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January 22, 2009

Second Line For Wendy Byrne

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Here’s the info via HumidCity.

Update- The Second Line for Wendy will start at 2PM at the Starlight, 934 N. Rampart St.

January 5, 2009

Wear Red Comrade!

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January 9-
“Strike Against Crime”

One week from today, on January 9, 2009, we will Strike Against

Crime to send a message to the New Orleans city leadership—

and to each other—that we continue to stand in solidarity as a

city, determined to defy the violence that grips our streets and

neighborhoods.  The year has not begun well: Three murders

scarred the city during the first 12 hours of 2009, and armed

robberies have been prevalent over the past week.

What would happen if the fear and danger we all live with

were to shut down our participation in the amazing energy

that defines New Orleans?  What if every business that

feels threatened by crime were to close, and every

frightened citizen to stay home?  These are the

questions that moved us to call for a “Strike” next week.

We are not asking that citizens necessarily stay home

from work—that would be too detrimental to many

families and to the small businesses that fill New

Orleans. But we are asking that you find some way

to express the toll violence takes on your individual

life, the lives of your family and neighbors, and your

jobs and businesses. We have already heard from

many of you who plan to take public, pro-active

actions that speak both to the crushing violence,

and to the under-served community needs that

could challenge this violence.

Beginning this weekend, we will post a list of planned

actions and activities for Friday, January 9 and the

Strike Against Crime.  For now, we have two specific

requests for participation:
1. If you are a retail business owner, please join us in

contributing 5% of next Friday’s sales to a public safety

or social justice-oriented non-profit organization.

This amount will mirror your city sales tax contribution

for one day.  SilenceIsViolence will provide a list of

suggested non-profit organizations, with brief

descriptions of their missions, to be beneficiaries

of these donations.
2. We have printed yard signs that will serve as crime

self-reporting tools for next week and beyond.

“Crime Happened Here” signs will be available

beginning today at Sound Cafe and through

neighborhood organizations.  We ask that people

use them to mark known crime locations before

next Friday’s strike.

If you have an activity or demonstration that you are

planning for next Friday, please let us know what it is

and we will share the information as part of this citywide

event.  Some examples include: youth resources tables

in playgrounds around town; a community soccer event

to highlight the need for community activities; a Peace

motorcade through violence-ridden neighborhoods; a

public film screening with an anti-violence message.

Use your imagination and send us your plans.

Wherever you are next Friday, wear something red.

This is how we will signal our pledge to each other to

start the peace within our own families and communities.

This speaks for itself Gentle Readers. I’m a member

of the Irish Channel Republican Army and I will be

wearing red to show solidarity with my brothers and

sisters in the battle for our city and the fight against

unbridled violence.

It’s up to us Darlin’s- Sinn Fein!

Draggin’ For Pussy Suicide Drag Show

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I have to say that I have many interesting friends… weird might cover it (No this isn’t about the NOLA Bloggers). And I am here to tell you that they have big hearts and are somewhat insane. So, with no further explanations, here is the promo for a SPCA benefit this weekend at the Starlight-

Miss Toebe’s Draggin’ For Pussy Suicide Drag Show & Cookie Sale


Saturday, January 17th, 2009

at Starlight By the Park

834 North Rampart St.

Dog Bone shaped Peanut Butter cookies filled with chocolate

donated by Palate New Orleans (504-864-2990)


Show #1

Showtime 9 PM


Regina Adams

Marcy Marcell

Princess Stephanie

Zas Zas Del A Whore

Trudy DeMille

Sandy Phillips


Silky Fountaine

Show #2

Showtime 11 PM



Jaded Jade

Miss D

Kelly Waters

Star Daniels

Athena Jewelle

Anita Rich Goodman

Passion Armani Cassidine

Help control the Drag Queen population! Have your Drag Queen spaded or neutered.

And no, I don’t do this sort of thing (rolls eyes) unless it’s for HIV or children’s benefits. There is no way I can be as entertaining as the above lineups can be.

Come on down, have some laughs, buy some cookies, drink Progressively

and help support efforts to help the doggies, teh kittehs, ferrets and box turtles in the area.

Thus ends our civic-minded broadcast for today.

January 2, 2009

Paint Party at David’s House

Silence is Violence and NoLA Rising are teaming up for a Paint Party in order to protest the ineffectivness of NOPD and the D.A.’s Office on matters of crime within our city. This protest will take place at the home of Willow and Feather who have created a wonderful memorial to Willow’s son David who was murdered in ’01.

The reason for the choice of venue is outlined in an article from today’s T-P.

I think the neighbors, the Taylors, who so much want to have Willow remove her expressions of love are true fuckmooks, especially when they moved into the neighborhood years after Willow started on her memorial to her lost son. They feel it hurts their property value, but did they not notice the house next to the one they were purchasing at the time?

Yet another example of outsiders coming in, smacking down $$$ for a home in an old neighborhood and then going bat-shit insane when they finally realize that the culture they were surrounded by wasn’t exactly their cup of tea. And then they attempt to stop our cultural expressions to suit their desires. They will not win… you either “get” New Orleans or you don’t. If the latter is true, get the Hell out of our city.

To see pics, go here.

Sinn Fein

December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas From The Church of Our Lady Of Gentilly

It’s 78 degrees, humid and thunder clouds are amassing. It’s supposed to be cold and snowing, but the Nagin Administration is in charge of scheduling the weather (because C.Ray “controls” the vertical and the horizontal in order to help us buffoons get by. Evil minion Blakely probably had this job since he’s the Recovery Czar.) Well the snow came two weeks early, but at least Nagin and his minions actually made something happen. We should give thanks for at least that I guess.

Enough of that snark.

Tonight Betts, our dear friend Elaine and I will be holding court at Le Cote Brasserie on Tchoup.  Then we head out to see friends at the Starlight and play games, come home for “A Christmas Carol” with Alistair Sim and then your’s truly gets to start prep work for tomorrow’s dinner- Prime rib on the Weber and the fixens.

To you my Gentle Readers and for everyone in the New Orleans area, have a Merry Christmas (Bill O’Reilly liked that) and may you and yours have a great time. (Carpetbaggers are not included since they work for the Grinch) And to the NOLA Bloggers- I give you all a big hug and a kiss.

This bitch will be back on the 26th.

Be Blessed!

October 24, 2008

Holiday Pies For NO AIDS/Food For Friends

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Why Pies?

Food For Friends will be selling pies for the Thanksgiving Holiday to help raise much needed funds for our home delivered meals and food pantry programs. Currently, we deliver 500 meals a week and provide food pantry Items to over 200 people a month.

Unfortunately, due to cuts in federal funding, only half of the cost of the home delivered meals programs is covered. By purchasing pies from Food For Friends this holiday season, you will insure that others will not sit down to an empty table on Thanksgiving or Christmas. The money raised from the sale of just one pie can ensure that three people will not go hungry on these very important holidays. Each pie purchased means you are giving Food For Friends clients a meal to give thanks for.

About the Pies-

Palate New Orleans, a local cateter who currently provides all of the home delivered meals for Food For Friends,  has generously donated their time, talents and recipes to bake pies for our 2nd annual Food For Friends Holiday Pie Sale.

They will be preparing apple, pecan and pumpkin pies for your Thanksgiving feast.

Each 9″ pie is $15.00.

Pie Pick Up

Select Date and Location

(10 am-6 pm)

Palate New Orleans             NO/AIDS

8220 Willow St.                  2601 Tulane Ave.

(Mon) 11/24____                _______

(Tue) 11/25_____              ________

Phone Glenn at 421-0949 for info or directions. 504-821-2040 also works.

If ya’s order 5 pies or more, they will deliver. (Order by 11/21 please)

We always do “Orphans’” Thanksgiving and Christmas here at the Treehouse as a way to help those who are alone or otherwise not able to do it themselves. This year the only pie we will make is the pumpkin, the rest will come from Food For Friends. Our food banks are shattered and people are hurting. This is the time to keep in mind all of those who don’t have the Blessings that many of us enjoy.

October 6, 2008

Gentilly Fest 2008 This Saturday

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The Gentilly Civic Improvement Association (GCIA) is proud to announce Gentiily Fest 2008 this Saturday 10/11. The Fest will be held at Ponchartrian Park from 11am til 7 pm.

This is the first all things “Gentilly” festival ever held. Great entertainments, arts & crafts and lots of good food. Eighty percent of the proceeds go to support our first responders- NOPD and NOFD.

Be there!

August 15, 2008

Rising Tide III Conference

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Rising Tide III – New Orleans’ Annual Bloggers and New Media Conference Focusing On The Political, Cultural, Environmental and Economic Issues Facing New Orleans And South Lousiana In The Aftermath Recovery From Hurricane Katrina And Beyond

June 28, 2008

FYYFF It’s Black and Gold Forever

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Shamelessly copied in it’s entirity:

Dirty Coast Press, The Rising Tide and the Big Easy Roller Girls Present:
FYYFF It’s Black and Gold Forever
A Fund-raiser for the Ashley Morris Memorial Foundation Featuring:
The Other Planets Fleur de Tease , and emcee Andrew Ward – The Reverend Pysch Ward.
Location: One-Eyed Jacks Saturday July 26
Doors 8p $10 cover
We are currently seeking donations from local businesses to raffle and auction at this event. Specifically clothing and accessories for our Nude is Nice fund-raiser striptease performed by the girls of Fleur de Tease. Hats, shirts, scarfs, shoes, earrings, bracelets. Each will the auctioned off one by one to raise money, awareness and blood pressure. Works of Art are also being excepted for auction.
Proceeds from the raffle and the auction will be donated by the Morris family to the Ashley Morris Memorial Foundation which will be used to present FYYFF Awards at later dates.
Please contact for inquires and to donate
Curtsey to Hanna Morris for doing the typing.

January 27, 2008

Take A Walk on the Wild Side…

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and get a chance to spin me around the dance floor.

You are invited to
The 19th Annual Radical Faerie Imperial Coronation & Costume Ball in
Honor of Saint Brigid
Fri. Feb. 1, 2008 8 pm
Saturn Bar, 3067 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans
$15 suggested donation

St. Brigid Invocation and Blessing with Sallie Ann Glassman
Music by Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship
Pageant directed by Dennis Monn and Calamity Fashion

DJ Buttercup, DJ Soul Sister and Yamamma’n’em

I don’t bite, well not too much, and I’ve had my shots. If you like the KdV parade, you’re going to love this Ball.

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