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December 8, 2012

There was a dream

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When Betty and I bought our property I had a dream. When we were both gone the place would become a Trans compound. It would be our gift to the sisters and brothers who inspired us to become our trueselves.


Sadly, Betty died early and I am the one who remains. And now, I am looking for a way to be a benefit to our community.


There is the main house which is 2,400 sq ft, and two apartments. There is also a side yard which I want to build a tiny Cottage on for me. The area is very safe and there is tons of parking. (and two garages.)


The main house is tops with the State for energy efficiency. It is also one of the strongest homes around. I know since I designed the rebuild. I can put solar on since I have a special deal. The courtyard needs to be rebuilt, and I will put another hot tub in place. The plantings I hope to have help on.


I’m am doing this because I don’t want what Betty and I spent years working on to go away. I am also looking at this so that I can also be a part of the dream with my tiny house. I want a sanctuary for many of us. This has been my goal for years.


It may mean buying in or just rentals. I have no real thoughts on this. This is a new answer for my dreams, and a safe place for me and others. I want a small safe place for us. I see four couples or four individuals. That is a small step in the right direction.

I will have realized the hope., and still be able to be the bitch I am when it comes to our issues. We are not done yet about our beingness. This girl will work for our selves to the end of her life.


That is my sworn promise.


Just let me know if you want to become a part of a dream. I am always here.



December 1, 2012

December 1st Is World Aids Day

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I have written concerning this day since ’98. Before that I would be with a gathering of folks remembering what HIV can do to a person. It is an unusually somber day for me as I look back through almost 30 years of helping folks with this disease and watching them die. I chose this because of the fear and hatred displayed to many with HIV from friends and families. I refused to let them go alone.


The day has meant much to me personally for 20 years since I was diagnosed with the virus. I have had the infection for almost 30 years. I have known the fear and sense of loss that comes with the virus. Three¬† times I have been in AIDS land rolling in my beds fighting Pneumonias and wondering if it wasn’t the final chapter in my life. I remember when my doctor told me that I had to resign from my job and tone my life down. I had to learn that there were restrictions in what I could do anymore.


It has been 16 years since I was really ill and in danger due to the damage to my immune system from HIV. I walk a slim line, but I turned out to be one of the lucky ones in that I have a handle on this thing. I rarely take medications unless my system is getting weak. My doctors wonder why my system can get stronger and keep the virus at bay without those meds in my body.


I just tell them it is about mind and the Spirit. I don’t see it as the enemy anymore:It is just a fellow traveler.


On this World Aids day we should pray for a means to remove HIV from the body. We can also give others strength and hope. Teach them that they are not alone and there is a vast amount of knowledge working tirelessly  to find a cure.  One day there will be a cure.


The other thing that is needed is to help those who don’t understand this disease the ways for remaining safe from it. Many people still haven’t gotten the message. Safe sex is the only way to go in this day and age. There are those who have yet to be tested and unsafe sex will spread it from them to others who may never realize what happened until it is too late.


Becoming more active with those infected is a good way to spread hope and help them live more full lives. Donations to support centers are also needed since often they can barely hold on to serve the few they can. Opposing discrimination of HIV folks is always needed.


I used to counsel those with the virus, but I took time off. Now I am going back to doing so again. I have been given a gift: I have made it so far, and if 10 more folks can last as long as I have, the work was worth it.


So please remember those affected. It’s not just them but their families, friends and loved ones.


WE WILL BEAT THIS DISEASE. It just takes a lot of hope.

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