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August 9, 2008

Grey Kitty Is Alive

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When we bought our house in ’04, we inherited a kat. I called her Grey kitteh and she lived outside and used our porch as her base camp. She and Opal the Siamese didn’t get along very well, but I would bring her in during storms and cold spells to keep her safe.

As Katrina was coming in I tried to get her into the car, but she would have nothing to do with a machine, so I locked her and our tenant’s kitteh in the house. Split open a 20# bag of kibble and set out 6 gallons of water.  I didn’t plan to be gone long, but my prep saved their lives. (little poops lived on my altar to keep away from the Flood)

Three weeks after the Flood a friend opened up our house and out came two thin cats. The SPCA and friends made sure that there was always food and water on the porch whilst we were away. Grey Kitty guarded the homestead, until the ex-owner of the place had her picked up. Animal Rescue called me in SoCal and I got her returned to the house pronto.

After being away for six months we returned to New Orleans and I couldn’t find Grey Kitty. I’d call out for her, but there was no little bundle of fur bouncing down the street to get her treats. That hurt really bad. I missed the sound of her “mow, mow, mow” as she ran to the porch for pets and some loving.

Last week I was talking with some neighbors and found out that Grey had adopted an elderly lady a block away. She still only wants to be outside, but she is well cared for. I’m glad she found a home, but I do hope there will come a day when she bounces up the staircase to the porch and yells at me. I’ll have a can of tuna ready for her.

‘Tis a strange tale, but I’m happy that she survived the great Unpleasentness of the last few years. She is a true New Orleanian.

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  1. I love stories like this. I care for strays in St Louis and it breaks my heart when they disappear. I hope the grey kitty has a long and happy life.

    Comment by Michelle (Rene) — August 15, 2008 @ 2:13 pm

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