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February 12, 2007

Dixie Chicks- 5, Rednecks- 0

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I actually watched the Grammys tonight… shocking since I don’t pay any attention to Pop Culture and it’s self-congradulatory awards B/S. I think they should all just do their crap and put it out there and not EXPECT a freakin’ award. Your just doin’ your jobs kids, and BTW, none of this crap adds up to a Pulitzer or a Nobel. (Same goes for you movie pups… it’s just film… usually putrid film at that.)

But tonight (since the Starlight had the Grammys on, and I wanted some drinks before returning to the shack for the next week I watched), I got to see the Dixie Chicks pull 5 awards. Screw you Bush-ass-kissin’ boys that were so offended by the country girls who opposed the immoral, inane, and insane Bushite war on the Iraqis. You brain-dead and useless F-150 boys scored a lousy zero. (‘Twas to be expected considering your lineages and your teachers.)

Yeppers, you redneck, truck-driving, Confederate flag waving, girl humpin’, and Bush-lovin’ poops… the three ladies made a BIG comeback, and now you must understand you were wrong (since your “boys” lost many elections during the Mid-Terms). Let the women do the thinking and performing, and just get on your J.O.B. That’s all you were trained for, right? (“Son, make that a double-cheese burger with mayo and pickles, and get it right this time, moron! You can go play with yourself and your truck when your shift ends.”)
Irma Thomas won an award for: After the Rain”, and that was so wonderful for her and the traditions down here in post-Flood City. (The T-P, the “Toilet Paper”, doesn’t have a working link for this.) Good on ya lady! And thank you for your wonderful works.
Thus ends my time as a music and film critic. I really don’t care about this stuff. Not my world… (Well, “TransAmerica” should have swept the awards last year, but Huffman did get best actress back then and “Different For Girls” did win the Grand Pris award in Montreal back in ’97.)
Why can’t we have awards for cultural relevance instead of this other crap?

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