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July 17, 2011

My View Of Spirit- Redux

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I wrote this piece last year when I was healing a broken hip and before my Betts got sick and died 8 months later. I shattered my body trying to keep going during it all and really did a number on it. The last 7 months have been spent in a rest home where I found that helping others was very potent medicine. Now I’m heading back into the real world and will continue living my way.

My View Of Spirit

(I have written extensively over the last many years. Sadly the Federal Flood and it’s ramifications caused me to lose all of those sites and all of the material stored there. I have been half of myself since then… it’s like writing a novel and losing it before you can type the final chapter. )

I have been asked many times about what I believe in. What makes me tick. How can I just walk into the middle of a crowd and let down my hair and speak of things most people would never reveal to others. Why do I feel that doing certain things are important, even if it could result in tons of pain. (and has done so)

It’s about what I “see”.

In the Beginning there was the One. It’s faceted like a jewel and the Light which comes from each facet has a different “frequency”. We are drawn, much like as moths to the flame, to the Light that resonates within us. (Atheists are included in this… I count on them to be a counter when I go too far)

I’m drawn to be a witch, a priestess of the oldest spiritual leanings of Humankind. I work within the realm of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. I can walk the Worlds and I must live by what I “See”. Much of my life is about magic: the changing of Reality in accordance with Will. The rest of that life is being thankful for each and every day and the people I run into.  I walk the Path and every step is a new experience. (not that all experiences are pleasurable)

I don’t ascribe to the rules of religions… I see them as money machines. The only currency that means anything to me is devotion and trust. What do you believe about “living”. How do you represent yourself day-to-day and how much you help another. This is that “something to believe in” that many folk seek.

It can, and will, consume you. One can become a hermit, but being holy on a mountain is not as effective as walking down the streets and interacting with others. (my girls back in S.F. convinced me of that years ago: I must remain in the Real World) It is not always easy. I cannot change a person’s mind. Situations can be altered, but the mindset is theirs.

All I can do is “BE”.

And maybe, just maybe, I can change hearts, mind and souls.

There are certain aspects of my workings: I can be Bride (the Mother), or I can become Arianrhod (the Changer) and also the Nataraja (the Dancer on the Abyss).  Mostly I am just Morwen who walks the days and just deals with the poop of Life.

And when it’s time for me to go, “And when I die, when I’m dead and gone… there will one more child to carry on”. Big or small, I will have made a change. I will pass to the Summer Country happily and the Goddess will tell me I did good. I will rest and get ready for the next trip on the Wheel.

Yes, I will be back.

July 16, 2011

Finally Going Back Home

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Yes I’m going home after leaving for medical care and a much needed rest. (Do you realize how far you pushed your body? <rolls eyes>) After 2010 my body and soul were almost running on fumes dealing with Betts’ illness and trying to hold the fort together.

The body has been healed up, especially some probs that have bothered me since the Federal Flood. My soul is strong but bruised by the loss of my sweetie. What holds all together is knowing that I’ll be with her again once I’ve finished walking my path here on this plane.

The house needs some work and I must start on the place in order to finish the damages from the Flood to the property. Folks wondered if I was going to leave New Orleans but I stood there staring at them: I will not leave this city. This is home. Too many of my friends wish for me to stay, and they had better party with me at times in order to prevent me retreating into the home and becoming a recluse. Definitely not a good thing.

So… it will be nice to be back in my own bed in two weeks. I’m taking my time on most things since nothing is worth killing myself over. (Now maybe something to kill over may come forth. We shall see.)

For all those who have sent good wishes during the time away, thank you. Be Blessed.

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