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January 30, 2008

“My Hands Are Tied”…

Well Federal Court Judge Duval ruled that the ACOE, though guilty of negligence in the design and construction of the Flood walls for our outfal canals was immune from prosecution due to a 1928 Law.

Here are some of his words: “In his ruling, Duval said he was forced by law to hold the Corps immune even though the agency “cast a blind eye” in protecting New Orleans and “squandered millions of dollars in building a levee system … which was known to be inadequate by the Corps’ own calculations.”

In my way of seeing things, this is no longer a Civil case, but a Criminal case.

More from Judge Duval: “The byzantine funding and appropriation methods for this undertaking were in large part a cause of this failure,” Duval said, referring to the politics-riddled process Congress has for funding Corps projects.”

I understand Judge Duval’s reasoning on this. This case will have to climb the judicial ladder to the Supremes in order to get a just decision. This will most definitely have to go to the Congress. The ACOE committed criminal actions, but the U.S. Congress is also to blame. The point of our Gov’mental system is to aid our citizens, not cheap out their protections that all of us Americans desire for each other and ourselves. (The Social Contract, remember?) We are all in this together, ‘eh?

And today this from California.

As an engineer myself, though not an ACOE-type, it’s beyond time to cleanse house and actually do the J.O.B. they are paid to do, period. As a citizen, and a Veteran, I want to see the ACOE cleaned out and some form of responsibility concerning the building of protections for our Country’s people to be straightened out so there is way for reparations when the Feds fuck up.

That which is authorized by, and paid for by, the citizens of this country must be freakin’ applied properly in each and every instance.

Thanks Mr. Edwards

John Edwards backed out of Campaign ’08 today during a speech here in New Orleans. I’m not happy about this, but I think he has affected the National conversation concerning what is really important for real Americans, the working class and the Future of our country. He has also remained firmly dedicated to the rebuilding of the Coast and getting folks back on their feet.
Here’s a great write-up from Newsweek this afternoon.

BTW- I’m voting for Obama for President now. (Hillary is a George Bush in a skirt.)

January 28, 2008

Grey Ghoul Redux

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A friend has some thoughts on how we fight back against the Grey Ghoul.

Yes Freaky Freddie, I’m on this too.

Orwellien Thoughts

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Take a look at this.

Bad News

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I had to take Opal the Siamese to the Vet. She has probably a week or so to live.

I am fucking crushed. She’s been my friend for so many years… went through the Exile with nary a gripe (Not true… Siamese always gripe).

The next few weeks for her are going to be about the best of the best, and if I can make my magic work, even better. She’s a;most 21 years old. She has seen me through the best and the worst. She’s my budzo.

Please send good thoughts… I need a circle of power… I don’t want to lose my little girl. I want her to be able to live in her home, the flooded one, for one more time. I want to see her sunning in the courtyard.

BTW- Tomorrow makes 29 months since the Federal Flood of our home and those of so many others. May the Goddess damn any and all of the shits that have prevented all of us from returning home these many months.

Screw Us All…

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So the Bastard-in-Chief, the architect of an  unjust war and the destruction of our country’s economy now wants to hold a summit here in New Orleans?

I have enough freakin’ shit on my plate to go much further with this.

January 27, 2008

Take A Walk on the Wild Side…

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and get a chance to spin me around the dance floor.

You are invited to
The 19th Annual Radical Faerie Imperial Coronation & Costume Ball in
Honor of Saint Brigid
Fri. Feb. 1, 2008 8 pm
Saturn Bar, 3067 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans
$15 suggested donation

St. Brigid Invocation and Blessing with Sallie Ann Glassman
Music by Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship
Pageant directed by Dennis Monn and Calamity Fashion

DJ Buttercup, DJ Soul Sister and Yamamma’n’em

I don’t bite, well not too much, and I’ve had my shots. If you like the KdV parade, you’re going to love this Ball.

Sunday Morning Thoughts

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Okay, my sleep patterns have shattered since before the Holidays, and I’m awake early on a Sunday Morning. True to course I open up my feed readers and catch this post from YRHT.

Oyster reminds of us a speech given two years ago on MLK Day by Al Gore. As the Mighty Bivalve puts it, read the speech, all of it. Gore comes to the central Ideas of what this Country, and our Freedoms, rely upon.

If you consider yourself a Patriot, a Believer in the Genius of our Constitution, read this speech and take a stand. Our Nation and way of Life is seriously at risk.

January 25, 2008

Tax Prebate… Fuck Me Now

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The Bushite regime and my cowardly Demo friends in Congress have come up with a plan to stimulate the economy.

$300 to $1,600 in a rebate? Our freakin’ Master Carpenter gets $900 a week. How the Hell is this crap going to help us?

Me? I’ll get nothing. I’m on SSDI, and I don’t have to file. The “Family Plan? It ain’t going to help since the Family Values fucks won’t let Betts and me “tie the knot” legally. Yes, we are part of the Satanic Queers christian America hates. (and I’m not a Satanist, thank you very fucking much.)

$300 to $1,600 in a rebate? Shit babies, that’s almost nothing. How about stopping “outsourcing”… keeping jobs here in our country. Maybe we could control energy prices. (Oops, forgot that we can’t upset the Patriarchal Arabs.) How about limiting the “children excuse” for everything?

Screw me for not being a “Family Values” type of person. My family are my friends. I don’t do what my military friends did: “My wife she” or “My child it”, leaving the work to us poor shits that didn’t choose that route in Life. I live day-to-day… I’m not anti-children, but I do have a major problem with the B/S that you have to have kids before you can get cut a break with the taxman. Many of us in the Queer community don’t have kids. The PTB don’t want us to raise children.

Hell, Betts and I can’t get “married”. I’m a fucking co-owner on the house. I can not have any say for her involving medical treatment… the same goes in the reverse. The same holds true concerning utilities and insurance. When did we stop being Human Beings? What revoked our “Human” card? (I do know the answer, but I don’t want to go there right now.)
Speaking for myself, I wanted kids, not for the tax breaks, but for their shining faces, their voices and watching them grow up in the World. That was taken away fifty years ago. I envy those folks who have children. I crave the thoughts of answering questions and pointing them in the right direction. We have catz, but it’s not the same.
But I am degressing.

The point is: this “economic stimulus” package is a freakin’ dodge. It won’t really help anyone.. anyone, but it looks good on paper.

My dear Lady, can’t we get rid of these Governmental shits?

We have no one in power thinking of us. This bullshit is just more of the same. The last from CTA’s “State of the Union”

January 23, 2008

Another Nail in the Coffin

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Try this.

This could be the earliest date that the Patriarcalists entered the Matriarchal world.  (Not something I would celebrate.)

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