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December 22, 2006

“From Big Easy to Big Empty”

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I can’t explain how I missed the release or the commentary on the latest from Greg Palast, “From Big Easy to Big Empty: The Drowning of New Orleans”, but I’m correcting that prob now.

Here’s an interview with Palast via BuzzFlash.

Here’s two little excerpts:

“Greg Palast: Understand — I used to work for the Housing Authority of New Orleans. The most beautiful housing in New Orleans are the townhouses near the French Quarter. And as Malik Brahim, an African-American leader there, says, “They just don’t want them poor black people back.” That’s a crucial part of the film. It’s about keeping the working class black people out of the city.

They’re talking about knocking down 4,000 public townhouses. These are dry, safe, good houses. That’s why they’re still there. They literally want to bulldoze these homes because they don’t want those “black people back.”

You’ll see in the film a woman, Patricia Thomas. We help break into her home because they’ve boarded it up. Everything is dry. You could eat the dry cereal. They’ve shuttered up their houses with steel bars. Katrina didn’t do this, she says, “Man did this.” And “the man” is in the White House and in the Mayor’s Mansion.”

“In fact, I show an example of a group called “Common Ground” which is rebuilding homes with the residents with their own sweat equity and a few bucks for materials. And this week, they’re being evicted.

You have a group which has already put 115 families into homes that they’ve built themselves, and now they’re being evicted this week. And by the way, all the money — the million dollars of material and the hundred thousands of hours of sweat equity — are all being stolen away from them by developers who are saying “Oh, you didn’t have the right to rebuild those houses, we own them.” And they’re literally stealing their houses. That’s what’s happening.

And that’s all with the grand approval of the Bush Administration. It’s all with the grand approval of the Mayor of New Orleans, who is doing nothing about the mass evictions of people who have rebuilt their homes, and now their properties are being seized by banks and land speculators.”

These are the kind of things that I, and many others, have been harping on. These are criminal acts, and they should be corrected and the perps “moved” to a different place where they can become some gang-banger’s little treasure. Nagin’s head could be buffed to the point that they can use it as a shaving mirror whilst “No-see-um Ray” performs his devotions. (I am a sick twisted bitch.)

Justice and Reparations for New Orleans!

Sinn Fein!

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  1. This quote from the linked article should cause some concern;

    “These are dry, safe, good houses.”

    Anyone who considered any HANO unit safe should be examined for mental defects.

    The fact is that HANO was a spectacularly failed public agency and any attempt to rehabilitate it is doomed to failure by civil service.

    Based on the 2004 budget HANO provided housing units at a cost of about $800 per month.

    I favor housing vouchers for the needy. $800 a month sounds pretty good.

    Has anyone asked the former residents whether they would prefer their old unit or $800 per month?

    I don’t expect anyone to agree with me but I do ask you to think about the consequences.

    Comment by mominem — December 23, 2006 @ 3:52 am

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