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February 22, 2007

The Demon Inside…

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17 months ago a handful of us spent many hours and lots of money to defend Gentilly post-Flood (GCIA- Gentilly Civic Improvement Association) . We created an umbrella association to aid the various neighborhood associations in their rebuilding… to make sure they were not forgotten. Now, as I’m leaving the Board, a few renegades, whose motives I cannot decipher, are calling themselves D6CC and are attempting to add yet another layer to the rebuilding process.

Their main member, Dr. Marty Rowland, subverted the desires of three small neighborhoods that we initially included in the GCIA family: South Sugar Hill, St. Roch Bend and Indian Village. Dr. Rowland lied to me and others about the fact these areas were to be included in District 6. They are not. Now he represents himself as the leader of a new association for Gentilly.

I have to wonder what Dr. Rowland, Karen Parsons and the others who stand with them hope to gain from these actions. Is it about money and power, or fame?

Personally I don’t freakin’ care. I’m only concerned with Gentilly, and I’ll be damned if folks seek a profit for our citizen’s losses. I didn’t spend money and time to create an avenue for cretins to rape the citizens of Gentilly. I think such actions are of the most base kind, and I will work to stop them in their damn tracks.

What a handful of us did after the Flood was meant to help, and now I’m seeing that monsters have stepped in to wreak their will. This cannot stand.

For those associated with this hideosity, come at me assholes. The shit-storm approaches, and I will win. I stand for Gentilly.

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