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January 16, 2009

Don’t Let the Big Telecoms Suck Away Our Money

The following comes from the FreePress Action Fund-

President-elect Barack Obama has committed billions of dollars to rebuilding America’s crumbling information infrastructure. It’s a bold part of his economic stimulus plan that will revitalize our economy and our democracy.1

But as Obama’s plan moves through Congress, it’s come under siege by phone and cable lobbyists seeking to turn our economic stimulus into their blank check — written out to corporations like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon with no strings attached.2

Only a public outcry will ensure that public tax dollars go to serving the public interest.

Free Press has a five-point plan3 to ensure that any public investment actually serves the public interest. Our plan makes crystal clear that any taxpayer money should support broadband that is:

  1. Universal: focused on connecting the nearly half of the country stuck on the wrong side of the digital divide.
  2. Open: committed to free speech and without corporate gatekeepers, filters or discrimination.
  3. Affordable: providing faster speeds at lower prices.
  4. Innovative: dedicated to new projects only and available to new competitors, including municipalities and nonprofits.
  5. Accountable: open to public scrutiny so we can ensure that our money isn’t being spent to prop up stock prices and support market monopolies.

Building better broadband cannot be another corporate bailout. It must be a buildout for better democracy.

Connecting everyone will give more Americans a voice in government, better educate our children,4 revitalize rural economies, and bring hundreds of thousands of new job opportunities to those who need them most.

Greedy phone and cable companies have squandered America’s global Internet leadership — overcharging consumers, throttling content, stifling innovation and dropping us from fifth to 22nd place in world broadband adoption.5

With the economic stimulus package on the fast track in Congress, our plan needs your support right now.

It’s time we changed business as usual in Washington. Help jump-start the economy and restore accountability and openness to America’s communications policy by acting today.

Thank you.

Timothy Karr
Campaign Director
Free Press Action Fund

1. “Obama’s Democracy Stimulus,” Timothy Karr,

2. “Broadband Vendors Line Up to Share Stimulus Pie,” Cecilia Kang, Washington Post.

3. “Down Payment on Our Digital Future,” S. Derek Turner, Free Press.

4. “High-Speed Internet Changes Family’s World,” Megan Tady,

5. International Telecommunications Union.

Dear Friend,

Building better broadband cannot be another corporate bailout. It must be a buildout for better democracy.  Only a public outcry will ensure that public tax dollars go to serving the public interest.

Please go to the URL below to check out what’s at stake and send a message directly to your member of Congress urging them to protect the public interest.  Take action now at:

January 5, 2009

Draggin’ For Pussy Suicide Drag Show

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I have to say that I have many interesting friends… weird might cover it (No this isn’t about the NOLA Bloggers). And I am here to tell you that they have big hearts and are somewhat insane. So, with no further explanations, here is the promo for a SPCA benefit this weekend at the Starlight-

Miss Toebe’s Draggin’ For Pussy Suicide Drag Show & Cookie Sale


Saturday, January 17th, 2009

at Starlight By the Park

834 North Rampart St.

Dog Bone shaped Peanut Butter cookies filled with chocolate

donated by Palate New Orleans (504-864-2990)


Show #1

Showtime 9 PM


Regina Adams

Marcy Marcell

Princess Stephanie

Zas Zas Del A Whore

Trudy DeMille

Sandy Phillips


Silky Fountaine

Show #2

Showtime 11 PM



Jaded Jade

Miss D

Kelly Waters

Star Daniels

Athena Jewelle

Anita Rich Goodman

Passion Armani Cassidine

Help control the Drag Queen population! Have your Drag Queen spaded or neutered.

And no, I don’t do this sort of thing (rolls eyes) unless it’s for HIV or children’s benefits. There is no way I can be as entertaining as the above lineups can be.

Come on down, have some laughs, buy some cookies, drink Progressively

and help support efforts to help the doggies, teh kittehs, ferrets and box turtles in the area.

Thus ends our civic-minded broadcast for today.

October 24, 2008

Holiday Pies For NO AIDS/Food For Friends

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Why Pies?

Food For Friends will be selling pies for the Thanksgiving Holiday to help raise much needed funds for our home delivered meals and food pantry programs. Currently, we deliver 500 meals a week and provide food pantry Items to over 200 people a month.

Unfortunately, due to cuts in federal funding, only half of the cost of the home delivered meals programs is covered. By purchasing pies from Food For Friends this holiday season, you will insure that others will not sit down to an empty table on Thanksgiving or Christmas. The money raised from the sale of just one pie can ensure that three people will not go hungry on these very important holidays. Each pie purchased means you are giving Food For Friends clients a meal to give thanks for.

About the Pies-

Palate New Orleans, a local cateter who currently provides all of the home delivered meals for Food For Friends,  has generously donated their time, talents and recipes to bake pies for our 2nd annual Food For Friends Holiday Pie Sale.

They will be preparing apple, pecan and pumpkin pies for your Thanksgiving feast.

Each 9″ pie is $15.00.

Pie Pick Up

Select Date and Location

(10 am-6 pm)

Palate New Orleans             NO/AIDS

8220 Willow St.                  2601 Tulane Ave.

(Mon) 11/24____                _______

(Tue) 11/25_____              ________

Phone Glenn at 421-0949 for info or directions. 504-821-2040 also works.

If ya’s order 5 pies or more, they will deliver. (Order by 11/21 please)

We always do “Orphans’” Thanksgiving and Christmas here at the Treehouse as a way to help those who are alone or otherwise not able to do it themselves. This year the only pie we will make is the pumpkin, the rest will come from Food For Friends. Our food banks are shattered and people are hurting. This is the time to keep in mind all of those who don’t have the Blessings that many of us enjoy.

February 7, 2008

I Have Become a Contributor to Another Blog

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The other day I was invited to be a writer for a really good Blog: The Wild Wild Left.

These are my kind of folks: gritty, straight shooters and filled with passion about our world. Check them out, but understand that they don’t pull any punches. (One pic from today hit me hard, but that’s because I’ve been a witness to this kind of stuff.)

I will still post from here, but much like my Closet, I’ll be cross-posting to another realm. This is a chance to take our voices from NOLA into the larger Blogosphere. We have friends in so many places.
Please check these folks out. They are aces in my book.

February 3, 2008

Blogroll Amnesty Day (B.A.D.)

As a Blogger who is pretty much on the bottom of the food chain, I didn’t participate in the last two B.A.D.s. I mean Hell, all I do is mainly cover New Orleans and the Coast, write about daily life, my community, and once in a while delve into the National B/S.

For background on the B.A.D., try here , and here.
Today however, The Democratic Daily issued their post on B.A.D., and to my surprise and delight, two of the NOLA Bloggers were listed: Oyster and moi. *Blushes*  I guess that the thousands of hours I’ve spent since the Flood reading almost everything… thinking my way through all of the crap that goes down in this World… and the screaming of my soul against injustice actually is making a difference. (and no, I’m not going to go “Sally Fields” here.)
So in order to work with the concept of this day, this week I’ll be adding a new section to my Blogroll: Good Voices. These are Blogs which aren’t about New Orleans, but about day-to-day lives and thoughts of other folks making their way through Life and the B/S of the ruling 2%. I’m stepping up my campaign to help birth a more Progressive world.

Here’s to the Progressive Blogosphere: Salute!

February 1, 2008

Bingo! Our Savior Has Clay Feet.

Just read this.

Yeppers, the new gods are just like the old gods. Fuck me with a spatula… We’ve got to do this again. *rolls eyes*
Can’t we not get fooled again?

September 18, 2007

The T-P (Toilet Paper) is Crap…

How the Hell is it that we NOLA Bloggers can have more info on a possible storm or Hurricane than those paid assholes at the T-P?

I mean, sweet zombie jebus! A few keystrokes on the old keyboard and I have given folks more info and the links than the T-P and it’s journalistic staff can?

God-dammit… locals count on their newspaper to keep them abreast of things that mean something to our lives here. IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE A NEWSPAPER! (Maybe they didn’t get the memo…)

Freakin’ damned mooks.

Stay tuned to my channel here… you’ll get the straight skinny on the weather.

September 12, 2007

Justice for the Jena Six

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From the Humid Haney Rant:

I’m in on this. Are you?

September 7, 2007

What A Collection of Buffoons

Well we here in New Orleans have an election coming up next month and the Council-At Large’s candidates scare the Hell out of me. Many of the freaks on the list I know only by reputation as I didn’t return to the City until 2002. Some of them I have personally witnessed after they had their “Kool-aid”, and that is a memory seared into my brain. Others are just part of a mythos to me.

So in order to shed some light on the freak show, I’ll be linking you to other Bloggers on the NOLA stage that have far more history with these nut jobs. Schroeder over at People Get Ready has a good post on some of these folks today.

There will be other links coming over the next few days as I’m finally starting to get over my illness/depression of the last two weeks. (I promise…)

September 1, 2007

HANO is “Assaulted”!

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Tonight there was an article in the T-P (my favorite news source…. ), and there were dozens of very vile comments concerning the topic.

Here’s my response lest the T-P wipes me of expunges the article:

“A badly written article and the Racists come out in force with their simplistic, scripted writings learned only by rote.

For me it’s always, “So many Racists, so very little time”.

Get off your lily-white horses that so closely look like you. Understand that most of the people of the Projects worked hard for their low standard of living. Know that many White people in SE LA will not hire a Black person for a higher position, but they will hire them to sweep the stables. Do you read me?

And for those of you that believe that ,”They should work two jobs… I have to”. Well babies, these folk don’t really desire dual Lexus’, a McMansion, and the Golf Club fees and the horses and other “toys” that you can’t live without and that a showplace kitchen or $2,000 toilets aren’t their style.

They live and work for their lives and sensibilities… what they desire and not what you desire. They want their connections, their community back. (The criminals they DO NOT want back.)

As the whitest little Black girl you’re likely to meet, I am greatly upset by the actions of some of my Black relatives, but I am totally appalled by my White “family”s” vitriol towards others.

Since when are the Whites the ne plus ultra? They are a minority in this world (I’ve been half-way around the World twice in my days, living and learning about others.), except to when it comes to the money side of things. (And a minority WILL always find another minority to demonize. It’s a pseudo-superiority type of thing.)

New Orleans is a collection of Cultures, and all should be allowed to survive with their Cultural beliefs intact. Ya’s want white-bread land, go to the suburbs, unless you didn’t run there over the last forty years.

If you want your kids to be educated with their own kind, pay for it because the Founders considered universal education to be to a benefit to the Nation. Ya’s only want White and upscale neighbors, find a private community and pay your fees.

Do you wish to live in the Real World, join the whole of Humanity? Then the best of that possibility lies here in New Orleans, and we need all the good souls that we can find to create an equitable Society, grounded in fairness and understanding.

Racists please, leave those of us here trying to rebuild alone. Stop spewing your venom that you believe is thought. You are already gone from our city, or you will be soon. (Your hatreds will see to that.) Have a good life, and good riddance.

For those of us who love and cherish this city and our fellow citizens, leave us alone. Just because our city was bought and sold two centuries ago, we ARE citizens of the Nation, and as such are a part of the Social Contract, and said Contract is sacrosanct under the Constitution. “All of Life is as a chain, and when one link is harmed, we all feel the pain”.

Let us just be ourselves in our City, the city so many of you abandoned because of your basic thought-patterns. We will get things worked out, rebuild, put a halt on most of the crime… find a way to keep things going and just be New Orleanians. (The surrounding Parishes we have nothing to do with… that’s your job folks.)

There are many different kinds of folk that are back in the city, some oldies, others newbies, but we are here to rebuild. Those of us that lived here before want the other folks back. They are also an integral part of the City.

Most of my various ancestors were here at the founding of this city or soon thereafter. Their tombs are in the cemeteries. None were famous… they just worked and lived. Their lives are all mine, and what they all helped to build here is a part of what I must defend and improve upon. This city and the Spirit of it’s Cultures must not be lost.

So please, stop the Racist poop on these forums. Ya’s never know who you might be related to. Might even be considered under the 1/32 Rule. (If so, “Hi there! Welcome to the family!”)”

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