Blue cheese, but only this one.) The signature seafood platter saw us stuffed by the end of the meal. Our waiter from our annual visits over the last three of four years (couldn’t make it whilst in exile) was Max… great guy. $$$

I had a Jones for liver last week and found my fix at Nawlin’s Flava on Rampart next to the Starlight. Hard to chose between Joy and Sharon’s chicken livers or calf’s liver. I went for the latter and was not displeased. They also make their own meat pies (not the Sweeny Todd stuff), and they’ll deliver all dishes to the Starlight. Check ‘em out… great menu. $

We are looking forward to going to our beloved Cafe Degas on Esplanade once we get back into the house. I also want to give Peristyle on Dumaine and Rampart a spin. I’m also planning to search out good places on Magazine and explore the Uptown’s eateries. (You live without a stove in a severely electrical-challenged dump for 28 months… You’ll understand.) The little places are on my growing list.

So there you have some good places to eat since I couldn’t drink because of all the tourists. I decided to indulge in food porn. *Burp* You’ll will love these places.

November 7, 2007

New Kitchen Cabinets

As promised, here is the East wall diagram and the West wall.

Betts decided to add an island to the West wall so we gain a snack counter and break up the room (which contains both the A/V room and the kitchen. The size is about 38 x 16′.) One of the corner cabinets will be the trash/recycling area (if we ever get recycling in the City again).

The Pantry is 7 x 16′ and will hold the hot water tank, a second fridge, a floor freezer, almost 16′ of 7′ high commercial stainless steel shelving and a general utility shelving unit for bulk buys and sodas (and my beer). Outside of the Kitchen fridge, almost all of our food and paper supplies will be stored here. We desired a commercial lay-out and I think this will fit the bill.

The Homecoming party should happen in early January since the guys are promising that we can return prior to Yule, but maybe a Geek Dinner with the NOLA Bloggers should happen before that. Maybe they could be combined, but we Geeks are a different type of creature, and I’m afraid that mixing all of the slices of Life that I know in NOLA could result in a super nova or Succession.

What do y’all think darlin’s?

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