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February 7, 2008

I Am Torn

This Saturday will see us voting in the Primaries for Campaign 2008 here in the Gret Stet.

I am fucking torn. Do I vote for my hero John Edwards in order to give him, and by extension the Gulf Coast, leverage at the DNC, or do I vote for Barack Obama? This really sux.

In a way I see this as something we have to do every moment in Life: choose between our hearts or our minds. My heart screams for the thoughts and cares that Edwards expressed, but my mind says to vote for Barack in order to stop HRC.  (and no I can’t just do a coin toss on this one.) Yes I’m concerned about my Country’s future, but I MUST be adamant about getting the Gulf Coast fixed and prepping for what’s coming in the Future.

After Bush’s treatment of New Orleans post-Flood, I become very much a local Patriot. Our motto here is “Sinn Fein”. This is a hard row to hoe for me since I am a Patriot and a Veteran, but my part of this country must not be forgotten. I have traded my “America First” hat for a pirate’s tri-corner. My allegiance is to the Isle d’ Orleans, the Coast. This is the land of my people, and I have lived all along it. These last 29+ months have been Hell.

(been rereading some posts from ’06) Screw it, I’m voting my heart in the Primary, and I’ll vote for Obama in November.

I MUST stand for the folks along the Coast. (And Hillary, Bush-in-a-dress, ain’t getting my vote.)

Late Night Meanderings

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Alright, I survived Mardi Gras, and of course I didn’t have ashes rubbed into my forehead today. (Like any priest would bless me.) All through the day I kept feeling as if the Siamese was around me. It’s hard to lose a friend that meant so much.

Today some jerk sent me a weird email… seemed to hate me and my being, called me a bitch, and my answer was, “You have to grow where you are planted”. (“War For the Oaks”)

I have grown in the swampy soil of SE Looziana. My people have been here for over three centuries. I gave up everything, and gained even more by coming home. I have my Betty, and the damn catz… a home that is still not repaired, but I have friends here. Last night we were shown that we are treasured. We count.

What more can you ask for in Life?

I went through this back in ’02 when I moved back home: “You must prove yourself”. I think I’ve done more than that through the years. Yes, I can get screwed, but that’s the price of playing this strange game, but I will not back away from that stance. As mom said long ago, “Make your presence known”. I’ve done it.

My mother was a smart woman. She taught me restraint and planning. She also taught me how to plot a course.

Tonight I’m taking a break. (Have two things I’d like to hammer on.) I need to feed the catz, take out the garbage, and maybe give Betts a backrub.

Tomorrow is another day, and I’m going to be hammer and tongs on the pertinent issues, but tonight I will just go to sleep. I need to pet my babies, and Betts, and pick up Opal’s urn tomorrow. Being centered is primary right now.

Tonight I wish to crawl between the sheets, our blankies on top of us. The catz will be sleeping around us. (and hopefully Betts won’t be laying on top of me.) I wish to sleep and dream, and I haven’t really been able to do either for over 29 months since the Flood. I really need to have dreams. Peace is what I crave.

And BTW- for Lent, I gave up tolerance, just as I have for decades. I am a creature of habit. *grins*

I Have Become a Contributor to Another Blog

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The other day I was invited to be a writer for a really good Blog: The Wild Wild Left.

These are my kind of folks: gritty, straight shooters and filled with passion about our world. Check them out, but understand that they don’t pull any punches. (One pic from today hit me hard, but that’s because I’ve been a witness to this kind of stuff.)

I will still post from here, but much like my Closet, I’ll be cross-posting to another realm. This is a chance to take our voices from NOLA into the larger Blogosphere. We have friends in so many places.
Please check these folks out. They are aces in my book.

February 6, 2008

Mardi Gras ’08

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Today we missed Rex. Missed all of them. For the Carnival season we only made the KdV. Opal was dying, the house must get finished, and Betts had to work. ‘Tis life Darlins’.

This evening we went by the Starlight, and yes.,.. parking karma was on our side. We parked directly across from the bar. (That was a feat from Hell.)

This year I decided NOT to get blitzed. Instead of going crazy, I wanted to watch what was going down. All I saw was good folks enjoying the day. My soul screamed in joy.
Mardi Gras: It’s a cultural thing.

I see the ghosts from the cemetaries…. they dance to the music. I dance with them… this is why I returned home. I had to be here… my ancestors called me to come home, and then there was the Flood.
This city is not a place you visit… you MUST live here. You must wander the streets in the fog and rainy weather. There is no other way you can learn about this place and Her believers. Have the Spanish moss hanging from the oaks brush your cheek. Hear the sounds of the ships on the river.
I’m a Witch and Priestess, yeppers, I’m the Pagan from Hell. I also understand the Catholic viewpoint on this. I “see” their souls. I “see” people that are not there. I see the Otherworld, but I’m a consecrated Priestess, and that’s my damn fucking job. It is part and parcel of what I am. It is part and parcel of living a real life.
There is some pain in this, but most of the spirits are are only about joy. They enjoy their freedom, and they love those who can get that poop. You can learn much by just having a conversation with them.
I should have died many times. but I still continue. I have witnessed scenes that would blow your minds, and yet I still continue. I have been beat and tortured, and I can still see a wonderful Future.

New Orleans, Her city and people, are everything to me. I understand the crime and ignorance… that I cannot change. But hope? Possibilities? Choices? I’m your freakin’ girl.

I “see” St. Joan looking at me, and I see the owls and the cats gathering: The time is coming: Power vs power. This is about Life over money.
I need 12 women (or copecetic men) to help form the cell.The need is for the love of our city and justice. To think about the ones to come and our children. For the Future of our kids and our way of Life. To love this place more than anything.To love New Orleans.
I’ve done this once before (and the boys wanted me gone since I wasn’t Gay). The energy of a collection of women is almost undefeatable. I can channel that energy.

Our city needs help, and we ain’t seeing crap. This is the only thing I can see for making a change. I can do some things, but I need support. (This is not Satanic crap… I shut down Antoine Le’Vey years ago.) This is not about Darkness, but the Power of Life. I’m willing to take the backlash. And there will be a backlash, but I can take it.

I’ll be the focus,and Goddess knows I can take the hits. (I am not a neophyte) I’m prepping for this. Hopefully we will be in our home by then, but I can protect the hovel.

I started this post about Mardi Gras, and now I’m putting my tush on the line.

Fuck it… if I have to go this alone, I’m up to it. I will be Freya, and I have a ton of catz.

February 4, 2008

“We Don’t Need No Stinking Corporate Sponsors…”

It seems that our “wonderful” invisible Mayor was trying to sell out OUR traditions to the Corporate Pigs.

Mr. Nagin, OUR city’s gov’ment ain’t no freakin’ company: it belongs to the citizens. You are not a fucking CEO, you are OUR servant. Same holds true for anyone who works for OUR city gov’ment. You work for US.

The Social Contract states that we help each other, that we care for each other, and that we arrive at a common scheme of governance. Those who are part of that governance structure obey US. Get that one you jerks?

Not one of you fuckers have the right to sell our culture, our souls, our lives to the highest bidder. We will not allow any company’s “Brand” on us. We are not serfs.  And you and those misfits you have placed in City Hall are not overlords. (Remember the term “Civil Servants”?)

There will be no “Muses, sponsored by Monsanto” or “Proteus by Phillips”. Or “Comus provided by Chevrolet”.

We are the people of this city. This is our culture, our way of living… it is our heart. It is alive, just as it’s been for three centuries. This city is ours, you corporate whack-job.  We are New Orleans, and without us all that will exist is a freak-show Disney version of the real thing. New Orleans, the city and the soul, belongs to US, not you and your corporate B/S.

In other words you SOB, we ain’t for sale.

My ancestors helped found this city, carving a place to live out of the swamps. Some of my family were “Free People of Color”. A few others were Haitians that drove the French from their island. Some of my forebearers were pirates, others fished the seas. Many are my elders that died fighting for our country and the reason for it’s existence. They lived their lives, just as I do.
“This Land is My Land, this Land is Your Land…”. Get the fucking picture you fucking corporate slaves?

Why don’t you, Mr. Nagin and gang, stop trying to brand and sell us, and instead actually do your damn jobs as OUR servants? Otherwise we will storm the Bastille, and you fucks will be toast. (Remember last year?)

New Orleans is OURS. We ain’t for sale. OUR culture belongs only to US, not your corporate masters. We will not be “Branded”.

Sinn Fein!


February 3, 2008

Blogroll Amnesty Day (B.A.D.)

As a Blogger who is pretty much on the bottom of the food chain, I didn’t participate in the last two B.A.D.s. I mean Hell, all I do is mainly cover New Orleans and the Coast, write about daily life, my community, and once in a while delve into the National B/S.

For background on the B.A.D., try here , and here.
Today however, The Democratic Daily issued their post on B.A.D., and to my surprise and delight, two of the NOLA Bloggers were listed: Oyster and moi. *Blushes*  I guess that the thousands of hours I’ve spent since the Flood reading almost everything… thinking my way through all of the crap that goes down in this World… and the screaming of my soul against injustice actually is making a difference. (and no, I’m not going to go “Sally Fields” here.)
So in order to work with the concept of this day, this week I’ll be adding a new section to my Blogroll: Good Voices. These are Blogs which aren’t about New Orleans, but about day-to-day lives and thoughts of other folks making their way through Life and the B/S of the ruling 2%. I’m stepping up my campaign to help birth a more Progressive world.

Here’s to the Progressive Blogosphere: Salute!

Opal the Cat, R.I.P.

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On Saturday, 02/02/08, Opal, th Siamese from Hell entered the Summer Country. She died from a deterioration of her physical systems , not her mental ones. (Try being 140 years plus and keeping things going.)

She will be missed greatly  (saved my ass many times.)

Her Obit:

Opal, “the Cat”… Siamese Queen


1987 to  February 2, 2008


Born in Indiana as a Breeder, escaped to New Orleans and then made the round trip to SoCal and back as a member of the Exiles of the 2005 Flood of her home.


She will be greatly missed, especially that “AACCKKK!” voice of hers. Loved her belly rubs and petting… purred like a fool all the way to the end.


We both love her dearly. You’ll be missed sweetie. The other Katz here miss you too. (They can’t play with your tail now.)


“See you in the Summer Country, Miss Opal”

Right now I’m beside myself. Opal was my friend and my Familiar for years. Now I have ten Familiars to take her place, and she still presides as the Leader of the Host.

Beyond this I’m not allowed to speak.

February 1, 2008

I’ve Been “Obama”-ed

Another reason to vote for Obama and not a “Bush” in a skirt.

This little Creole girl is not voting on the basis of Race, but what she thinks is best for the Country. I also think having another Clinton in the White House is almost as bad as having another Bush.

I Think I Need Drugs For This…

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“Thank We Free?”

This comes from two weeks ago (so shoot me… I’ve been occupied.)

If you read my Blog, you’ll understand why I like this piece.

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