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November 7, 2007

Our House Repairs Are Speeding Up

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This week sees the plumbers, electricians, carpenters and the masons working all at the same time on our home. These guys are like a force majeure right now. Here’s some more pics.

I’m waiting on the cabinet place to fax me the cabinetry sketches for the kitchen. It is my hope that we get “Best Kitchen in New Orleans” awards. The herb and spice unit stands 7′ tall and has all of these fold out racks, so many so that I should lose my mind when I’m searching for some obscure spice when I’m cooking something. All of the units are solid birch with a moderate cherry stain. Green granite will top them and the island table off and all of the appliances are stainless steel. Betts just ordered the hanging pot rack to hang over the prep table.

The new windows should arrive in 10 days. (Got a very good price on them as they were close-outs. *grins*) They are double paned and have very good energy specs. We’ll buy the hurricane shutters next Summer since we feel safe for the next several months.

All that is left is a huge appliance order, get the rest of the bathrooms’ stuffs, pick up light fixtures and order a small amount of carpet. Furniture comes last because we can’t find something we like at a reasonable price. If we had the time I think a trip to northern Miss. in a search for used, but nice stuff would be the way to go, but time is sadly lacking.

The main reason we can pull this off is that our contractors wish to use our place as a showcase of their best work. We supply the monies and they get their showcase. The payback for it all is having to act as tour guides when they bring new prospects by, but that’s more than worth it considering what all this is costing us. (And yes, I’m sworn to secrecy about the real costs to us.)

All we need now is our mitigation grant and then put new siding on the house.

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