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February 11, 2007

Another “Waiting For C. Ray”…

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From todays T-P.

I’m a little tired, but right now I say that this article sums up “No-See-Um-Ray” quite damn well. More to come, trust me…. I’m getting over the flu, but I need to sleep on this. (y’all want me to be be nicer, ‘eh? I need some sleep.)

Nagin: “And if the city comes back bigger and better and stronger and diverse and all that good stuff, I think a lot of these questions will be for naught. But right now, they seem to be relevant for some folk.” 

Which folk Mr. Nagin?

Load the Photon torpedoes… “It’s Recall Time”!

February 7, 2007

Road Home “Bill of Rights”

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Thank the Goddess for the good folks of CHAT (Citizens Road Home Action Team). They have been working hard to clear up the murky soup that is the Road Home Program.

From the T-P:

A newly formed group advocating for Road Home grant applicants has released “Bill of Rights,” which it calls “minimal guarantees that we believe grant applicants deserve.”
The document comes from the Citizens Road Home Action Team, or CHAT, and seeks to prod more efficient delivery of federal grants from the $7.5 billion hurricane aid program to owners of flooded homes and rental properties. In the short time since the group formed, it has succeeded in getting several policies it believes will smooth the application process.
CHAT’s bill of rights:
I. The right to the complete rules of the program.
II. The right to timely processing of your application.
III. The right to a fair and swift resolution of errors, disputes, and appeals.
IV. The right to a fair and accurate calculation of your benefits and tender of your award (acceptance of grant money without losing the right to dispute resolution and appeal).
V. The right to simple, fair, and easily understood closing papers.
VI. The right to simple and fair rules for lenders to administer grant funds (disbursement accounts) that make it easier to rebuild, not more difficult.
VII. The right to accurate information about the status of your application by informed and trained personnel within 24 hours of your request.
VIII. The right to reasonable residency requirements for grants and loans and fair rules for grant benefit assignment or compensation if you must sell your home.
IX. The right to receive sufficient affordable or forgivable loans to enable you to rebuild or repair if you have a low pre-storm appraised value.
X. The right to have the disposition of LRA-acquired RHP properties benefit grantees and the neighborhoods in which such properties are located, with neighborhood input in the process.

Who Am I?

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I had a freakin’ jerk attack me via email. (One of many fucks.) The jerk demanded who I thought I was.

Okay… I’m gonna put it back out there for those who missed it earlier.

I am an Intersexed woman who was assigned male by some doctors back in the ’50s. I’m not a Christian since I serve the Goddess. I happen to love folks who are Queer or have a brain and soul. In other words: I am everything your minister, Mommy and Daddy warned you against. And I’m better than any of them.
I’m also a Nuclear Engineer, and whilst many of you were scrambling for grants (avoiding service to Your country) I was doing self-education (I’m also a 9+ year Veteran of the Navy.). I am well versed in many disiciplines, but I can forget things. I’m not perfect, but I am God-Damned good.

For those who attack me, you ain’t lived here, you ain’t experienced the stupidity of many elected folks here, and you ain’t witnessed Nature’s effects. I freakin’ have, as have my people. We have lived through the worst that could ever befall people. (And no “Thank You” from the Corps of Engineers for the fuck job.) You fucking have have no idea what folks have gone through down here. (But then again, do you actually have feelings?)
I do what I do in this Blog for the people of New Orleans. Maybe you don’t like my verbiage, but I call it as it is. I love this city, and I AM a Native. This place is paradise to me. If you disagree, don’t show your pale face here, it ain’t your slice of life. It’s mine, and it’s Holy to me. I Defend, and all people like you can do is attack. You’re screwed if you come against me, our folks, and the children of this city. I’ll drop you.
Shut your traps, or come down and meet the Trans-woman from Hell… I’ll send you to Hell in a heartbeat.

Am I now clear morons?

February 6, 2007

Only White Folks Care?

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Alright… the NYT has an article today about the crime prob in NOLA.

We are being trashed here because a white woman was killed and then a March ocurred two weeks later.

This is not about dead white folks, it’s about a culture of killing. It’s also about a culture that will not defend itself, even when their children are being gunned down. The white folks just spoke out about this trash.
I stand in the fucking middle of all of this: I used to be considered Colored decades ago because of my bloodlines, I’m very white, and I’m queer since I’m an Intersexed Lesbian. Every moment of every day I have to remember that some freakin’ asshole would love to blow me away. I’m something that violates everything they are taught. That’s the price of living.
The damn churches teach a slave religion: look at Rome circa 300 A.D. It was about the oppressed, or at least that was how it was expressed. The Christ wasn’t someone who backed down: he stood for what he believed, but the “Believers” knelt down to an oppressor. That was the Past. I don’t see Christ’s words in the churches today. They are cowards and cannot stand to support what they freakin’ need. They beg, and that is not worthy of a Human Being.
Much of this comes from what Christian religion has taught through the years as for the worth of all Races. Their teachings are shit… period. I live as one that spans many Races, and I’m now stating that these teachings are crap. All people are Sacred and Holy, but the only expression of that comes from the Goddess. (And I will now start my expression of what She is.)
I am a Priestess to the the Lady. I have lived this life as such all through my adult life. All lives are Holy to me, and now I do stand to make that postulate the rule here in New Orleans. We need to understand here that all are Sacred: the drug dealer, the waitress, the executive, the prostitute. That each and everyone of us means something… that we count. That there is a meaning to our lives.

It is time for the Creoles, the Cajuns, the Blacks, the Irish, the Germans, the Italians, to finally hold hands and declare that we are of New Orleans, and we can change our lot in Life. It’s all we have…

Wanna stand where I stand? Can you see a New World? Are you ready?
A curtsey to Da Po’ Blog.

(I’m just getting started, and there will be more to come. My sworn promise.)

February 4, 2007

Like This Witch Gives a Damn

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Okay, the Catholics had a protest prior to the Krewe Du Vieux’s parade concerning some imigary back in 2005.

Screw them.These pious cries from the same org that destroyed Late Antiquity Rome, stifled science (since their “Book” was the freakin’ end all.), waged war against the Muslims… the Crusades (Muslims who kept Science alive), and then proceeded to burn my people alive because we were of the Old Ways, honoring OUR Goddess … had to decide the management of the New World and who was “fit to be enslaved” by their dictim of the Twelve Tribes.

As you can see, I’m not really inclined to support your garbage protest. Your kind killed my ancestors, and I will not go quietly into the Dark Night until I have returned the favor.

Get the Hell out of our city. St. Joan is all we need. (and the Faeries.)

Da Bears are trampled by the Colts!

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Da Bears proved themselves unworthy. The Colts took the game.

Fuck Chicago.

February 1, 2007

Molly Ivins is dead

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I’m crushed over this news.

I’ve been ready Molly since the ’80s, always enjoying her viewpoint and wit.

“There shall be a returning for thee…”

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