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December 30, 2006

Dancing on the Edge of the Abyss

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Hmmm… some of my friends are feeling the pain of the New Orleans Rebuilding Bull-shit game. Yes, I am too, but… I’m too steeped in this place to fucking give up. I can’t give up. This city means too much to me and my beliefs.

I’m not going to link these things out of a sense of propriety. I don’t wish to mix other voices with what I want to state tonight. I want to tell you the truth from where I fucking stand.

In three months we will be back in our home: three rentals will open up for those who want to come home. That’s all we can do from where we stand. My helping with the rebuilding of the city takes a backspace from that single fact. I helped create one of the most powerful associations of homeowners and the city, and even that machine cannot beat our local, State, and Federal fucks when it comes to reparations for the people endangered or killed by the Federal Flood of New Orleans. We are fucking screwed.

There is a Social Contract in this country (Yes, I have harped on this, but I must focus again on the topic.), and it’s being violated to the Nth Degree. We give, we cooperate, we care, or maybe it’s the filthy Christian/bigoted shit that is interfereing with that message? That there is no “milk of Human kindness” left? I don’t think so, just as I believe that there are Americans that believe in the concept of America minus the Semite religious shit. (That’s right cross-wearing assholes… the Priestess of Ashera comes back again.)
I don’t believe that the above is true. I can’t: I was ordained years ago and my sole purpose was to protect and give aid. That’s where my soul lies. This city is the only place I wish to be. My goal in this was to be a Teacher and Healer, and god-damn it… I have to play Warrior again. (didn’t want to go there…)

We have to take control of New Orleans. We need to have ownership of our own lives and just fuck those who would want to rule us.

The Federal Government fucked all of us. They cheeped out the levees, probably for contracts for their corporate butt-buddies or their god-damned illegal wars. They laid our homeland to waste for the fucking Yuppie lifestyle shit, for the damned “poor” fuckin’ Midwestern farmers that haul a profit from their crops and still stick it to the government for farm subsidies. For oil and gas companies that carve up our natural protections for their fucking shareholder’s gains.

Can you see where this is going?

The Federal monies must come to us directly, no State, no fucking city council or Mayor. We’ll fix it, not the damn corporations. (Betts and I are already doing it.)

Sinn Fein!

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