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September 6, 2006

C. Ray, I’m coming after your ass…

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An open letter to Clarence Ray Nagin:

Ray, I used to be a big supporter of you. Remember the Trans-woman that you had your pic taken with at Gay Pride 2003? I was on your side back then, but the shit has hit the fan. I’m not a happy camper anymore. My city is dying whilst you jet-set around the country. This is not my idea of leadership in someone who’s city has experienced a major man-made disaster.
Now, you are a freakin’ clown show in trying to engage other places in helping rebuild our city. You are a joke, plain and simple. How can someone like me support this fuck-job of yours? I can’t, and I’m going after a recall on your oreo ass. This cannot continue for the folks of New Orleans: they frekin’ need the help promised, not your damned 100 day plans. They need answers.
This is about the body politic here in New Orleans: Black, White and Creole. This is OUR city, and folks like you need not apply. We will have our home, not the god-damned fantasy land that your Masters wish: WE ARE NEW ORLEANS, not you and yours.

I am the crazy red-head that is going to see you replaced. There will be no quarter. The people will make the decision, and neither you or your backers can save your position.
Welcome to the Battle for the Soul of New Orleans.

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