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September 24, 2007

I Am Like… Despondant

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Titans- 31, Saints-14. Sweet zombie jebus!

Thank goodness the Starlight had hotdogs and Nawlin’s Flava next door had crab cakes and calimari… two drinks, a full tummy, and I left on the interception that gave the Titans 31 points. To say that we in the hovel are depressed might cover it if spread thinly.

It’s not that I’m a football fan: I like the Saints and the good vibes that go around town when they win. Our city is proud of it’s team, but these last three weeks haven’t help much. Maybe on the Bye they can get their shit straight. (One can only hope.)

I’m just happy that tonight wasn’t the one game we can attend at the Dome this year. I would have hated to have wasted the $$$$$ for a game such as tonight’s. (Okay, those of us with counter-insurgency skills in the Irish Channel Republican Army need to create a “cunning plan”. *Black Adder*)
Still, it’s Geaux Saints!

July 25, 2007

Saints Get A Pitt Star

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I was tickled to see that Tyler Palko is wearing #3 in the T-P’s Roster for training camp. His stats from Pitt show him to be second only to Marino in many categories. He’s also fun to watch playing.

With Brees and Palko, the QB position is going to be dy-no-mite!

January 23, 2007

Oh POOP! The Bears won the game.

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Sadness reigns over our little cottage today due to the Saint’s losing the NFC Championship Game with the Dirty Bears yesterday.

Thanks Boys! All of you made us proud, and Heck, there’s always next season. Maybe I’ll have my cheerleader outfit ready by then. 

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