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November 8, 2009

House Health Care Bill Passes… Joe Cao (R-New Orleans) Only GOPer to vote for It!

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The House’s version passed (not perfect, but it’s a start) and the GOP Rep for Orleans and much of Jefferson was the only one of his party to vote for it. I applaud his courage and desire to find ways to help his constituents to obtain health care.

Now if I can just convince him to become an Independent… I don’t trust Dems very much, and from what I see of the playing feild down here for Demos for the seat, he might very well be my choice next year. (That’s right… I am now no longer a Demo. I will vote independently of both parties for the most Progressive person possible)

June 16, 2009

More Dirt on the LSU/Charity Hospital Issue

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Just go here.

April 17, 2009

Is LSU Lying About the Condition of Charity Hospital After the Flood?

LSU claims that Charity Hospital suffered greater than 50% damage due to the Federal Flood of New Orleans, 8/29/05, as a justification for their abandoning the hospital in order to build a new medical complex in Lower Mid-City and thus displacing 20+ blocks of homes and businesses (not counting what the new VA Hospital will displace if LSU’s dream is realized).

Recently date-stamped photos emerged of Charity in the weeks after the Flood- here.

LSU is lying about the scenario as per the condition of Charity post-Flood. The tax-payers will have to cough up $100s of millions more so that LSU can get the glittering complex they have wanted for years and millions more to destroy a Historic neighborhood.

Just tell LSU- “NO”!

April 14, 2009

Save Charity & Lower Mid-City

Here’s a new website for renovating Charity Hospital and saving 16 blocks of Lower Mid-City from destruction.

And while you are at it, watch this video on the topic.

Both are creations of E at We Could Be Famous…

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