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March 10, 2008

Ms Kern? We Are Coming!

Sally dearie? I have some equipment to show you showing how much we really don’t like Bigots such as yourself in Gov’mental positions:

Here comes the O.W.L. Force-

Commanded By Colonel Betty Ann Davis:

OwlBoat 1 skippered by our Commander Candice Nicole Carter; and

Majorette Morwen niAnne Madrigal’s ride.

Oklahomo here we come!

(BTW- The Church of Our Lady of Gentilly requests donations to help offset our fuel costs. Oil’s up to $107/bbl)

March 9, 2008

Here’s the link to the Sally Kern poop…

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I heard that

(I finally learned how to implant things in the Blog. I’m a geeenious, and I’m not even blond.)

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What Rock Did Sally Kern Crawl Out From Under?

From Oklahoma comes yet another fucking B/S screed maligning people of the Queer tribe. From Pam’s House Blend comes a good discussion of this homophobic bitch’s viewpoint on her constituants. (and the YouTube piece… )

(And now comes my cunning plan… )
So with this in mind the Church of Our Lady of Gentilly will now sponsor the Queer Consortium. The QC will be our infiltrative arm of the movement to totally subvert the Hyper-Conservative movement and the Religious Reich’s “Hit” Contract on America and Her peoples. The QC cannot allow domestic terrorists such as Sally Kern to destroy our Republic or the freedoms all Americans enjoy. Ridicule, rotten eggs and risque dress are our Three-Rs. There is no battleground on which we will not fight the amoebiac-minded creatures that wish to return our culture to the days of the Dark Ages.

Our ultimate goal is to move all of Humanity into the 21st Century C.E. from the enemy’s roots of the 10th Century B.C.E.. To help Humanity grow up and flower.
Please send your contributions for this noble venture care of my Blog. This will help us provide stylish uniforms, berets, dozens of rotten eggs and the appropriate leather/metal gear our warriors will require. (And of course, a dance track.) We also desire appropriate aircraft (hot-air balloons, helicopters and planes) with which to dump the proper amount of horse dung upon our enemies as the situation requires. (This may require several thousand horses and land to allow us to be properly vigilant and drop on schedule.)
If you value your lives, loves, fetishes and inebriants, please enlist for the Glorious War against the agents of Conservatism and Stone-Age living. Defend the Right of just being who you are and the Golden Rule. Aid us in ushering in the Age of Homo Futuris. (And have a damn good time in doing so.)

Welcome to the New World…

(The Church of Our Lady of Gentilly is a non-denominational Congregation devoted to all that Life can bring. Clothing is optional, but you must check your moralities at the door. Services are by invitation only. All Rights Reserved. In Goddess We Trust. Made in the USA. All Sales Are Final. Organically Grown.)

Update: The YouTube link is here… I’m finally placed something like this on my Blog. Color me shocked.

March 8, 2008

Oh Poop Me… the Quasi-Psyches Are At It Again

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I thought we had dealt with this crap years ago, but once again it raises it’s filthy head.

Here’s my thoughts pre-Flood on the matter.

March 7, 2008

Another Reason I Stay Home or in the Starlight…

I freakin’ hate Conservatives.

Goddess, I Want to Be in Topeka

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The lines of battle have shifted.

They want no violence, so it’s a good thing I can’t make the event.

Bush is Outraged…

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because he didn’t do it.

What about your doings in Irag you fucking Repug shithead?

March 6, 2008

Are We Contaminating the Nation?

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Oh Goddess! The Diasphora from the Federal Flood of New Orleans is now growing roots elsewhere.

The Right Wing thinks they have destroyed our wonderful culture here, but the spores of our ways have now been distributed across the country. *giggles* It’s a wonderful thing to wake up to.

Hey AmeriKKKa! You are going to be “assimulated” by the “Other”.

Payback is a BITCH, ‘eh?

I’ve Crossed the Threshold…

Saturday I crossed the line by becoming 51 years old (yes, it’s this life only). Now I enter the Crone phase of my life.

The Maiden phase was sweet, the Mother stint was loving, but now I get to really be THE BITCH.

So, let’s start this part of my life off and talk about David Vitter.

David, David, David… diapers galour and getting your little rocks off, and you still proclaim “Family Values”.

Now you want the Native Americans to keep their babies? I thought you were part of the crowd that wanted to limit birthrates for non-Whites in this country. To keep a proper majority in our land.

The only thing I can see is that you are now allowing Wendy (your wife, not the hooker) to play within your parameters of being. Now that you can get your rocks off it’s time to screw with other folks’ lives, ‘eh?

Yes, you get to be a slut behind closed doors, but the rest of us? We’re fuckin’ screwed under your watch.

Mr. Vitter, you are a sexual deviant (welcome to the Club) and in being so you have no right to determine the sexual relations of people, dogs, catz and box turtles. And you have no right to make a stand concerning the outcome of such excursions in the game of Life. You are a twisted sexual being… get over it and enjoy.

Take your Family Values B/S and shove it up your diapers baby. You’ve shit yourself so many times that you really don’t have a political future (well, GOPers are stupid morons… who knows?). Let Mama Wendy create a nice little nursery for you in that big house and you can resort to all the infantile thoughts you desire.


March 4, 2008

Just Do Me With a Tuning Fork…

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On Saturday I broke my own prediction: I have now reached the age of 51, and thereby avoided my belief that I wouldn’t make it past 50. BWAAAA HAA HAA HAAAA!
(Would have posted this earlier, but I needed three days of “seasoning” after confronting the Path of being a Crone.)

Query: Can I start counting backwards now?

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