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August 9, 2008

Horror Crimes in Tangipahoa Parish

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I’m an animal lover and during the week I was offline this crap hit the news.

Where to go with this? Total freaking outrage is all I can come up with concerning this issue. These little creatures did nothing wrong, and when the Parish decided to clean house they did’t want to pay for sedation for the little ones they decided to KILL. Not a damn one of these psuedo humans should be allowed to live… they should suffer the same fate as that which these poor little ones faced. These two-legged animals must face complete retribution for their hatred of Life.

We are judged by our actions. This is how we are viewed by others, our patience, our kindliness and our empathy for others. Whether we walk on two legs or four, we are all the Lady’s creatures and we must care for each other. Hell, we even give murderers better treatment than these assholes in Tangipahoa Parish did to those animals in the Shelter. What makes these fucks think that they are better than the little ones? Because they speak English or can do rudimentory mathematics? That they can drive a car or take themselves into bankruptcy?

I have known many worthless pieces of trash in my life, and every one of them walked on two legs. They are the slime that crawls, and these assholes kill animals without at least trying to ease the pain of their passing? Where the fuck are their souls? Is there no Humanity within those shells they call bodies? What if I did these things to their mis-begotten offspring?

They’d be screaming bloody fucking murder over my actions.

Any and all of those people responsible for this mass murder should spend the rest of their lives in Angola. God damn fuckmooks all.

The Goddess knows what went down, and when She exacts Her justice, you are going to fall assholes. (That or I’ll get to put a bullet in your brains.)

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