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August 18, 2008

The Right Sentence

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Well it looks like one of our local “Gangsta wannabes” is heading to his new home. I hope he gets bent over often.

Let’s see what happens to his mother come time for her trial for being a principal to 2nd degree murder.

Senator McCain is Stupidly Evil or Evilly Stupid

Some days ya’s just think that ya’s woke up in an alternate ‘Verse.

Anyone who votes for John McCain is a fuckmook. Here’s his take on the housing crisis-

Watch this.

If one extrapolates his statements on the above topic, just imagine what he WILL NOT Do for us in New Orleans and the Coast.

“Friends do not let friends vote for McCain”, that or we just have to shoot you, okay?

August 17, 2008

Another Home Demolished… For No Reason

From today’s :

City mistakenly demolishes couple’s newly bought home

This is my take as written on’s comment section-

“Sanitation Director Veronica White, whose department oversees city-authorized teardowns, said in an e-mail that demolition program managers are supposed to forward stop-demolition orders to contractors assigned to bulldoze houses.

“I will have to further investigate where the disconnect took place before I can comment” on the Kendall Drive house, White said.”

Ms White (or whatever else you can be called that fits Reality on this matter), your department is a totally unorganized, lazy mess. The fact that you believe a 72 hour notice before notifying the demolition crew that the house was under appeal, removed from said list or sold is a crock Darlin’.

Do your J.O.B. and make those fools you hired actually do their jobs instead of allowing them to talk to their friends all day, munch Doritos and not answer questions and provide immediate service. (That’s right girl, you and yours are OUR servants, not the other way around.)

Query- How many City Hall employees does it take to screw in a light bulb? The answer is that you can take all of them and there still wouldn’t be a light bulb shining. (and the bulb would be laying on the ground.)

Example of the laziness of City Hall minions- We had our final inspection for Occupancy, and 6 working days later Entergy has not been informed that we are good to go for our electrical connection. We pulled the certification off the City’s website on the 13th, but that won’t work. We have to wait for a City worker to actually send the data forward. I can’t make moving plans due to these creatures’ incompetence.

Email is easy and quick, but only when the senders aren’t lazy shiftless fools just hangin’ around for a paycheck.

And to close, this is No-See-Um Ray’s (psuedo mayor’s) fault. It is also the shame of every fool that voted for him in two elections. Ya’s wanted a chocolate Mayor, and ya’s got him. He’s the most worthless piece of flesh (outside of Bush/Cheney) that could ever be found.

You get what you ask for. ‘Nuff said

Sinn Fein!

August 15, 2008

So We Are Optimistic and Depressed At the Same Time

WaPo has an editorial concerning attitudes in Orleans parish reguarding rebuilding from the Federal Flood.

“The Kaiser Foundation notes that 74 percent of the people of New Orleans are optimistic about the future — a remarkable outlook for a city that has longed for safety and security since the levees broke on Aug. 29, 2005.”

I find myself cautiously optimistic, feeling forgotten, and fucking mad about the entire way this rebuilding has been handled, especially since it ain’t our fault. And to add insult to imjry, the carpetbaggers are screwing us.

Sinn Fein!

This Plan Won’t Work

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It’s another braindead piece of bufoonery reported on by the T-P. I mean like these people actually believe that the thugs in this city will trade their guns in for horns?  Imagine thugs armed with trombones dukeing it out with their slides, or commiting aggravated assault with a tuba. Maybe the drumsticks could be used in poking matches.

Where do these idiots get these ideas? The trade-in for guns covers ages 9 through 17. Most of these kids are already steeped in the culture of drugs and gangsta lifestyle.  And they aren’t checking IDs, but later will see if the guns had been used to commit crimes? I think this is a slap in the face for the victims of crimes harmed by these outlaws.

Instead of horns for guns, how about mandatory education so these folks can really more forward in Life?  Nah… Makes too much sense.

Florida Gets A Visitor

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Yeppers, it’s the late August tourist season and the stormy visitors are coming to Gulf playgrounds. “Florida, meet Fay”.  Fay, meet Florida”.

Query- If a storm comes to visit New Orleans, shouldn’t we just shut down the touirist poop here and maybe the storm will go away?

Rising Tide III Conference

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Rising Tide III – New Orleans’ Annual Bloggers and New Media Conference Focusing On The Political, Cultural, Environmental and Economic Issues Facing New Orleans And South Lousiana In The Aftermath Recovery From Hurricane Katrina And Beyond

August 11, 2008

Isaac Hayes is Dead

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This hurts.

August 9, 2008

Grey Kitty Is Alive

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When we bought our house in ’04, we inherited a kat. I called her Grey kitteh and she lived outside and used our porch as her base camp. She and Opal the Siamese didn’t get along very well, but I would bring her in during storms and cold spells to keep her safe.

As Katrina was coming in I tried to get her into the car, but she would have nothing to do with a machine, so I locked her and our tenant’s kitteh in the house. Split open a 20# bag of kibble and set out 6 gallons of water.  I didn’t plan to be gone long, but my prep saved their lives. (little poops lived on my altar to keep away from the Flood)

Three weeks after the Flood a friend opened up our house and out came two thin cats. The SPCA and friends made sure that there was always food and water on the porch whilst we were away. Grey Kitty guarded the homestead, until the ex-owner of the place had her picked up. Animal Rescue called me in SoCal and I got her returned to the house pronto.

After being away for six months we returned to New Orleans and I couldn’t find Grey Kitty. I’d call out for her, but there was no little bundle of fur bouncing down the street to get her treats. That hurt really bad. I missed the sound of her “mow, mow, mow” as she ran to the porch for pets and some loving.

Last week I was talking with some neighbors and found out that Grey had adopted an elderly lady a block away. She still only wants to be outside, but she is well cared for. I’m glad she found a home, but I do hope there will come a day when she bounces up the staircase to the porch and yells at me. I’ll have a can of tuna ready for her.

‘Tis a strange tale, but I’m happy that she survived the great Unpleasentness of the last few years. She is a true New Orleanian.

Horror Crimes in Tangipahoa Parish

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I’m an animal lover and during the week I was offline this crap hit the news.

Where to go with this? Total freaking outrage is all I can come up with concerning this issue. These little creatures did nothing wrong, and when the Parish decided to clean house they did’t want to pay for sedation for the little ones they decided to KILL. Not a damn one of these psuedo humans should be allowed to live… they should suffer the same fate as that which these poor little ones faced. These two-legged animals must face complete retribution for their hatred of Life.

We are judged by our actions. This is how we are viewed by others, our patience, our kindliness and our empathy for others. Whether we walk on two legs or four, we are all the Lady’s creatures and we must care for each other. Hell, we even give murderers better treatment than these assholes in Tangipahoa Parish did to those animals in the Shelter. What makes these fucks think that they are better than the little ones? Because they speak English or can do rudimentory mathematics? That they can drive a car or take themselves into bankruptcy?

I have known many worthless pieces of trash in my life, and every one of them walked on two legs. They are the slime that crawls, and these assholes kill animals without at least trying to ease the pain of their passing? Where the fuck are their souls? Is there no Humanity within those shells they call bodies? What if I did these things to their mis-begotten offspring?

They’d be screaming bloody fucking murder over my actions.

Any and all of those people responsible for this mass murder should spend the rest of their lives in Angola. God damn fuckmooks all.

The Goddess knows what went down, and when She exacts Her justice, you are going to fall assholes. (That or I’ll get to put a bullet in your brains.)

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