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February 3, 2008

Opal the Cat, R.I.P.

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On Saturday, 02/02/08, Opal, th Siamese from Hell entered the Summer Country. She died from a deterioration of her physical systems , not her mental ones. (Try being 140 years plus and keeping things going.)

She will be missed greatly  (saved my ass many times.)

Her Obit:

Opal, “the Cat”… Siamese Queen


1987 to  February 2, 2008


Born in Indiana as a Breeder, escaped to New Orleans and then made the round trip to SoCal and back as a member of the Exiles of the 2005 Flood of her home.


She will be greatly missed, especially that “AACCKKK!” voice of hers. Loved her belly rubs and petting… purred like a fool all the way to the end.


We both love her dearly. You’ll be missed sweetie. The other Katz here miss you too. (They can’t play with your tail now.)


“See you in the Summer Country, Miss Opal”

Right now I’m beside myself. Opal was my friend and my Familiar for years. Now I have ten Familiars to take her place, and she still presides as the Leader of the Host.

Beyond this I’m not allowed to speak.

March 31, 2007

WB Levee Board Demands…

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So… the West Bank Levee Board is demanding $1.4 M from the East Bank Levee Board… Algiers’ reps have no vote over there, BTW.

I think the answer is best summed up by “No taxation without representation”. ‘Nuff said WB.

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