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June 30, 2007

Interesting reading…

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I’m currently reading “Whipping Girl”, A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity, by Julia Serano.

Most of what she advocates I’ve already been actualizing in my life, but now there are political changes coming from what she is teaching me, and what New Orleans is teaching me. I am seeing an expansion within myself… a step larger than my decision to undo the curse that the doctors placed me under 50 years ago.
The end result is an Epiphany from Hades. And it ain’t done downloading into my Spirit. This sucker is coming in it’s own time, and all I can do is absorb each and every fragment of it. It’s something that I have searched for over the decades and tens of thousands of miles. In a way, I think I always realized that the answer could only be found here in New Orleans.

Maybe that’s one reason I didn’t die when the doctors said I was a gonner back in the ’90s. Maybe their strange looks at my charts actually represent something: I won’t die, not until I have found myself, and even then, I will be able to dance the Dance of Life for many years. That could only happen here in New Orleans. (Been in pain all day, but that will pass…)

I’m surrounded by wonderful folks with great hearts. I have a fantastic life-mate. (I have too many catz.) I live a life I couldn’t even considered 30 years ago. Even though the post-Flood world is shit here, it’s still better than any other place.
It all boils down to being here, in this Sacred place, under the protection of the Goddess and Her defenders. Here… a place that allows, nay… demands, that you be true to your soul. Here we dance the Dance of Life… we celebrate the fact of living and dying. Here we are whole.

I can’t really explain why I’m writing this, unless it’s just that the praises of this place must be noted, or maybe I just need to give thanks to the wonderful people of this city.

I raise my wine glass to New Orleans. You helped save me. Now it’s my turn.
May the Goddess always protect and nourish you. So mote it be.

April 23, 2007

Spiritual Respect in Death… FINALLY

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Today the VA settled with the families of 11 dead soldiers concerning what religious/Spiritual icons are allowed for VA-provided headstones to Pagan Vets. Yeppers! Now I can have a Pentagram on my marker when that time does come.

Maybe the day will come when I could have these symbols too:

Labrys        Trans Symbol

April 17, 2007

The Great Cultural Divide…

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What has happened to country I loved?

Where is the milk of Human kindness?

Who in this world understands the sanctity of Life?

Yesterday an idiot, supposedly upset about not getting an award, killed over 30 kids for his “dishonor”. (Fuck off child… shit happens. Get the fuck over it.)
The freakin’ upset Black youth keep up their reign of retaliation killings here in New Orleans.

A mother fucker killed many women in Montreal because there were too many skirts in the classrooms a few years past.

All of this is because of Patriarchal thought patterns (insanity as I see it). We, the peoples of the world, have allowed the viewpoint of the fucking Mid-eastern desert assholes to invade our thought processes. Their viewpoint is anti-life. They are only about success and death… building a material war chest that they cannot carry into their fictional Heaven. Where
in that thought pattern is the concept of just LIVING and ENJOYING being with other people? To just fucking live? To just accept others as they are?

Ya’s wanna know why the assholes I’m describing hate the “others”? It’s because the shit that they have swallowed “hook, line and sinker” is pure freakin’ crap. It is a toxic soup, and they don’t see it. It is the evil that is sliming it’s way through world cultures, and our planet is going to suffer greatly from this shit. It already is, re: Global warming.
I’m going to lose many readers for the next statements, but it’s time for me to stand as what I am: a Priestess to the Great Goddess. Our form of Spirituality has been around since circa 15,000 BC. Our kind built Old Europe (up for debate, but the Partriarchalists are attacking) millennia before the desert dwellers even came up with a form of writing. (Did you even know that about our cultures? I didn’t think so… your “teachers” have always avoided that fucking fact.)

Did you know that our cities circa 6,000 BC didn’t have protective walls, and that in our last flowering in the Minoan culture prior to the explosion of Santorini didn’t show any expressions or art depicting warfare? (The first recorded act of genocide comes from the Old Testament in regard to Canaan.) We didn’t engage in murder like the Patriarchalists did, and still do (Re: the Bushite and his supporters.). We are kindly people.

Here’s our creed. It’s called the Charge of the Goddess, and this is my version of it. Read it please, and maybe you’ll understand where I’m coming from. I try to live my life by these guidelines.These are the commandments that I have to live by. They are the greatest statements ever made for Human-kind. This is how I view life, and how I try to live.

WTF does this have to do with New Orleans? We here in the Federally Flooded city actually subscribe to the Charge. We live with each other, even with our differences in thought and circumstances. We laugh, dance, cry, and sing with each other. There is no difference between us: we ARE a culture, and for myself… I wouldn’t have anything different.

To share hellos, food, stories, no matter the race or ethnic background of the other folks is what Life is about. We are just folks. (We are just folks here, unlike most of the places I’ve lived in during my life.)
You can scream and bitch that you don’t want to pay to save a “degenerate” culture, but you still need what we provide for your B/S lives. Finally the Goddess can exact payment for your desecration of Her creation. Tell Timmy he has to walk to soccer practice, and the fucking same goes for Tiffany with her ballet classes. And you’d better get on the subway to get to your freakin’ office. (Oh shit! Your fucking corporation can’t afford the environmental controls in your business tower. I “grieve for your torment assholes.)
We are New Orleans, and if you don’t like us: fuck you. We are of the Old Ways, and we are also the Future. (You have no future if you subscribe to the Patriarchal/death model.)
May the Goddess have mercy on your freakin’ souls. We here will forgive you. (That’s just what we do.)

Not that I will forgive… you assholes are killing us here, but you will fail in that. I will stand for the Truth, and that, you mother fucking assholes, you cannot stop. It’s either my words or another’s, and your freakin’ world will die one way or another. It’s far past time for the death of your mindset and that of the Judeo/Christian/Islamic B/S.

My life is dedicated to Humanity, can you say the same?

April 9, 2007

The Religious Reich Rises Again… Unlike Their Pizza

From Mother Jones we have an article entitled “Hail Mary”. Here is another way that the uber-rich Theocracy is attempting to co-op the Progressive culture of our country.

Here’s an example of the town they are building Ave Maria outside of Naples, FL:

“Now only partially built, the future Ave Maria University sits amid a flat, swampy, and desolate expanse of tomato fields and orange groves 30 miles northeast of Naples. A brawny, 100-foot-tall, arching Gothic oratory is already rising, soon to be flanked by the nation’s largest crucifix and encircled by an entire Catholic community, Ave Maria Town, which will welcome 25,000 residents. In keeping with the tenor of Naples, where the average home costs $1.95 million and Republicans outnumber Democrats by nearly 4-to-1, the town will not be a hive of spartan monks’ cells. Rather, it will feature a mix of “affordable” $175,000 town houses, $665,000 condos, and far more palatial Corinthian-columned manses equipped with lavish swimming pools. The golf course will be “championship” caliber, and the retail core will be at once walkable and pious. “Our plan,” Monaghan told a gathering of Catholics last year (sending constitutional lawyers into a kerfuffle), “is that no adult material will appear on the town’s cable system, and the pharmacy will not sell contraceptives.”

Essentially, Monaghan plans to draw a line in the sand against a trend he deems evil. Even as the rapidly growing church lists right worldwide and a few rock-ribbed Catholic orders—most notably Opus Dei—are surging, American Catholics are becoming ever more progressive. Thirty-seven percent favor an easing of the church’s abortion policies, according to a recent cnn/USA Today/Gallup Poll, and fifty-five percent support the ordination of women. Meanwhile, several Catholic universities—among them Holy Cross and St. Scholastica—have gone so far as to play host to the dread Vagina Monologues.”

“To conservatives, Monaghan is a deep-pocketed savior. Florida governor Jeb Bush, a converted Catholic, made Ave Maria Town a special tax district like Disney World, giving the self-appointed Board of Supervisors (run by Monaghan’s development partner) wideonging powers and exempting the town from state and local laws.”

It seems to me that if you are a member of the Theocracy, ya’s don’t gotta pay most taxes and your parents are pretty rich. This kind of enclave is a great place to indoctrinate and program un-discriminating “thought modules”.

BTW_ this is all being financed by the Founder of Dominos Pizza, Tom Monaghan.

For all of you left-leaners and Progressives: Did you ever think that the pizza, pot, and booze confabs we engaged in for decades might just lead to the destruction of our world view?

Now you’ll understand when I proudly state that I have never eaten a Dominos pizza. I warned you all long ago about this.

Yes, I’m a little late for this post. Crucify me…

February 20, 2007

What Shall I Give Up For Lent?

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It’s Fat Tuesday in our little country forgotten by our neighboring America. Tomorrow comes the time when good Catholics give up something special for the Lenten Season.

I’m not Catholic (got that one right!), but for the last three decades I have given up “tolerance” as my penance prior to Eostore. This year, it’s going to become much more freakin’ intense: I’m going to war against polyticians and the other fucks that are denying us the rights and the means to rebuild our Federally-damaged city. I want Nagin’s ass, Blanco’s ass, and that god-damned Chimp’s freakin’ ass. It might take a blood curse, but Hell… I can personally afford that.

In nine days I turn 50… I’ve outlived the doctor’s predictions for my demise by 12 years. I see my neighbors and friends suffering by neglect from the Powers-That-Be. Our sacred city is still a damn mess… the Guv’mit is trying to destroy one of the most special places in North America just because they just DON”T GET what we have here. (Actually, they don’t want America to GET our style… too fucking dangerous for their sick sense of “being” and their Racist/Mammonist bullshit.) I’m willing to spend what Life I have to make things right again down here. That’s what being a Warrior means. (I always wanted to be a Teacher/Healer, but I guess one must grow where they are planted. I’m screwed on this one.)
(Listening to Blue Oyster Cult and Creedance… gets me into a mood.)

The Gulf Coast and New Orleans should be in the forefront of Americans’ conscience. We should not be wasting lives and money in Afganistan and Iraq. Our Nation’s views must be directed to our citizens’ needs and future, not the directives of some power-hungry assholes who kneel at the feet of Mammon and greed/revenge. This IS THE SOCIAL CONTRACT we all agreed to!
On this sacred night I will walk the Quarter, visit St. Joan’s statue, throw an offering into our holy river, drink and dance my fucking ass off, show my little tits and dance with Black folks, Creole folks, White folks and all of those that make this city what it is: A FUCKING GEM OF HUMANITY!

If we go down, the rest of America goes down with us, TRUST THAT ONE. We WILL exact our pound of flesh for the dissing that has been given to our lives and our culture. (I hate to state that, but as one sworn to protect our Nation, I’m feeling a little more than angry about what this country’s power structure is doing to the folks down here.) This is for the ones to come and a place that offers/lives in a different and Holy way. I want them to have a better way than what is offered by the ruling paradigm.
We are your only hope for a real and meaningful life. Byde this tryst babies.

Tonight I will bleed and burn for you and our city… (Takes a Tranny to do that ‘eh? That’s what being a sacrificial anode means.)

Sinn Fein!

December 28, 2006

That Freakin’ “Email From Dakota”

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Loki over at Humid City brought this thing up again. I’ve seen this tripe before and ignored it. It’s just fucking propaganda of a (hopefully) dying segment of our polyglot culture. The only reason I’m bringing this up here is that we are going to be deluged by this kind of shit in the next two years. This is my time to blast this shit out.

We HAVE a Social Contract in this country. There are limitations upon our personal actions, but there are the benefits that come from communal action. (Yes, I commit victim-less crimes everyday and know the cost. I also commit crimes of kindness and mercy. Yes… I do understand what could happen to me for these actions, but WTF? Sometimes one has to push the envelope of the Contract to continue the evolution of Society.)

The Social Right in this country utilize the Contract constantly to enrich themselves and their congenitally-damaged offspring each and every day whilst condemning said Contract. This I do know as I had previously married into a clan of these fucks back in the ’90s. (It was nine years of Hell listening to the Patriarchs espouse their views and seeing the “mind-fuck 20″ games they played on people.) They were bigots and liars… cheats, and they claimed to be a part of the “Natural Aristocracy”. I ran as quickly as I could home to try to heal the damage to my psyche.

Those people are the same ilk as those who hate our city. They have this Puritan cross-wearing belief that only they deserve to live in North America, even while sucking the Federal teat. They steal from each and everyone of us and believe that is Spiritually ordained. They hate colored people, just as they abhor folks enjoying their own lives. They can’t stand the fact that there are people who DO enjoy living. (They don’t.) That’s one of the facets of the wonder of New Orleans… we actually get along and enjoy living.

The mean-spirited grinches are all about personal gain, but they haven’t, or can’t, experience the joy of just being alive with other folks. This is why they see us as having committed crimes. People down here don’t accept that Judeo-Xtian b/s and the suffering shit. We enjoy living… I mean, WTF else is there in life? (My basic Canon of Belief.)

What we have here in New Orleans is a miracle. Defend Her as best you can. I will.

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