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December 30, 2006

Dancing on the Edge of the Abyss

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Hmmm… some of my friends are feeling the pain of the New Orleans Rebuilding Bull-shit game. Yes, I am too, but… I’m too steeped in this place to fucking give up. I can’t give up. This city means too much to me and my beliefs.

I’m not going to link these things out of a sense of propriety. I don’t wish to mix other voices with what I want to state tonight. I want to tell you the truth from where I fucking stand.

In three months we will be back in our home: three rentals will open up for those who want to come home. That’s all we can do from where we stand. My helping with the rebuilding of the city takes a backspace from that single fact. I helped create one of the most powerful associations of homeowners and the city, and even that machine cannot beat our local, State, and Federal fucks when it comes to reparations for the people endangered or killed by the Federal Flood of New Orleans. We are fucking screwed.

There is a Social Contract in this country (Yes, I have harped on this, but I must focus again on the topic.), and it’s being violated to the Nth Degree. We give, we cooperate, we care, or maybe it’s the filthy Christian/bigoted shit that is interfereing with that message? That there is no “milk of Human kindness” left? I don’t think so, just as I believe that there are Americans that believe in the concept of America minus the Semite religious shit. (That’s right cross-wearing assholes… the Priestess of Ashera comes back again.)
I don’t believe that the above is true. I can’t: I was ordained years ago and my sole purpose was to protect and give aid. That’s where my soul lies. This city is the only place I wish to be. My goal in this was to be a Teacher and Healer, and god-damn it… I have to play Warrior again. (didn’t want to go there…)

We have to take control of New Orleans. We need to have ownership of our own lives and just fuck those who would want to rule us.

The Federal Government fucked all of us. They cheeped out the levees, probably for contracts for their corporate butt-buddies or their god-damned illegal wars. They laid our homeland to waste for the fucking Yuppie lifestyle shit, for the damned “poor” fuckin’ Midwestern farmers that haul a profit from their crops and still stick it to the government for farm subsidies. For oil and gas companies that carve up our natural protections for their fucking shareholder’s gains.

Can you see where this is going?

The Federal monies must come to us directly, no State, no fucking city council or Mayor. We’ll fix it, not the damn corporations. (Betts and I are already doing it.)

Sinn Fein!

December 28, 2006

What Are Our Priorities as Citizens?

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Loki over at Humid City brings up a Bill Moyers’ essay that in many ways sums up my philosophy about living in a modern 21st Century world. It includes my Spiritual beliefs. This is what the fuck I see, and it don’t take a college education to put it all together. (It just takes being Human.)

Many in this country really need a dose of Radical Faerism or the Teachings of the Lady. Maybe they just need to actually read the words of the Christ. Maybe some of them should have lived the life of a Hippie.

That Freakin’ “Email From Dakota”

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Loki over at Humid City brought this thing up again. I’ve seen this tripe before and ignored it. It’s just fucking propaganda of a (hopefully) dying segment of our polyglot culture. The only reason I’m bringing this up here is that we are going to be deluged by this kind of shit in the next two years. This is my time to blast this shit out.

We HAVE a Social Contract in this country. There are limitations upon our personal actions, but there are the benefits that come from communal action. (Yes, I commit victim-less crimes everyday and know the cost. I also commit crimes of kindness and mercy. Yes… I do understand what could happen to me for these actions, but WTF? Sometimes one has to push the envelope of the Contract to continue the evolution of Society.)

The Social Right in this country utilize the Contract constantly to enrich themselves and their congenitally-damaged offspring each and every day whilst condemning said Contract. This I do know as I had previously married into a clan of these fucks back in the ’90s. (It was nine years of Hell listening to the Patriarchs espouse their views and seeing the “mind-fuck 20″ games they played on people.) They were bigots and liars… cheats, and they claimed to be a part of the “Natural Aristocracy”. I ran as quickly as I could home to try to heal the damage to my psyche.

Those people are the same ilk as those who hate our city. They have this Puritan cross-wearing belief that only they deserve to live in North America, even while sucking the Federal teat. They steal from each and everyone of us and believe that is Spiritually ordained. They hate colored people, just as they abhor folks enjoying their own lives. They can’t stand the fact that there are people who DO enjoy living. (They don’t.) That’s one of the facets of the wonder of New Orleans… we actually get along and enjoy living.

The mean-spirited grinches are all about personal gain, but they haven’t, or can’t, experience the joy of just being alive with other folks. This is why they see us as having committed crimes. People down here don’t accept that Judeo-Xtian b/s and the suffering shit. We enjoy living… I mean, WTF else is there in life? (My basic Canon of Belief.)

What we have here in New Orleans is a miracle. Defend Her as best you can. I will.

December 25, 2006

‘Tis a Sad Day…

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James Brown is dead. The Godfather of Soul has left the building.

December 22, 2006

“From Big Easy to Big Empty”

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I can’t explain how I missed the release or the commentary on the latest from Greg Palast, “From Big Easy to Big Empty: The Drowning of New Orleans”, but I’m correcting that prob now.

Here’s an interview with Palast via BuzzFlash.

Here’s two little excerpts:

“Greg Palast: Understand — I used to work for the Housing Authority of New Orleans. The most beautiful housing in New Orleans are the townhouses near the French Quarter. And as Malik Brahim, an African-American leader there, says, “They just don’t want them poor black people back.” That’s a crucial part of the film. It’s about keeping the working class black people out of the city.

They’re talking about knocking down 4,000 public townhouses. These are dry, safe, good houses. That’s why they’re still there. They literally want to bulldoze these homes because they don’t want those “black people back.”

You’ll see in the film a woman, Patricia Thomas. We help break into her home because they’ve boarded it up. Everything is dry. You could eat the dry cereal. They’ve shuttered up their houses with steel bars. Katrina didn’t do this, she says, “Man did this.” And “the man” is in the White House and in the Mayor’s Mansion.”

“In fact, I show an example of a group called “Common Ground” which is rebuilding homes with the residents with their own sweat equity and a few bucks for materials. And this week, they’re being evicted.

You have a group which has already put 115 families into homes that they’ve built themselves, and now they’re being evicted this week. And by the way, all the money — the million dollars of material and the hundred thousands of hours of sweat equity — are all being stolen away from them by developers who are saying “Oh, you didn’t have the right to rebuild those houses, we own them.” And they’re literally stealing their houses. That’s what’s happening.

And that’s all with the grand approval of the Bush Administration. It’s all with the grand approval of the Mayor of New Orleans, who is doing nothing about the mass evictions of people who have rebuilt their homes, and now their properties are being seized by banks and land speculators.”

These are the kind of things that I, and many others, have been harping on. These are criminal acts, and they should be corrected and the perps “moved” to a different place where they can become some gang-banger’s little treasure. Nagin’s head could be buffed to the point that they can use it as a shaving mirror whilst “No-see-um Ray” performs his devotions. (I am a sick twisted bitch.)

Justice and Reparations for New Orleans!

Sinn Fein!

FWD- “The Blog Before Christmas”

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Loki of Humid City fame wrote up a great little poem “The Blog Before Christmas”. “Tis a must read!

Happy Yule!

Happy Freakin’ Wet Christmas

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Gnnnng! I woke up today and discovered that Lake Marais had reappeared on our block. Our car was still docked at the sidewalk, but she looked as if she could capsize if the little rain drops kept falling from the gray sky. Only hip-waders could help me leave the little shotgun house (and me without the waders).

I know that our Gentilly house doesn’t have this problem, it’s above sea-level in the “neighborhood no one knows”. I expect that my FEMA trailer has taken water from the shattered window frame, but there’s almost nothing left inside. Hopefully the many inches of rain will further cleanse the ground from and the Federal Flood’s contaminants.

So I guess that this girl is going to spend the rest of today and the night holed up here. Might as well load more programs to the ‘puter and clean some of my cat-trashed house. Need to get that done before Christmas dinner as there’s a plethora of cat toys, shed fur, scraps of ripped up paper and Goddess knows what else I’ll find (like my earrings, socks and shoes, bottle tops… the list goes on).

[Oh shit! I still have to do the Quarter for Betty's prezzies and get laundry done! *sobs*]

Should be okay rainwise on Saturday, but there is another rain-band coming for Sunday and Monday so this is a normal Xmas in the city unlike the wonderful Xmas of ’05 when the snow fell as we sat in the hot tub at our newly bought Gentilly place (we actually moved in on Xmas Eve, and me with dinner for seven the next day… Ai Yi Yi!) Little did we know what would happen on 8/29. That’s water through the levees now.
Dinner on Sunday will be at the le Cote Brasserie just like on the snowy night two years ago. We hope that the menu hasn’t changed much since then: a huge platter of chilled products of the sea, wonderful salads, and maybe something decadent for dessert. (there WILL NOT be a kitty bag when we rise from table, I garauntee!)

Christmas Dinner will be a cola/molasses- candied ham, homemade candied yams, garlic mashed potatoes/gravy, peas and salad, and if I get my act together, a deep-dish pecan pie or Baked Chocolate Pudding. There goes my waistline!(have to start riding my bike again)

So from the cottage on Lake Marais I would like to wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season, especially the NOLA Bloggers and my friends here in SE LA, and my friends all over the country (yes girlz, this means you *huggs*) May the Lady gift us with another year, and a better one than the last two. May you all continue to have Spirit and love.
Brightest Blessings!

[Would you like another drink? Or more ham and yams? Knock yourself out on the pudding! This'll keep me from eating it all. Wanna take a cat home with you? Puleeeeze... I'll put a bow on it.]

Update- Betts wants  a chocolate pecan pie for the Holiday.

December 18, 2006

My FEMA trailer was burgled…

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I’m really like super pissed off right now.

Went to my trailer tonight to store New Year’s meats and stuff in my fridge and found that my trailer had been broken into and the fuckers trashed the entire unit either Friday or Saturday night. The only things missing were the contents of my fridge and the chainsaw. (the jerks left the bolt-cutters, sledges, pry bar and flashlights that could have furthered their filthy thieving desires.)

Nothing from the few things I rescued from the house and kitchen were stolen. They did try to bundle up all of my program discs, but either they didn’t have a ‘puter, or they recognized the music discs in the pile (“All The Pretty Horses”- premiere Trans glam heavy metal). The antique glasses and my Corning wear was just sitting there as if they weren’t needed. Coffee makers, a juicer, and other useful items were untouched.

I’m just angry and saddened right now. I feed folks and give money to large groups that tries to help folks out during tough times. I give money for kids to have toys on Xmas. My life isn’t about money (good thing: I only have Disability), but I try to do my part as an asset to the community and then some animals decide to rip off a little person just because they can.

It isn’t about what was lost: it’s ABOUT the fact that people like the perps can and will do this to anyone. It’s disgusting, and it also points out that many of the areas around the city are not being patrolled. (and my trailer is two blocks away from a FEMA park that houses first-responders)

We don’t need the dregs back: only the good folk of our cities.

December 12, 2006

Reuters on the Arabi Wrecking Krewe

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Today Reuters had a nice article on the Arabi Wrecking Krewe.

It’s always good that the rest of the world gets to know the good things happening down here.

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