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July 27, 2007


A piece from my Closet.

July 25, 2007

Saints Get A Pitt Star

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I was tickled to see that Tyler Palko is wearing #3 in the T-P’s Roster for training camp. His stats from Pitt show him to be second only to Marino in many categories. He’s also fun to watch playing.

With Brees and Palko, the QB position is going to be dy-no-mite!

July 23, 2007

A Conservative Definition…

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I needed a good, apt, descriptive definition for the American Conservative. The ‘Verse came up with a realistic interpretation of the the creature: “America… What’s in it for me?”. Or “America, who’s in your wallet?”.  Maybe, “America, home of the ME and the slaves.”.

Just a Sunday evening thought.

July 21, 2007

This Time the Idiot Comes From Nebraska…

Well, two weeks of not having to hammer the Moronic Inferno of “don’t spend MY tax money on New Orleans” has helped since Betts and I have been way too busy getting the final details on getting the house and cottages running. I would like to state that my mind, my four-letter vocabulary and my soul has NOT rested during this period however.

From the bustling hot-spot of mental giants (?) called Fremont, NE comes this little gem from the Sports Section of the Fremont Tribune. (No, one can’t leave comments there, but go figure… how many up that way could make an intelligent response (or want to) for this kind of tripe?

As it is past 5 AM and as the witchy Night Owl my existence has bequeathed , I must repair to my bed in order to escape the deadly rays of the Sun. I’ll “get on my diatribe” later in the day.

Check out this view of the area, and though they may be 1,023 feet above sea-level, the dump is still on the flood-plain, and therefore the river is right at their feet. Flat-landers = “Flat-liners”.) You know I’m going to whack them very hard… the Corps and the Bureau of Reclamation had much to do with river control up that way so it may be informative for the folks of the Mid-Lands to have an understanding about what they may have to face in time.

July 15, 2007

The Projects…

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Alright, I’m a freakin’ Creole girl… I am also an anomaly of Nature, but I do have a soul, a soul that remembers those in my life, and I’m making a stand for them. May the Goddess help those who come at me for this stance. (you’re freakin’ dead meat.)
I want the projects reopened. I WANT everyone from this Blessed city back, and I don’t care what the fucking white shits or developers want. I want all of us back home…. period. Mixed-income housing? My fucking tush…. will not work. Our city is a place that actually celebrates family and community. In my travels, I’ve never found that through other cities.

The folks in the “bricks” weren’t dead-beats for the most part: they busted their asses to keep things running. Some worked two jobs, the Grannies and Aunties watched the kids, and everyone shared what little they had when it came to supper. True community… not the damn suburban “White” lifestyle.

Do you understand what that kind of life is like? Yes it’s a pain in the ass, but it is also warming and loving. You have acceptance and care. You are a part of the Whole. You are never alone. You have a community.

New Orleans is a city of community. We have been scouraged by the failures of the Federal (read- White) Government. Our land has been carved up for the suburban, White, SUV crowd. We have been abandoned. No more you jerks… we WILL have our home back or you will pay the price.

I’ve always said I stand for New Orleans, and I always shall do so, but now my side of Canal Street is the focus. Yes baby, this time it’s personal. (I’m turning my cyber machine over to this subject.)

July 14, 2007

Take Our DA Down…

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New Orleans citizens, fed up with the resurgence of violent crime in their city, will stage a protest in front of the Cabildo on Jackson Square on Monday, July 16 at 6 a.m. to demand the resignation of District Attorney Eddie Jordan.

Although every component of the city’s criminal justice system has been in disarray since Hurricane Katrina, the district attorney’s office is widely seen as the biggest obstacle to reform because of its pattern of not pursuing charges.

In just the past two weeks, the D.A.’s office has dropped murder charges against suspects in two high-profile murder cases:  that of Dinerral Shavers, gunned down in his car, and last summer’s quintuple murder in Central City.  In both cases, the D.A.’s office cited lack of witnesses as the reason for the dismissals.  However, in the Shavers case, there were other witnesses and evidence, inexplicably not used; and in the Central City murders, New Orleans police were able to locate the supposedly un-findable witness within a matter of hours of learning about the dismissal.

These incidents come on the heels of a protest march in January, in which 5000 New Orleanians took to the streets to demand that city officials address the rampant violent that had taken over the city.  Notably, although mayor Ray Nagin and Superintendent of Police Warren Riley attended, Mr. Jordan did not.  At that time, Mr. Jordan claimed a 92% conviction rate, although he declined to provide statistics on the number of cases he chooses not to pursue, raising questions as to the validity of the 92% figure he provided.

In the past, Mr. Jordan has shown disdain for anyone questioning the actions of his agency.  Most notably, he stormed out of an Nightline interview with ABC’s Brian Ross when Ross pressed him about whether his office had performed as it should ( ).

It appears that Mr. Jordan has lost the confidence not only of the citizenry, but of his fellow politicians as well.  Mayor Nagin released a statement last week condemning the D.A.’s office for its “a disturbing pattern in which the DA dismisses charges without securing assistance from NOPD or any other entity in the criminal justice system.”

Rising Tide II

August 24 – 26 is our second Rising Tide Conference for New Orleans. Details here. (Yes, we are still putting it all together… no cans or jars in our kitchen… we cook from scratch to give you the best.)

Here’s our theme for this year:

July 13, 2007

Moon Landrieu Made a Mistake…

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I’m sitting here waiting for the usual screams.

I’ll answer this one when the screams of the guilty finally calms down.

Yeppers, I’m the Transsexual, lesbian, anti-christian Priestess Bitch, and I’m looking for the defense of the Jeffersons, BOLD and Jordan racist/opportunist supporters to counter my statement.

Bring it on , and the Creole girl shall counter you.

July 12, 2007

The Chocolate Meltdown…

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Nagin is calling for an investigation of our “if they are Black, let them go” D.A.. Our Police Chief doesn’t want to enter the fray. And our D.A. doesn’t wish to answer to the charges whilst the Feds and the State are finally climbing the gates.

Okay, this little Creole girl is finally getting into this fray. I don’t do the Black vs. White poop… I’m part of all sides, but when it comes to governance and public safety, this bitch must speak her mind, and for my Gentle Readers… it’s time to speak out.

Things must change into an equitable sharing of power and responsibility. Being the majority does not mean you hold the keys to the Kingdom.

And this comes from from a “colored” girl that desires all to live in harmony. (See bigots on both sides… some of us in the middle wish the best for all of us.)

For the rest of you shits, black or white… fuck you!

Please eat out next Thursday…

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Eat Drink and Help Fight AIDS

One week from today, on Thursday July 19th over 30 area restaurants will take part in the 13th annual Dining For Life. Participating restaurants donate 25% of their proceeds on that day to NO/AIDS Task Force to support our vital services that so many of our clients depend upon.

All you have to do is dine at any of the participating restaurants below, and 25% of your bill will go towards helping someoine with HIV/AIDS. So round up your friends, family and co-workers and enjoy a fabulous meal in a city that’s known for it’s cuisine. Nothing could be easier.

We’ve added a few new restaurants this year making it easier for you to Dine Out For Life, wherever you are in the greater New Orleans area. On the northshore, we’ve added Dish on First, for those of you on the westbank, there’s SherriLynn’s Cafe and in metairie there’s Andrea’s, Chad’s Bistro and Vega Tapas Cafe.

Don’t forget to Make a Date to Make a Difference at any of these restaurants on Thursday July 19th.

Participating Restaurants:

7 on Fulton
700 Fulton St. ( MAP)
La Crepe Nanou
1410 Robert St. ( MAP)
Bywater Bar-B-Que
3162 Dauphine St. (MAP)
Louisiana Pizza Kitchen Uptown
615 S. Carrollton Ave. (MAP )
Café Amelie
912 Royal St. ( MAP)
Martinique Bistro
5908 Magazine St. (MAP)
Café Degas
3127 Esplanade Ave. ( MAP)
Mat & Naddie’s
937 Leonidas St. ( MAP)
Cafe Rani
2917 Magazine St. (MAP)
Marigny Brasserie
640 Frenchmen St. ( MAP)
Chad’s Bistro
3216 W. Esplanade Ave. ( MAP)
Meauxbar Bistro
942 N. Rampart St. (MAP)
Dish on First
2142 1st St., Slidell (MAP)
Mona Lisa Restaurant
1212 Royal St. (MAP)
Eat New Orleans
900 Dumaine St. (MAP)
Muriel’s Jackson Square
801 Chartres St. ( MAP)
Feelings Café
2600 Chartres St. ( MAP)
4308 Magazine St. ( MAP)
7625 Maple St. ( MAP)
NOLA Restaurant
534 Saint Louis St. ( MAP)
Hookah Café
500 Frenchmen St. ( MAP)
817 Saint Louis St. (MAP)
House of Blues
225 Decatur St. ( MAP)
Sherri Lynn’s Café
1801 Stumpf Blvd. ( MAP)
8115 Jeannette St. ( MAP)
Vega Tapas Café
2051 Metairie, LA ( MAP)
Joey K’s
3001 Magazine St. (MAP)
Wolfe’s in the Warehouse
859 Convention Center Blvd. (MAP )

Don’t forget, by making an additional donation on the night of Dining For Life in the envelopes provided at restaurants, you and your waiter (don’t worry, you each get your own rooms) will automatically be entered in a drawing to win a stay at the fabulous International House Hotel, located on Camp Street , just a few blocks from the french quarter. There’s no better place to stay to be a tourist in your own city.

Hope to see you out next Thursday July 19th,

Noel Twilbeck
Executive Director
NO/AIDS Task Force

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