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February 6, 2007

Only White Folks Care?

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Alright… the NYT has an article today about the crime prob in NOLA.

We are being trashed here because a white woman was killed and then a March ocurred two weeks later.

This is not about dead white folks, it’s about a culture of killing. It’s also about a culture that will not defend itself, even when their children are being gunned down. The white folks just spoke out about this trash.
I stand in the fucking middle of all of this: I used to be considered Colored decades ago because of my bloodlines, I’m very white, and I’m queer since I’m an Intersexed Lesbian. Every moment of every day I have to remember that some freakin’ asshole would love to blow me away. I’m something that violates everything they are taught. That’s the price of living.
The damn churches teach a slave religion: look at Rome circa 300 A.D. It was about the oppressed, or at least that was how it was expressed. The Christ wasn’t someone who backed down: he stood for what he believed, but the “Believers” knelt down to an oppressor. That was the Past. I don’t see Christ’s words in the churches today. They are cowards and cannot stand to support what they freakin’ need. They beg, and that is not worthy of a Human Being.
Much of this comes from what Christian religion has taught through the years as for the worth of all Races. Their teachings are shit… period. I live as one that spans many Races, and I’m now stating that these teachings are crap. All people are Sacred and Holy, but the only expression of that comes from the Goddess. (And I will now start my expression of what She is.)
I am a Priestess to the the Lady. I have lived this life as such all through my adult life. All lives are Holy to me, and now I do stand to make that postulate the rule here in New Orleans. We need to understand here that all are Sacred: the drug dealer, the waitress, the executive, the prostitute. That each and everyone of us means something… that we count. That there is a meaning to our lives.

It is time for the Creoles, the Cajuns, the Blacks, the Irish, the Germans, the Italians, to finally hold hands and declare that we are of New Orleans, and we can change our lot in Life. It’s all we have…

Wanna stand where I stand? Can you see a New World? Are you ready?
A curtsey to Da Po’ Blog.

(I’m just getting started, and there will be more to come. My sworn promise.)

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