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February 14, 2007

Not My Normal “Potty” Post…

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Here’s a subject that is near and dear to all Trans-folks hearts: the Public Potty. My friend Cyndi up in Chicago (She’s a nice Chicagoan, okay?) posted this on my TransNewOrleans group:

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman” sang Tammy Wynette, never imagining how many diverse ways those lyrics would be interpreted a few decades later. Unless you never, ever venture from the “friendly confines” of “home, sweet home”, it’s not exactly a newsflash to hear about one of the biggest hassles trans-women go thru on a regular basis. Of course, I’m referring to the public use of that holiest of holies - the lavatory; otherwise known as the restroom, the washroom, the bathroom, the powder room, the outhouse, the water closet, the commode, the toilet, the head, the loo, the crapper, the pisser, the throne, the john (or jane?), to list but a few common terms for my favorite “undisclosed location”. 

  It seems as though whenever all else fails, the forces of darkness can always inspire the most primal fear known to mainstream society by invoking the spectre of “trannies in the bathroom!” Now clearly, any reasonably intelligent trans-woman recognizes this rubbish as the non-issue it truly is, but it still represents one of our biggest obstacles to cultural acceptance. Trans-people have been rebuked, beaten up and even arrested simply because of where they chose to perform their bodily functions.

  Well folks, help is on the way. There’s a new group out there that’s actually doing something (as opposed to just talking about it) to mitigate this problem. Reading the report below was welcome relief (no pun intended) to a situation we ALL face on a regular (no pun here either) basis. Pull up a seat (okay, maybe this one) and consider what YOU can do to help expand their database. The link to this useful website is in the article below. Read on, true believers.   >>> Cyndi 

I plan to personally fill in this Org to where all the safe potties are in NOLA. This means that I need to go out on drinking adventures that will introduce me to the other areas of the city to round out my Potty Picks. (Hint, hint) I need to bring back the New Owleans By Night site for Trans folks who visit the city. (O.W.L. stands for the Order of Wild Ladies, BTW)

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