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February 7, 2007

Who Am I?

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I had a freakin’ jerk attack me via email. (One of many fucks.) The jerk demanded who I thought I was.

Okay… I’m gonna put it back out there for those who missed it earlier.

I am an Intersexed woman who was assigned male by some doctors back in the ’50s. I’m not a Christian since I serve the Goddess. I happen to love folks who are Queer or have a brain and soul. In other words: I am everything your minister, Mommy and Daddy warned you against. And I’m better than any of them.
I’m also a Nuclear Engineer, and whilst many of you were scrambling for grants (avoiding service to Your country) I was doing self-education (I’m also a 9+ year Veteran of the Navy.). I am well versed in many disiciplines, but I can forget things. I’m not perfect, but I am God-Damned good.

For those who attack me, you ain’t lived here, you ain’t experienced the stupidity of many elected folks here, and you ain’t witnessed Nature’s effects. I freakin’ have, as have my people. We have lived through the worst that could ever befall people. (And no “Thank You” from the Corps of Engineers for the fuck job.) You fucking have have no idea what folks have gone through down here. (But then again, do you actually have feelings?)
I do what I do in this Blog for the people of New Orleans. Maybe you don’t like my verbiage, but I call it as it is. I love this city, and I AM a Native. This place is paradise to me. If you disagree, don’t show your pale face here, it ain’t your slice of life. It’s mine, and it’s Holy to me. I Defend, and all people like you can do is attack. You’re screwed if you come against me, our folks, and the children of this city. I’ll drop you.
Shut your traps, or come down and meet the Trans-woman from Hell… I’ll send you to Hell in a heartbeat.

Am I now clear morons?

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