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January 5, 2010

So What I Am Is Evil?

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Just got some hate male from a little fuck that thinks people like me should be destroyed.

Y’all been trying that for 53 years, and all I can say is that I still hold the winning score. You cannot beat me.  I live the Life I was given, and though it’s been rough, I still live and breathe.

Why do you and yours’ hate me and mine? Is it because we have the capability to overcome adversity and have a real life? Or are you upset that we can create lives and be ourselves?

You want to threaten me, come face-to-face baby. Look on the face iof Hell and get ready to experience the Abyss. I”ve done it before and I’ll do it again. No one hurts my tribe.

I’m doing this and leaving you un-named. If you wish to hurt me you have to do it in person and not be un-named online.  Come and approach me in person, and you had better be armed.

I use ancient weapons, but I can still carve you up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

It’s your turn fuckmook… wanna face the Bitch From Hell? (or do you wish to face my partner?)

Why Do The Evangelicals Hate Us?

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I’m an Intersexed person- I have all the “boy & girl” parts. One could say that I’m an evolutionary advancement over “normal” people. I was born with the ability to be either Gender, but my brain was wired as Female.

I turned down Mensa and 4 Sigma because they just played mental games. On certain tests I show a 200+ IQ and the military rated me as the top 100th of 1 percentile of the Human Race. There are few topics I can’t discuss, like Pop Culture. I’m an engineer in many fields. I’m a Historian and a scholar on Cultural mythology and traditions. I have been half-way around the World twice and have lived with several Cultures. I’m a surfer, mountain climber & have sailed thousands of miles alone. The one thing I’m not good at is medicine.

BTW- I’ve never been to college… I taught myself because I wish to know things.

I’m taking this tack because many of my Trans friends are engineers. They work for Raytheon & Northrop… one works for Rolls-Royce designing new forms of engines. Many others have served this country in the military and have been very successful. We are “wired”, so to speak, to succeed.

We are the “Other”, but that’s no reason for the Evangelicals to hate us.

I happen to believe that they hate us because we are better. Maybe it’s biology or the fact that we have to struggle all of our lives being different… who knows. But we are different from them.

We have to learn about ourselves… to understand and accept what we have been given as a Life. We don’t need a book to teach us “how” to live. (Not a diss on Jesus… I hold Him highly in my Spirit as do I the Lady) We don’t have to be told how to live… we just do it.

Many of you don’t realize that most of us Trans folk never live over 30 years. It’s a hard World out there and freaks like the Evangelicals make it very hard on us. I’m going to be 53 soon, and enter my 26th year of HIV… and live as a Transgendered person. I’d like to see those “People of the Book” pull that off.  I’d like to see them walk a mile in my pumps. I’d like them to go through the Hell I’ve lived with since I was “assigned” back in ’57. They should go throught the hatred and pain that has been directed at me and mine.

Most of them could never have made it. It takes Heart & Spirit , not the words of those who really have never lived Life.

It is about strength of will and love of being around good souls. To live a life I’ve been given. To accept what I am.

This is why I dislike the Bible-thumping crowd- they hate us. We are put down every day as “Ungodly creatures”. They are furious that Amanda was picked for the tech job for the Government. She, not one of “them”, was the best choice.

This is why I fight… the tribes I belong to are comprised of good and wonderful people. The only danger we present to the current paradigm is that we can create a kindlier, more gentle World. A World that doesn’t seek only differences, but understands that we really are just the same. A World that sees all Life as Sacred.

This what the Lady wishes me to do, and I will fulfill the mission.

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