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November 16, 2007

2007 Trans Day Of Rememberance

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This Sunday, November 18th 6 PM.

We will meet at the LGCCNO (Decatur at Frenchmen) and then hold our candlelight march to the Statue of St. Joan for the reading of the names of our brothers and sisters killed during the year for living their lives.

Afterwards there will be refreshments and conversation at the community center.

November 14, 2007

Another Reason To Nuke Puerto Rico

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Some very disgusting news from the AP.

Understand my feelings here: I have killed chickens, dressed a few pigs, rounded up cattle for the slaughter house, dressed more than my share of fish and crustaceans (it was feeding our family), but never have I been a party to such barbarity as what is going down in P.R. This is totally out of line, and the Goddess shall pay back to these perpetrators exactly what their worthless and inhumane souls deserve.

November 13, 2007

I Made My Decision Months Ago…

John Edwards for President in 2008! (Been his girl since he announced from the Lower Ninth.)

I do not trust Hillary, and Obama doesn’t add up for me. This time around, as it should be every election, it should be about vision, possibilities and not just founded in fear tactics and divisiveness. Edwards talks about New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. He wants to pull out from Iraq. He wants Universal Healthcare, and… John comes from a background similar to mine. His Dad worked in a mill… mine was a milkman who drove 60+ miles everyday through the swamps along the Coast rendering a service. (He was the first White man many Black children had ever met. Yes, I do remember those days of isolation for those folks.) This is the kind of person I can trust.
I vote for a candidate that shares a similar reality to mine. I cannot cast a vote for someone who shares nothing with my life as far as challenges go when we are talking the Presidency. I may disagree with the person later on, but I know that his feet were in the same mud as mine. That the worries of the family echoed the same concerns in my early home.

This is the kind of person I can trust when it comes to major National issues or the need for war.

Mr. Edwards, I AM your girl. I can’t wait to see you at the Inauguaration in 2009.

November 12, 2007

FEMA Trailers Vanish!

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Over the past week I’ve been seeing FEMA trailers being hauled out of the sacred “Lost Neighborhood” where our house sits. I kept thinking that something is strange since we didn’t have that many trailers in our neck of the woods and I didn’t notice any missing from the neighboring homes.

Well we went to visit “The House” to say hi and all, and then I noticed that an entire FEMA trailer park was gone. There were no craters signifying a meteor strike or wholesale abduction by aliens (FEMA and Shaw Group folks act like aliens…). There were no charred remains of those gaseous emergency shelters either. I figured that it was just magick, plain and simple.

The FEMA park filled Perry Rhoem Park, a football and baseball field that is the center of our neighborhood. So many folks showed up for the games, even if they didn’t have kids playing, and many would be grilling up goodies for all and sundry. It broke my heart to see the fields covered in white boxes on wheels… where would the kids play?

It turns out that there really aren’t that many kids around anymore. I still plan to do some fundraising so that the park will be better than before… a thank you to the fields for being a temporary home for so many folks, but when will our city have all of the various teams of short kids wearing huge shoulder pads or the little ones swinging a bat taller then themselves?

It is progress in the Post-Flood world here, but I will be very much saddened if the park doesn’t get used for what it was meant for very soon.

Crescent City Stories

Harry Shearer is still plugging away for New Orleans. These are wonderful vignettes of life post-Federal Flood here in the city.

I read everything that Harry writes about the area, but I missed this, so thanks to Chris Rose for the heads-up. I cried through all of them… tears of Joy.

I love New Orleans.

Once again, it’s Sinn Fein.

November 9, 2007

The Dutch Seawalls Are Getting Tested…

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Two hours ago a storm hit the UK and the North Sea, pushing a fairly large storm surge into the sea. It is exotropical, so this is mainly a wind and surge type storm.
Last night the Netherlands closed their sea gates in order to protect their Nation. Let’s see how well their concepts of protection work.

November 8, 2007

Hustler to the Rescue…

Hustler to the rescue.

Hustler to the rescue.

Go Larry Flynt, go, go…

Our Sin-nator, Mr. Vitter to be exact, is part of a major article in this month’s Hustler mag, the primary reading material for most of America’s male population. I wonder if the teen boys will learn the “Successful secrets of seeing a hooker without getting caught”. (The lesson seems to have flaws.) Maybe he has a centerfold spread (EEEEWWWW!!!!)

November 7, 2007

New Kitchen Cabinets

As promised, here is the East wall diagram and the West wall.

Betts decided to add an island to the West wall so we gain a snack counter and break up the room (which contains both the A/V room and the kitchen. The size is about 38 x 16′.) One of the corner cabinets will be the trash/recycling area (if we ever get recycling in the City again).

The Pantry is 7 x 16′ and will hold the hot water tank, a second fridge, a floor freezer, almost 16′ of 7′ high commercial stainless steel shelving and a general utility shelving unit for bulk buys and sodas (and my beer). Outside of the Kitchen fridge, almost all of our food and paper supplies will be stored here. We desired a commercial lay-out and I think this will fit the bill.

The Homecoming party should happen in early January since the guys are promising that we can return prior to Yule, but maybe a Geek Dinner with the NOLA Bloggers should happen before that. Maybe they could be combined, but we Geeks are a different type of creature, and I’m afraid that mixing all of the slices of Life that I know in NOLA could result in a super nova or Succession.

What do y’all think darlin’s?

Our House Repairs Are Speeding Up

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This week sees the plumbers, electricians, carpenters and the masons working all at the same time on our home. These guys are like a force majeure right now. Here’s some more pics.

I’m waiting on the cabinet place to fax me the cabinetry sketches for the kitchen. It is my hope that we get “Best Kitchen in New Orleans” awards. The herb and spice unit stands 7′ tall and has all of these fold out racks, so many so that I should lose my mind when I’m searching for some obscure spice when I’m cooking something. All of the units are solid birch with a moderate cherry stain. Green granite will top them and the island table off and all of the appliances are stainless steel. Betts just ordered the hanging pot rack to hang over the prep table.

The new windows should arrive in 10 days. (Got a very good price on them as they were close-outs. *grins*) They are double paned and have very good energy specs. We’ll buy the hurricane shutters next Summer since we feel safe for the next several months.

All that is left is a huge appliance order, get the rest of the bathrooms’ stuffs, pick up light fixtures and order a small amount of carpet. Furniture comes last because we can’t find something we like at a reasonable price. If we had the time I think a trip to northern Miss. in a search for used, but nice stuff would be the way to go, but time is sadly lacking.

The main reason we can pull this off is that our contractors wish to use our place as a showcase of their best work. We supply the monies and they get their showcase. The payback for it all is having to act as tour guides when they bring new prospects by, but that’s more than worth it considering what all this is costing us. (And yes, I’m sworn to secrecy about the real costs to us.)

All we need now is our mitigation grant and then put new siding on the house.

November 6, 2007

Bush Veto on WRDA Overidden in the House Of Representatives

” A veto last week by President George W. Bush of a popular water projects bill was overridden by the House of Representatives on Tuesday, moving Congress closer to enacting legislation that would authorize $23 billion for nearly 900 projects across the United States.”

Full Article.

Now it’s up to the Senate tomorrow to do the same.

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