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August 8, 2008

Be There…

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As Elton John Put It , “The Bitch Is Back”

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Five days offline, and I almost lost it. Now I’m using cable and this thing flies.

Now I must go and set my primaries with this ISP.

BTW- We passed our final inspection today. We move back into our home next week.

August 4, 2008

I’m in Fucking Pain…

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So some mother fucking cock decided to kill one of my little sisters after, days after, he realized who he was dealing with.

That’s a manly act, considering he had already had sex and did’nt realize who he was dealing with.  He had sex with the girl, came back two days later and then beat her to death with a fire extinguisher. Is it guilt or fucking stupidity?  (Ya’s don’t reach to the crotch and make your partner happy? ‘Tis a “manly” act… umph, umph, umph… I’m done.)  This prick is a pig, and he’s going to the pig pen and I pray that he enjoys his new life. (Okay bitch, here it comes!)

Angie is one of those who are one in one thousand births. It’s called endocrine disruption in utero. I am Intersexed… my kind, my kind is about one in every 2,500 births. She and I are as Nature made us. This isn’t a choice, it is a natural reality.  Neither one of us have/had a choice (unless it’s to deny self and live in pain), so we must be as we were created. To have a life is to accept the cards one is dealt.

From my point of view, one must grow where they are planted and live by that. In other words, we must be what we are. Many of our kind never make it past their 30th birthday, but those of us who accept and live with it have long and fruitful lives, unless that life is cut short by some heartless, clueless, bigoted fool or a blind society.

We are not a part of the polar society (if there really is one). We are part of the spectrum of Human kind. We are not yes or no, not plus or minus, not one or the other. We are just ourselves walking this green Earth, and we should not be demonized, marginalized or harmed for being what we are. We are sacred within the Lady’s eyes, and we should be respected as such. (walk a mile in my pumps Dearies) We are just like each and every one of you…  my hope is that you understand that.

No more Angies Darlin’s… no more. This is just one case out of hundreds.

There are Transvestites and others, but those of us who walk the talk and just live are real and whole. This is about our lives and realities. We harm no one and we wish to not be harmed as we do so. We are as Human as you… but we are a little different, and that ain’t bad. It’s about how Nature made us all, understand?

Please try to learn to understand who we are and what we are not, That’s all me and mine ask.

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