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December 28, 2006

That Freakin’ “Email From Dakota”

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Loki over at Humid City brought this thing up again. I’ve seen this tripe before and ignored it. It’s just fucking propaganda of a (hopefully) dying segment of our polyglot culture. The only reason I’m bringing this up here is that we are going to be deluged by this kind of shit in the next two years. This is my time to blast this shit out.

We HAVE a Social Contract in this country. There are limitations upon our personal actions, but there are the benefits that come from communal action. (Yes, I commit victim-less crimes everyday and know the cost. I also commit crimes of kindness and mercy. Yes… I do understand what could happen to me for these actions, but WTF? Sometimes one has to push the envelope of the Contract to continue the evolution of Society.)

The Social Right in this country utilize the Contract constantly to enrich themselves and their congenitally-damaged offspring each and every day whilst condemning said Contract. This I do know as I had previously married into a clan of these fucks back in the ’90s. (It was nine years of Hell listening to the Patriarchs espouse their views and seeing the “mind-fuck 20″ games they played on people.) They were bigots and liars… cheats, and they claimed to be a part of the “Natural Aristocracy”. I ran as quickly as I could home to try to heal the damage to my psyche.

Those people are the same ilk as those who hate our city. They have this Puritan cross-wearing belief that only they deserve to live in North America, even while sucking the Federal teat. They steal from each and everyone of us and believe that is Spiritually ordained. They hate colored people, just as they abhor folks enjoying their own lives. They can’t stand the fact that there are people who DO enjoy living. (They don’t.) That’s one of the facets of the wonder of New Orleans… we actually get along and enjoy living.

The mean-spirited grinches are all about personal gain, but they haven’t, or can’t, experience the joy of just being alive with other folks. This is why they see us as having committed crimes. People down here don’t accept that Judeo-Xtian b/s and the suffering shit. We enjoy living… I mean, WTF else is there in life? (My basic Canon of Belief.)

What we have here in New Orleans is a miracle. Defend Her as best you can. I will.

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