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September 11, 2006

The New Orleans Solar Initiative

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Alright, I talked with the DOE today, left messages with various specialists in the field, and now it’s time to play grassroots: I’m interested in how many folks are interested into turning New Orleans into a Solar city.

I’ve done the research and cost analysis, understand the various technologies… just waiting on the storm-worthiness of various systems. I’ve also sent out the call to get LA to establish guidelines and exemptions for those who wish to go Solar in this gret state.

This is not a cure for flooding or storms, but it is a way to maintain viability for our survival in the case of the aforementined. Electricity is vital for our communications, our livelehoods, and our very survival. I need numbers when presenting this to our supposed rulers.

I’m looking for any and all that are interested in this technology and solution for SE Louisiana.

BTW- my phone is working again.

September 9, 2006

Has it been over a year since life was normal?

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I had to make a decision the other day: Going to start therapy again with a new therapist. Way too much has gone down since the Deluge. My Transition has been on hold all of this time, and I don’t have a foreseeble time-frame to get it finished.

I’m bitchy, sorrowful, tired, cooped up in this tiny rental and I need to get back in touch with myself. My nerves are shot to Hell. The only things keeping me semi-sane are Betts, Candice and friends here in town. I was just getting used to the new me when the Thing hit (I had been on hormones for two years by then.), and then our world flooded out.

It was about a year ago, sitting in Houston and hearing my aunt tell me the truth about my life, that I think things really changed for me. I didn’t pay much attention then. We were trying to put together a temp home in Houston when Rita forced us to run for SoCal. I never got to actually find my little inner space in which to get a handle on this info. I had already figured out that I was most probably Intersexed and not Trans back in 2004, but being told about the operations performed on me, and the decision made to turn this little infant into a boy struck a major anger chord within me. It was like being told I was adopted almost fifty years after the fact. Unfortunately, events of the last year seemed to have drowned it out.

So I’m going back into therapy to work this latest snag in life out. Living post-Deluge is rough enough without having to carry all this baggage around. I’m a pain in the tush when it comes to really saying what I feel towards my past life. Lynn is going to have a time pulling this crap out. *rolls eyes* Maybe it will be easy… so many buried memories have been coming back to me from childhood and I now understand more of the reasons how my parents treated me, protecting me from a world that can be cruel to that which is unusual. They gave me all of the basics and love that managed to carry me through life, and the courage to accept my personal reality and and change my existence when it was time for it.

I just wish I had my folks around now to hug and say Thank You, and then I’ll start bitching about the fact that they couldn’t bring themselves to tell me the truth. I’ll rant for a time and then it will be gone from me and them we will hug again and get to play it straight with each other. Right now I just need to get myself straightened out.

September 8, 2006

The Carpet Bloggers Cometh…

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1938 Media had an interesting post about our probs down here. I was in total support until I read a comment from the author:

You’re supposed to be angry Mr. Angry. I don’t give two shits about any of the New Orleans bloggers. I actually have told them to piss off before. They are elitist assholes. An echo chamber of self pity and desperation. Look at me, notice me. They are not the voice of New Orleans.

Who the fuck are the voices of New Orleans? Her people, not those shits from the North with their god-damned attitudes. We hold each other in our arms to keep them going. We try to help each other get through the coming day. When I walk the streets I hold my head high and dream of the future. There may be tears coming from my eyes from what I see, but I stand erect, not beaten down. Our city will recover. I do my job as a New Orleanian.
Any asshole that wants to come down here for a few days and then write what they think is reality is totally deluded. We freakin’ live here day to day. Our hands extend to those with a Thousand Mile Stare. We commiserate and jolly each other to keep spirits alive. We give a shit about each other.

Loren, if you actually come down here, I’m gonna tar and feather your ass. And no… there will be no beads. 1938 Media? Frack me! Bunch of effette poops. You are all “artistes” right? Screw you.

The NOLA Bloggers are some of the most genuine people I have ever met, and I’ve been halfway around the World twice. You don’t give two shits about them? You are a deluded freakin’ soul. You aren’t worth the landfill it would take to cover your corpse. Live in your fantasy-land, we down here in the disaster called New Orleans live a real life, and we understand what it’s worth. For you, it’s just a video clip.

Come on down baby… I’m gonna teach you reality, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Maybe I’ll drag your ass to a Blogger meeting, and then you will understand who we are. Shit-head fool.

And Folks Wonder Why I’m a Witch…

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I have spent the last forty years struggling with this stupid issue, but Crooks and Liars have the proof of the pudding.

How the Hell can anyone be this deluded?

Mr. Phelps? If you come down to New Orleans I’m not going to egg you like I did in San Francisco, I’m going to be using C-4. Westboro Baptist Church is nothing but a den of worthless fanatics, and a tactical nuclear strike is the solution.

Thanks Fred: I’m going to be sageing myself all day long in order to get the shit you spued into my ears and eyes removed. Asshole fanatic mutha!

September 7, 2006

Recall Nagin Now!

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Here we go kids! I’ll have the paperwork by Monday from the State, and we start in ernest in getting the “Chocolate City” Mayor out of freakin’ office.

I have established an e-list on Yahoo to coordinate our efforts.

His 100 days are up, and now it’s the populace’s turn. We know what needs to be done. This is something like a French Revolution, except we won’t be lopping off heads. We the people must take control of our, and our children’s, destinies. It’s time to truly Think About New Orleans.

September 6, 2006

C. Ray, I’m coming after your ass…

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An open letter to Clarence Ray Nagin:

Ray, I used to be a big supporter of you. Remember the Trans-woman that you had your pic taken with at Gay Pride 2003? I was on your side back then, but the shit has hit the fan. I’m not a happy camper anymore. My city is dying whilst you jet-set around the country. This is not my idea of leadership in someone who’s city has experienced a major man-made disaster.
Now, you are a freakin’ clown show in trying to engage other places in helping rebuild our city. You are a joke, plain and simple. How can someone like me support this fuck-job of yours? I can’t, and I’m going after a recall on your oreo ass. This cannot continue for the folks of New Orleans: they frekin’ need the help promised, not your damned 100 day plans. They need answers.
This is about the body politic here in New Orleans: Black, White and Creole. This is OUR city, and folks like you need not apply. We will have our home, not the god-damned fantasy land that your Masters wish: WE ARE NEW ORLEANS, not you and yours.

I am the crazy red-head that is going to see you replaced. There will be no quarter. The people will make the decision, and neither you or your backers can save your position.
Welcome to the Battle for the Soul of New Orleans.

The New Battle for New Orleans

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Okay kids, you wanted some things to help save the city? Well you have them. The Recall papers are on their way to me, and we are going to to replace our idiot Mayor with someone who actually resembles a New Orleanian.

This is not going to be easy given our current situation, but it is vital to get this shit out of office. We also need to clean house on the entirity of the City Offices. Clean slate babes!

Our city is ours, not the playground for investors looking to make a killing in the market. People live here, and that must be protected. Our lives, our children, our neighborhoods…. what the fuck else is there?

Please help with this campaign. I will not stop until it is done. This is my sworn promise.
Morwen Madrigal

September 3, 2006

Hurricane Watches

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I just put in a Catagory for various Hurricane Information links. (See sidebar.)

Here is the latest as of this afternoon:

TD 6

How the “Ownership Society” is Screwing the Gulf

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A new study reveals the “ownership society’’ of conservative dreams for the fraud it is; do-it-yourself financing doesn’t work when the upper class owns 80% of the nation’s stock.

So opens Marie Cocco’s  “The Myth of the Investor Middle Class”.

The partially released study she cites: EPI’s “The State of Working America” shows where 80% of all stocks are owned by only 10% of our population. This fits in nicely with my assertions that shareholders ARE the evil root behind corporations and their rapaciousness when it comes to doing, or not doing, business.

It can also explain, by extrapolation, why so much of the aid for the shattered Gulf Coast and New Orleans has vanished into the hungry maws of the stock-driven machines in lieu of actually being dispersed to those for whom the monies were appropriated by Congress.

This is why I preach “Fuck the shareholders” and to end the privatization of necessary Goverment services. These two things are what must be accomplished in order to set the Social Contract aright, to bring our Country back to that which it was before the onslaught of Reagan’s policies. (Yeah, the people got “trickled down” upon.) We need our Country back.

September 1, 2006

From the Nation: “Don’t Mourn, Link”

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Mike Tisserand wrote a short piece on the NOLA Bloggers for the next issue of The Nation. He mentioned me *blush*, and that was with my almost non-existant phone set-up for a quick interview.

Greg, G-Bitch, and Mark were also mentioned, as was Rising Tide and Think New Orleans.

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