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July 21, 2012

How Many Meds For That?

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Over the last two days I have received six new meds. Some are about my lungs and Asthma, (Last attack from that was 1996) Anemia and pain.

The Asthma thing I believe is flat out overkill: two different inhalers, one spray for my nose and pills. I wonder if my Docs think that there will be many bad air days through the rest of the Summer or maybe they are just getting a kickback for the extra scripts. Any bottle that is labeled “As Needed” still has the seal in place.  I don’t like using all my ammo at once… “Minimal meds are best”. I think the inhaler that you load with a capsule and crush it with this gripper-like thing is cute. I could sit here all day crushing capsules keeping myself amused, but I don’t want to get into trouble.

Now the Anemia stuffs I do understand… I always come out Anemic. (The Docs always act like this is something new) Until one of the Surgeons grows a pair and does the little surgery I need, I will always need Iron pills and occasionally the random transfusion. Meanwhile every so often there will be a Colonoscopy with my name on it (Look Morwen… its six feet long!) and I will ponder a suitable corner of Hell for their next Life.

And now we come to the anti-pain pill: I am not in pain. Maybe they will send me some pills that will give me pain. In a twisted way it does make sense, but I do believe that such actions violate the Hippocratic Oath. Then in the spirit of being  forwarned, I take one of the pain-killers. I need to know which reactions I may have. I hate pain-killers… I get weird reactions. As my ankle is sort of hurting from a mild sprain, I thought this would be an acceptable test. Nope… Pain stayed with me, but I was very mellow.  This is a med to be careful with. Very seductive since it doesn’t seem to deal with pain so You should take a second, third and fourth pill just to stop the pain. Oops! I forgot how many I took.

Now back to the topic… I did have a topic didn’t I?

Ah ha! Found it: these new pills: How to transport them around. I mean there are many of them and each one has its own needs.

(More coming later…How many pills?)

June 16, 2009

More Dirt on the LSU/Charity Hospital Issue

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Just go here.

April 17, 2009

Is LSU Lying About the Condition of Charity Hospital After the Flood?

LSU claims that Charity Hospital suffered greater than 50% damage due to the Federal Flood of New Orleans, 8/29/05, as a justification for their abandoning the hospital in order to build a new medical complex in Lower Mid-City and thus displacing 20+ blocks of homes and businesses (not counting what the new VA Hospital will displace if LSU’s dream is realized).

Recently date-stamped photos emerged of Charity in the weeks after the Flood- here.

LSU is lying about the scenario as per the condition of Charity post-Flood. The tax-payers will have to cough up $100s of millions more so that LSU can get the glittering complex they have wanted for years and millions more to destroy a Historic neighborhood.

Just tell LSU- “NO”!

April 14, 2009

Save Charity & Lower Mid-City

Here’s a new website for renovating Charity Hospital and saving 16 blocks of Lower Mid-City from destruction.

And while you are at it, watch this video on the topic.

Both are creations of E at We Could Be Famous…

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