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February 4, 2008

“We Don’t Need No Stinking Corporate Sponsors…”

It seems that our “wonderful” invisible Mayor was trying to sell out OUR traditions to the Corporate Pigs.

Mr. Nagin, OUR city’s gov’ment ain’t no freakin’ company: it belongs to the citizens. You are not a fucking CEO, you are OUR servant. Same holds true for anyone who works for OUR city gov’ment. You work for US.

The Social Contract states that we help each other, that we care for each other, and that we arrive at a common scheme of governance. Those who are part of that governance structure obey US. Get that one you jerks?

Not one of you fuckers have the right to sell our culture, our souls, our lives to the highest bidder. We will not allow any company’s “Brand” on us. We are not serfs.  And you and those misfits you have placed in City Hall are not overlords. (Remember the term “Civil Servants”?)

There will be no “Muses, sponsored by Monsanto” or “Proteus by Phillips”. Or “Comus provided by Chevrolet”.

We are the people of this city. This is our culture, our way of living… it is our heart. It is alive, just as it’s been for three centuries. This city is ours, you corporate whack-job.  We are New Orleans, and without us all that will exist is a freak-show Disney version of the real thing. New Orleans, the city and the soul, belongs to US, not you and your corporate B/S.

In other words you SOB, we ain’t for sale.

My ancestors helped found this city, carving a place to live out of the swamps. Some of my family were “Free People of Color”. A few others were Haitians that drove the French from their island. Some of my forebearers were pirates, others fished the seas. Many are my elders that died fighting for our country and the reason for it’s existence. They lived their lives, just as I do.
“This Land is My Land, this Land is Your Land…”. Get the fucking picture you fucking corporate slaves?

Why don’t you, Mr. Nagin and gang, stop trying to brand and sell us, and instead actually do your damn jobs as OUR servants? Otherwise we will storm the Bastille, and you fucks will be toast. (Remember last year?)

New Orleans is OURS. We ain’t for sale. OUR culture belongs only to US, not your corporate masters. We will not be “Branded”.

Sinn Fein!



  1. woman u aint never ied, maybe u need to be named Haley barbour or work for Dick Cheney

    Comment by rawdawgbuffalo — February 4, 2008 @ 5:01 pm

  2. I will never be a Repug baby.

    Comment by Morwen Madrigal — February 4, 2008 @ 5:33 pm

  3. As I don’t understand your verbiage, I’m treading carefully. (Haley Barbour and Dick Cheney?)

    In the words of Daffy Duck: “He don’t know me very well, do he?”.

    My philosophy is that no matter what  freakin’ Race, or what B/S religion: if someone hurts the little folks, I’m going to be on their asses in a heartbeat. And I will win.

    Decades ago I swore to uphold the Constitution and protect all of our citizens. No longer do I wear a uniform (usually now it’s a skirt), but I still live by my oath. I DEFEND.

    Your little jibe pissed me off. Barbour and Cheney?… you don’t understand who and what I am. I may be the whitest little Black girl you’ll ever meet, but all of my life I have fought for all folks.

    That’s how my parents raised me. (and I do live up to their teachings.)


    Comment by Morwen Madrigal — February 4, 2008 @ 8:37 pm

  4. Gentilly Girl – you ROCK!!! I have not had the pleasure/stress of actually living in New Orleans, but I still want to. I am rabidly protective of Nola and some folks just don’t get ‘it’. I cannot stand my birth hometown and am desperate to revisit ‘my’ city. :)
    Much love and support – and wicked blessings!!! And may Nagin’s toilets never flush properly again for such an asinine idea. As you said – New Orleans is NOT for sale!!!
    Peace and beads!!!

    Comment by Elspeth R — February 5, 2008 @ 10:21 am

  5. Elspeth,

    Darlin’, when you can get here, please contct me: you could stay in our house (actually, the New Orleans room)

    I returned home a few years ago, and the last two have been a challenge. My Spiritual side tells me that there is a reason for being here at this point in time.

    I’m a Native, and my anger, my worry, concerns and my love of place has me standing here. I must stand alone on this shit.

    I’m the little Trans girl, the Intersexed girl fucked by this Culture… I fucking stand for folks. I stand by my Reality.

    Comment by Morwen Madrigal — February 5, 2008 @ 11:07 pm

  6. And you are wonderful for it! You are a human, and that is all it takes – so many of the other animated bodies walking around insensitive to the needs of others, the needs of the planet, just focussed on their own selfish pursuits – they are not human, they are merely alive and think they are living…they are not.
    Brad Pitt is one of the fab humans – he could have just been a pretty face only focussing on buying a condo in the Quarter, but he is putting blood, sweat, tears and coin to getting RESIDENTS back into safe homes, sustainable homes…THEIR homes! :) He keeps the Lower 9th out there.
    Sad irony – years back when Clarkson was trying to ‘sanitize’ the FQ and taking the ‘New Orleans’ out of it, I used to post on forums…and I was so ticked off about her, I traded emails w/Chris Rose. He responded “Move here, we need you!”… Oh how I wish the biggest problem for New Orleans was a busybody realtor who thought the Quarter was ever ‘innocent’ and ‘pure’…!!!
    Blessings – am working on when I can get out there! I sooo appreciate your offer!
    Elspeth :)

    Comment by Elspeth R — February 6, 2008 @ 8:06 am

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