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June 16, 2009

This guy needs a 6inch stilleto up his tush

Filed under: Fuckmooks,Inter/Trans-Sexed,LGBT,My Community — Morwen Madrigal @ 6:38 pm

This is going to be building here at OWL Central. This guy pisses me off. (trouble city) This fuckmook deserves all that will be coming.

More Dirt on the LSU/Charity Hospital Issue

Filed under: Charity Hospital,Healthcare,Infrastructure,LSU,New Orleans,Rebuilding,VA Hospital — Morwen Madrigal @ 12:47 pm

Just go here.

June 2, 2009

Good Bye Adam

Filed under: New Orleans — Morwen Madrigal @ 11:36 am

Nossiter is going elsewhere.

Don’t let my screen door hit you in the ass.

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